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  1. Hello, I'am considering cancelling my account here for certain reasons even thoug I have been here for a couple of years now and would like to know the steps of removing my account. also what about posts I have made can they be removed or are there permanite to stay?
  2. Adobe Premiere is much more responsive in Windows 7 then it is in Windows 8.1. and when I ran Windows 8.1 Windows Update was slow even to start updating, Issues with FlashDevelop that always required to be rebooted, rounded themes required a program and I never had rounded edges and this is a disappointment to me as I like rounded edges better then square windows, Windows 7 can be customized way more then Windows 8.1, PS3 Media Server always required many reboots even with Update Pack One just for me to access my media on my Playstation 3, I noticed the difference when I installed Windows 7 an
  3. Actually I'm noticing when I run for example Adobe Premiere, it seems to be much more smoother in Windows 7 then in Windows 8.1, in 8.1 it was actually slower even though they both use around 1GB of RAM. Why I never noticed this before is strange to me.. anyway I think I will stick with my copy of Windows 7 for now, though if my programs run faster on 7 why would I want to upgrade back to Windows 8.1, I never used any of the New start menu apps.. I would use those If I owned a Microsoft Surface tablet or any tablet running Windows, thats how I use my iPad Mini.
  4. Alright, when I watched the video it looked exactly what I did except that I used Restorator 2007 though as the days went by Windows Update broke it once, and also a few days more something made it broke. Though maybe it's because I replaced another system file under where the Windows 8 Logo is stored that also breaks it alot for me.
  5. Well the tweaks I did are things like disabling some services, changed the performance tab under system properties and removed three things, changed my wallpaper to a static color (no wallpaper),removed some components from the Program and Features under Control Panel, Updated to Update Pack One, nothing spectacular but I think it works. Also thanks for the intresting idea Rfire, maybe I will check it out. (P.S. I do know that you can also disable Windows Defender but does that actually speed up the system, I doubt it would but thats what alot of websites say online.)
  6. I was wondering what other tweaks besides changing a few things on Windows 8.1, such as folder options, disabling services, removing useless features of the Programs and Features under control panel, what else can make your system run even faster, as most of things I run into on the internet are the ovious things to remove and to me it's boring since I already know that knowelege.
  7. Oh boy, thats alot of posts about changing the theme color in Office 2013.. that many people talking about that.
  8. It's a Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H and the software was Gigabyte Easysaver (Version B9.1214.1), the Easysaver software is not very new they haven't updated it years I believe.
  9. Well It was some power management software by my motherboard doing it I believe, things seem fast now.
  10. what power mangement can affect how slow my computer is, I had no idea. My specs are these: 11 GB of RAM 60 GB SSD Drive 2 x 1TB Hard Disks ATI Radeon HD 4200 (Built into my motherboard)
  11. Hello again, I recently installed Microsoft Windows 8.1 but I'm noticing something very odd, I'm starting to get bad application performance everything I run seems to run slow like my hardware is not powerful enough though when I ran it before I did not encounter this problem. I checked the task manager though it clams nothing is really taking up alot of memory, though when I run Adobe Premiere, Firefox (Unoffical x64 Build), and AmaRecTV (playing my Nintendo Wii) usually I am able to run all three without any problems at all, rebooting does not solve the problem it's still slow. Though If I
  12. I also run Windows 8.1 and have never really encountered problems, it's really smooth and fast, lately I really thought it was slower when I did things, but I was actually wrong it ran quite fast on my hardware even though my system is not the newest and latest. I mean if people really need the start menu back they can add a custom one like StartisBack, which is what I use and to me it's one of the best especially since you can customize it. Though if you don't like it you don't have to run it, it's really your choice.
  13. Thanks NoelC, for the tips. there very good I will try them out.
  14. Hello again, I have been having this odd problem lately with Windows 8.1, where when I login it blinks black then it goes back to normal when logging in (sorta like if it's a remote desktop session, though it's not), not only that but sleep mode disappears under my unoffical start menu. I keep thinking it's a virus or a reg file that changed something, though I don't know what it is, the thing is almost everytime I install Windows 8.1 it starts doing this by 5 to 6 days though this is a rough guess since I don't know exactly how many days it's been. The thing is I had a virus previous
  15. My mistake, I'm not really noticing any speed related problems now with Windows 8.1, does not seem that bad as before, no idea what I did. (just re-installed and installed some updates)
  16. It does not work when I do it, it works for a while but even when there's no updates It breaks my Windows Activation, I turned of System Restore, even turned off UAC when I'm replacing the file, I have no idea how you can disable SFC also, Windows 8.1 is a minefield if you break anything thats what I noticed. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or something I mistaking but I edit the file in Restorator 2007, save it and then take control of a dll file and then rename it and then copy my version over and that's all I do. P.S. since I don't want to break anything I'm using Stardocks icon
  17. I don't know what my SSE Instruction set is on my CPU, all I know is that it's a AMD Athlon II X3 435 Processor, 2900 Mhz and 3 cores. also I once had a Nvidia Graphics Card but it's broke a coupleof years ago.
  18. Well I only have a intergrated video card on my motherboard, it's a ATI Radeon HD 4200. I have 3 Hard Disks though two are used for backups and things I download (both 1TB disks), I use a SSD 60GB Hard Disk for my main operating system, I have a triple core processor though most of my components have not been upgraded in many years now., oh and also I have over 11GB of RAM, Adobe Premiere works ok in Windows 8.1 with my specs, it's just slow with certain videos I use and theres alot I have that I use in mixed quality not 720p though. the copy I'm using of Windows 7 Professional seems to work e
  19. Hello,Been noticing some performance issues with Microsoft Windows 8.1 when using Adobe Premiere CC, the clips I put on the timeline seems slow, they are .MP4 files, I also tried Windows 7 and the performance seemed a bit better compared to Windows 8.1. I heard from other posts here that 8.1 is acutally slow, and it seems to be true when I use it,even when I re-install it's fast at first, but then it seems to be slow sometimes, which I can never pin point why it's going slow.
  20. oldnewexplorer seems to be having a problem with mmc according to the event viewer, im starting now to think that I cannot custimze whatever i want, im starting to now understand noelC mentioned in his last post.
  21. Ok, well I was just trying to change some icons under one .dll and one image in shell32.dll,to make my computer look similar to Windows 7 or Windows Vista, thats really why I was doing it. right now im not running Windows 8.1 currently.
  22. umm, it broke again, I don't know what happened but Windows is telling me im not activated again, auggh... all I did was replace 2 .dll files earlier and 1 later on and now it's like this. time to fix it again lol.
  23. Ah, thank you it worked, I justed Changed the Branding .dlls and they worked and no activation problems also, phew, just to tell I have been doing this for a while I just could not figure out how to do it, it worked all I did was turn off System Restore and everythings perfect, this is great.
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