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  1. @Teqskater, This code will create the Folder "Test1" on your desktop. Use %UserProfile% for current user and %ALLUSERSPROFILE% for all users. Alt-G will bring up all the available global variables in WPI. MAKEDIR "%UserProfile%\Desktop\Test1" Then use FileCopy to copy over the file you are interested in. This example will copy the "ChangeLog.txt" file to the current users desktop folder "Test1" after it is created in the above example. FILECOPY "%wpipath%\ChangeLog.txt" "%UserProfile%\Desktop\Test1" Another example of just copying a directory can be seen here.
  2. Syntax should be: DIRCOPY "Source Folder" "Destination Folder" This example will copy the Windows System Folder to your Desktop. Paste it into one of your Command Entries in WPI. Use %UserProfile% for Current User and %ALLUSERSPROFILE% for All Users. Use Alt-G to see the other available variables in WPI. DIRCOPY "%windir%\system" "%UserProfile%\Desktop\system"
  3. @sp00f Didn't see where %AppsRoot% was defined for you but, In the ConfigWizard.js code for trimming paths, place AppsRoot at the top of the list so the function doesn't resolve to one of the other variables before it gets to yours...it will resolve to the first condition met in the switch statement. Example: if (str.indexOf(root) != -1) { trimpath=AppsRoot; trimpathvar="%AppsRoot%"; } else if (str.indexOf(wpipath) != -1) { trimpath=wpipath; trimpathvar="%wpipath%"; //Could have used %cdrom% } ...the rest of the function If still no luck, go back and check that the AppsRoot variable is defined as something. I'll try to walk through the steps if I were going to create a new variable... In Globals.js, define the variable - I've added this to line 105 var AppsRoot = new String(); In Core.js, resolve and set AppsRoot to the path you would like (lines 19 and 20), I've used the Install Path for this example: // %AppsRoot% AppsRoot = wpipath+"\\Install"; In Core.js, set up variable for ReplacePath (line 334): function ReplacePath(v) { position="core.js"; whatfunc="ReplacePath()"; var i, rs = new String(v); rs = rs.replace(/%wpipath%/gi, wpipath); // Replace WPI's special environment variables rs = rs.replace(/%root%/gi, root); // WPI parent folder rs = rs.replace(/%AppsRoot%/gi, AppsRoot); ...the rest of the function That should do it!
  4. Did you ever have %AppsRoot% working in previous versions? You probably would have defined that variable and used it within the "ReplacePath" function in core.js. How did you define that variable?
  5. @sp00f You could use %root% instead of %AppsRoot% or you can change the code in configwizard.js at line 824 and 827 to reflect your new name. else if (str.indexOf(root) != -1) { trimpath=root; trimpathvar="%root%"; }
  6. First off, I want to thank Kel for his diligence in keeping this project on track and for another great release... The user will see this for any path, not just %wpipath%. This was actually a feature request from a while back, trimming those "Browsed" paths down to what they really represent instead of manually having to "adjust" each one...I think I was the one that requested it though it never got implemented. There were some issues when resolving application paths across a network or different partition but at least it would be about an 80% solution. Out of town for the moment but will pass on to Kel what I have and am currently implementing when I get back home...
  7. A brief summary of features being developed or considered for next WPI version, potentially as a sticky thread to let forum members know what is currently under development. Maybe a seperate list of longer range ideas that won't make the next release but still in development or on the plate for future additions.
  8. @Steam Trout, You could always open your config.js file in notepad, notepad++, or whatever editor you like and do a string replace for all the order numbers that are absent...put order numbers in but make them all lower numbers (i.e. ordr[pn]=[1]) than the higher numbered ones you want to install last, shouldn't be much of an issue making them all the same since you don't care what order they get sorted in. They will still get installed before the higher numbers. On another note, there shouldn't be an install you can't make silent given a bunch of different techniques and initiative. At the very least, you can always use the Scriptwriter in AutoIT to do the work. It will record your keystrokes as you answer the dialog boxes. AutoIT Guide to Silent Installs
  9. Agreed!! Just looking at a way to auto-populate basics of a wpi shell, may not always be silent.
  10. Kel, Miss the WPI Wishlist, just missing or need a break? BTW, WPI 5.6 is great!
  11. @greekman, I had a C# program (though based on a way older version of wpi) that created the wpi config.js file automatically by pointing to the parent folder, systematically trying to extract and add the silent parameters and filling out the rest of the wpi data. This program also managed the apps very much like wpi configurator or some of the others in the forum, but most of this functionality is now contained within wpi so I've been concentrating efforts on building the functionality in javascript...just not a lot of time lately to work on it. Will pass on code to mritter and kel when I get it semi-functioning reliably and properly for their expertise and whether it should be included or not. In the meantime, this should make the wishlist if it's worth pursuing.
  12. Hey Troy! Good to be back home... @gbmolina, You place that command at the top of your batch file. cd /d %0\.. @echo Installing the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack @klmcodec159.exe /verysilent /LoadInf=".\klmcp.ini" /MERGETASKS="icons_mpc\desktop,icons_mpc\quicklaunch,speaker\stereo" @echo Done! Personally, I take Kels approach and make a self extracting executable, though I use 7-zip instead of WinRAR. A little more help on creating a 7-zip...How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer
  13. Some interesting reading and project on wmi and java(script): WMI Java Project You could easily add a function to wpi to check for a boolean condition or gcondition...see function calls added for RegKey and RegValue access in main.js as great examples...however, WMI query routines are very extensive and not all calls would be easily portable in a single function call, so you would have to pick the ones you are interested in and implement those. You could also call these functions in a .vbs within wpi if you've already put those together...just make sure they resolve to boolean. Another good example is the "ExtractToPath.vbs" for the extraction capability within wpi 5.6 with function call contained within core.js under the ReplacePath function for the vbs call.
  14. It works fine on my Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 Advanced Server (SP4 + Update Rollup 1 for both)
  15. You may have to switch your working directory for that .bat to work properly. Add this code to your existing .bat: cd /d %0\..
  16. Make these changes to wpi.htm in your theme (I've used the Glossy theme for line numbers as an example) WPI TopBar Text and Graphic lines 63-75: delete all lines as below: <!-- TopBar --> <tr> <td colspan="2" background="./Themes/Glossy/topbar.jpg" width="100%"> <!-- Title bar image --> <center> <img id="titleimg" src="./Themes/Glossy/title.jpg" border="0" align="center"> </center> <script type="text/javascript"> if (top.status=="600") document.images("titleimg").style.display='none'; </script> </td> </tr> BottomBar Graphic line 434 (if you removed the above lines): remove this from the quotes: ./Themes/Glossy/btmbar.jpg change: <td colspan="2" background="./Themes/Glossy/btmbar.jpg" height="44"> to: <td colspan="2" background="" height="44">
  17. Excellent tip mritter!!! Will have to start using this whether it's linking to a web site or a readme file for the app. Is there anyway to adjust some of the delays and side effects? Some of the tooltips end up not moving and display other data and/or sometimes seem very slow. For now, I've added a right mouse click option to the app to invoke the new Style to "pin" the description tooltip. I'll send what I've done your way...definately needs some scrubbing if you plan on including it down the road.
  18. @gbmolina, Your method with the .bat should work also, it just doesn't know where to find Unattended.MST...you should be able to point it with a relative path or change your working directory to where your setup.exe and Unattended.MST live within your .bat and keep the command as is.
  19. I've been toying with the ability to change resolutions of my config, options, manual, and source pages to full screen...seperate from my main install page resolution which I run a few of them at 800x600 or less. This gives a little bit more real estate for viewing/working on the guts of my programs and may help as the config grid gets implemented. When returning to the main page, the resolution goes back to my original resolution set in my user options. Wish would be to see this get implemented either as an option or default behavior for wpi.
  20. In addition to Kel's comments on getting the network drive letter mounted and launching wpi.hta with the listed .bat file...you should still be able to use relative paths in your command lines for applications as they get initiated/resolved once wpi.hta gets launched, no need to hard code the paths! Well, unless you have them seperated from your WPI folder structure. I use the same folder structure for testing on my desktop, burning CD/DVDs, and my network shares. If your share is mapped to users when logged on (like many IT departments do), you would only have to point to the location of wpi.hta. Our departments actually include a link on Start Menu to wpi.hta for quick access to our server share.
  21. @muiz, Isn't that the reasoning behind using the %cdrom%, %wpipath% or %root% variable? These should provide the relative path to WPI regardless of whether you are launching from cdrom or not. The only possible issue would be on initial installation of the OS when all the drives have not been assigned yet, and you are coming back after a reboot or plug'n play...but even those issues are easily worked. What stage are you losing the paths to your installs? Is it just plugging in a card reader? Since these paths are relative to where you launch wpi.hta, it seems they should resolve properly.
  22. @lurk&jerk, In your theme, locate and open the file wpi.htm. You will find a layer called layerboxes in there that you can move or resize to place the boxes/applications where you want them. Easy to adjust if you have an html editor or you can just adjust with your favorite text editor. found in the glossy theme at line 367: <div id="layerboxes" style="position:absolute; display:block; z-index:100; width:100%; height:100%; overflow:hidden;"> change the line to add left placement: <div id="layerboxes" style="position:absolute; display:block; z-index:100; width:100%; height:100%; overflow:hidden;left:150px;"> This will bump the checkboxes about 1 inch to the right.
  23. @moodbh, Click 'Options' button, then go to the 'Installer' tab. You will find a checkbox under 'List of configuration choices' groupbox labeled 'Use multiple defaults'...check that off to show buttons instead of dropdown.
  24. I've used the WPI Configurator and think time might be better spent putting your ideas into the wishlist for WPI 5.6. With prototypes placing the command line in the proper place (along with mritter's silent USSF) and deps, excl selection from a dropdown/form, filtering and sorting which will lead into auto generation/population of config.js...what else would one need? You'll be surprised at what this forum can come up with if you just put it in a wish list.
  25. Hopefully we will see a combination of the two. I really liked the grid sorting and hope to see it in the next release, but also wouldn't mind the filtering on Category, Dependencies, Exclusions, Forced, Default within the grid...we'll have to see how it looks. Maybe it will take care of itself once sorted on a header. I also think the grid will give the user a better reference to what selection is being worked on, otherwise, I think we need to implement the Hot Tracking/Selection on the config page I related to in my wishlist.

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