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  1. Great new features in WPI 5.5! Would like to see "Hot Tracking" onmouseover/onmouseout and "Highlight Selection" onmouseclick on the config page when selecting apps. Would give the user a better reference of where he is in the Navigation Pane. May be N/A after Sort Grid implementation.
  2. @silver74, Not sure what is going on with your scrollbars, I'm assuming you've turned them on in Options>Installer Tab. For Picture Insert - Open boxes.js line 92 under //--label-- add: txt += '<img src="' + "./themes/glossy/" + cat[i][0] + ".gif" + '" '; where this assumes you will have an image named for each category you have (with a .gif extension) and that file would live in themes/glossy. Change the above statement for your location of images and image type but you will have to name the files with the categories, otherwise, this schema won't work. For a quick view of how this works, specify a specific path to an existing image using the Glossy theme. insert this line in place of the one above: txt += '<img src="./themes/glossy/check.gif" '; You can also add border/size to the above statement to fit your images in. See this website for more details on the html format for images:Image Details Other items to consider: 1. Disable the category checkboxes under Options>Installer Tab, Check "Disable category check boxes" 2. comment out the category name (4 lines down from where you inserted the picture statement) //txt += '/>' + cat[i][0] + '</label>'; then add under it (recommended) or replace with: txt += '/></label>';
  3. @muiz, Look into the Lang directory for your language file. You should be able to search on that text and change it. I think yours is around line 211.
  4. @Nice, Link should be up and running. PM me if you have any problems and I'll figure a different way to get you the files.
  5. Just getting caught up after my 4+ month sabbatical in the Desert. Trying to bring the ideas of WPI 5.x up to what we were working on before my departure. It's good to be back!
  6. @gyrene2083, You could install these apps with altered command-line variables, response files, and/or scripts/autoit scripts/re-wrapped applications depending on where you would like to install them and the kind of install they are. Plenty of data on this subject within this forum (specifically at MSFN Unattended >Intermediate Users>Applications...should take care of the first item. You can also specify for some of the installers where to place the icons. (AllUsers, Default Users, Current User, etc.) There is also a section in there that talks about user profiles and cleanup files that will delete, move, and copy links to your liking...Second item. I believe this is the normal install procedure for most in this forum.
  7. ConfigWizard Enhancements: 1. Filter capability based on categories, dependencies, exclusions, Default, Forced - currently filtering not on wishlist, only sorting. 2. An easier way to move the categories up and down. I envision a setup similar to the Audio Player, but on a smaller scale or have a seperate form open to put them in order then have that transfer into a textbox seperated by commas. 3. Sort capability on Program or Order - in progress 4. Copy/Clone button - I believe on mritter's list 5. Regb, Rega, and all cmds - ability to trim command based on set base path. Possibly a dropdown that will expose the added functions like sleep, kill, copy, delete, etc. Add tooltips for useage/help. 6. cond, gcond - same as above but expose FileExists,!FileExists, RegKeyExists, RegKeyValue, maybe even expose the cmds as options (at least for cond as most use this condition to check if app is on media) to select or browse buttons if FileExists/!FileExists just like the cmd browse buttons. 7. Dependencies, Exclusions - Fill ComboBox with Programs as text and UIDs as value and have add/clear button to highlight and add to textbox the selected program then translate that into a UID when writing the config.js seperated by a comma or carriage return if another Deps/Exlc is selected. Would make adding Deps/Excls easier without having to know or lookup the UID, only program name from dropdown. 8. Add Uninstall command in configwizard - previous project I passed along. Would be called from a combobox (Silent, Full Install, Uninstall) in a theme. Have the ability to turn on or off, possibly off by default to give users the current view. -Silent - equates to normal command useage with the arguments. -Full Install - would be a parsed silent command without the silent arguments -Uninstall - would show the installed apps from your disk/apps that satisfy gcond, then would ignore all but the uninstall command when checked and launched. 9. Auto ordering system based on either category, if filtered or if install by category, otherwise A-Z or any other sort order. Would make mass numbering of sort order easier.
  8. I believe the keyboard shortcuts are on the "To-Do" list but thought I'd share what I've been using. This also gave me the ability to toggle my extra buttons by pressing "B". //Keyboard shortcuts to select buttons: Enter - "Begin Install" Esc - If the screen is not the main install screen, "Toggle screen" else you want to "Exit" A - "Select All" B - "Show Extra Buttons" D - "Select Defaults" N - "Select None" T - Toggle "ShowToolTips" W - "About WPI" //Keyboard Letters to toggle screens M or F1 - will toggle the WPI Manual C or F2 - will toggle the WPI Config Wizard O or F10 - will toggle the WPI Options S or F12- will toggle the WPI Show Source I just added the code to api.js but you could create your own .js and make the script call from wpi.hta. These letters are editable but made sense to me at the time. The edits are from lines 7-124 in api.js...attached for download.
  9. naikosen, I have a theme that is very similar to what you are asking for...just not quite like the Microsoft form. I think you could tweak this a bit more and make it look more like what you want or do a screenshot of what you have and add it as the wallpaper. Fit the layerboxes in wpi.htm under themes to your "white box" in the new wallpaper. I've changed the resolution to match the window you see (api.js and optionswizardtemplate_interface.htm)...300x384 I've tweaked the wpi.hta to give me a border though you could probably make your own border to look more like your screenshot. I've also tweaked out the wpi.htm and wpi.css inside of Glossy_Horiz and use this as the theme. Created a layer to hold the groupbox, got rid of all the extra buttons and added the Install and Cancel button, reduced the size of the layerboxes to fit within the wallpaper which was tweaked to give a white box on gray background. I think you could probably comment out the addition of category in boxes.js and would clean that up a bit. Download Here Finally, you could make the installer.hta look like your front-end but would require a bit more work.
  10. Under Options button, Interface Tab - change Screen resolution to resize the window. Make resolution lower than the desktop resolution. You can also give your WPI a window look by editing wpi.hta. Change the border to "yes" on line 8. You can also control whether you want them to minimize or maximize by changing the settings on lines 14 and 15 to "no". If you are using a resolution smaller than the lowest 800x600, then you must create a custom resolution. Add to drop down by opening optionswizardtemplate_interface.htm under the common folder and editing line 56 to add your new choice. Make sure the appropriate settings are made in api.js. That code can be found in api.js and starts on line 17 (look for the other resolutions). Note: support is already there for 640x480, but you have to add the case statement above the code along with adding it to the resolution drop down (discussed above) on the Options/Interface Tab.
  11. arabianhorse, I've also seen both messages. The last message was solved by changing the working directory to the top level where wpi.hta lives...in my case, I put all the wpi files in a folder called bin. See this post for the folder structure here. After that change, it allowed me to change and save all the wpi settings and configuration.
  12. @silver74, The Printer Migration Tool should support multiple configurations for the same printer...just add a printer for each seperate profile/configuration making sure you give them detailed names so you know which is which. Example: Port added as standard TCP/IP address, HP5500 PS NetDuplex <--Points to the address above with Duplexing using Postscript Drivers on 8.5x11 HP5500 PCL 6 Net <--Same printer without Duplexing using PCL 6 Drivers on 8.5x11 paper HP5500 PS Net 11x17 <--Same printer but no Duplexing using Postscript Drivers on 11x17 paper The key, of course is, you would have to use the Add Printer Wizard, then make sure you have configured the printers and that they are working properly before capturing them with Printer Migration Tool. Some of the other methods, vbs or printui, you could set these in the command and have a category for Printers with an item corresponding to each printer name, then call those options from the wpi menu...which requires you to know where the drivers are located.
  13. ConfigWizard/Config Page: Issue: Currently, doesn't resolve to proper path unless you trim the command yourself, and until you do this, the USSF component nor the actual command doesn't work properly. 1. When browsing for an executable command, either retrive the "baseline" path from where wpi.hta got started and trim the resultant path from the actual path that needs to input into the cmd boxes... --Or-- 2. Add a way that the user can browse to/input the baseline path and then trim that from the application path, then insert the proper %variable% in front. One way would do it automatically based on where you launched wpi.hta, the other would be user defined/browsed to from the upper level. Based on where the applications/install folder shows, insert the proper variable (whether it's %wpipath%, %cdrom%, %root%, etc.). I think this variable used to be in pre-WPI 5.0 releases but had little useage before wpi added the browse function for commands.
  14. @mritter, I may be missing the function somewhere or am not defining my wish properly on rebootflag: Flag only gets set when a certain application has it set (i.e. Daemon Tools or Nero or any app that would require a reboot which is how I see employing %reboot%), however, I don't want the reboot to happen immediately, only after all the selected applications are installed and one of them required the reboot. This immediate reboot negates some of the automated, unattended action as it will require the administrator to wait and log in for every reboot that happens. I've only run into one program that I deploy that requires the immediate reboot. That is why the %reboot% option doesn't seem to satisfy as it will not finish the installs until the reboot occurs. So what if I have about 6 apps that require a reboot but aren't actually overwriting each other so I could do a final reboot at the end? I use the number 6 because that's how many apps I install on new systems that require a reboot and they all work fine when I reboot at the end. What if the user doesn't want to select any of the applications that would require a reboot? but my users also install sfx data files from the same unattended disk so it doesn't make sense to force a reboot on them if they did not select one of those apps. If that application is not selected during a certain users session, then no rebootflag is set and should not require the user to reboot...that is why the restart/shutdown in options at the end of install everytime is not always desirable. I'd like the rebootflag thrown to fill the gap between the two options you have already incorporated. I know I could easily call a batch at the end or add an app with a reboot with large order number but this is so easy to incorporate and I would love WPI to incorporate all the functions I modify. Sorry for long delay on my feedback, been out of town for a very long time. BTW, this version is great, especially incorporating the registry conditions which has always been high on my wishlist, though the try statement I was using was working like a champ...just long, redundant commands. Special Thanks to you and Kel!
  15. Bug?? If a condition has failed (no checkbox generated), the category checkbox headers will check the other apps under that category but will no uncheck them.
  16. Use Install Folder outside of WPI Path Folder Structure: %root% Applications <--------my apps live in here bin <--------where wpi files reside Drivers Updates Autorun.inf Run.exe <--------autoit script that mounts a drive if launched from a relative path and launches wpi.hta inside of the bin. Added %root% for wpipath parent folder so I can run apps outside of wpi folder. The code should be inserted at line 19 in the core.js folder just under the %wpipath% with all the other variable definitions. root = fso.GetParentFolderName(wpipath); And then this line in core.js into "function ReplacePath" at line 367 rs = rs.replace(/%root%/gi, root); Useage: use the %root% variable in your config.js file to point at the parent folder of wpi.hta prog[pn]=['Adobe Reader 7.0.8']; ordr[pn]=[100]; desc[pn]=['Adobe® Reader® — free software for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.']; uid[pn]=['ADOBE708']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Commercial Applications']; forc[pn]=['no']; configs[pn]=['default']; cond[pn]=['FileExists("%root%\\Applications\\Commercial\\Adobe Reader 7.0.8\\reader708.exe")']; gcond[pn]=['RegKeyValue("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall\\{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A70800000002}\\DisplayName")=="Adobe Reader 7.0.8"']; cmd1[pn]=['"%root%\\Applications\\Commercial\\Adobe Reader 7.0.8\\reader708.exe"']; pn++;
  17. @silver74, Many ways to do this one, 1. Command line option straight from the cmd within wpi or run from bat. RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry [ options ] [ @commandfile ] Type "rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /?" at the run command or command prompt for more help. See this link for more info: PrintUI 2. Run from vbscript See samples at this link, just piece together the steps you are interested in and use this for your command: "wscript.exe "Your .vbs file here"" Manage Printers via Script 3. See this cool tool from Microsoft, definately a nice tool to have around. Set your Master machine up once, backup those drivers, then restore those defaults to any other system. Silent commands can be found by typing printmig.exe /? at a command prompt. Print Migrator 3.1 Hope this helps
  18. Many things I would wish for...Let's start from the easiest: 1. Finish the Grayed Condition Checkbox by allowing only the normal installer to start (parsing off the switch) if the application satisfies the gcond. Sample attached for the installer.js. 2. Add Reboot Flag. Sometimes the user doesn't always want a hard reboot, only when an app requires it. 3. Built-in functionality for various executables, i.e. Sleep, ProcessWaitClose, ProcessClose, ProcessWait, WinClose, etc. Possibly create an AutoIT script that takes in line variables and called from command within WPI. Very similar to current Sleep.exe or TaskillS.exe (implemented earlier on in kTool and WPI 4.4). 4. HotKeys for certain functions, Options, Config, Certain configurations. 5. Config Tab – allow applications to be sorted on Category and with the Install Order so one could change these numbers by filtering in a smaller, more logical format. Mentioned before, various times on the wish list. Gives a huge advantage when working with install order...sorting based on category. 6. Change in wpi.hta for try catch block to write registry for non-admin use. Also need to redirect log file so program doesn’t display “Can’t create log file” during installation on each event. Takes the place of my current IsAdmin. I currently deploy many data updates (about 20 updates) via sfx that doesn't require admin access. 7. Display Global Variables (just like in log file) by clicking a button, possibly in the About box. installer.js
  19. View this post, should have what you're looking for. GCondition
  20. Pliek, Maybe a new feature??? I push a lot of data files around via self-extracting executables (about 20 data files a month) and plan on making whatever version of WPI (currently a hybrid of WPI 4.4) i'm using to at least run those without admin privileges. I currently query if the user is an administrator and hide the applications that require admin rights. I've added a checkbox in the configwizardtemplate.htm (with appropriate logic) so when I configure, I only have to check whether the program requires admin or not ("IsAdmin" is the default). I do a lot of changes to WPI to work within my Enterprise. These new monthly updates appear to end-users as Windows updates via a system tray pop-up. The user only needs to click on the pop-up and the WPI interface appears, showing what new updates are available. I plan on adding those to the wishlist of WPI 5.x in the future so they can be implemented as features or options for all users, if accepted. I, like many am very happy with what I see in WPI 5.0 and can't wait till the release. Thanks to all that have participated in the project. T
  21. mgadallah, Kel passes great information! Hope it helps. One additon: I do use Bashrat drivers (I typically use Method 2 but have toyed with all options)...I make my call to wpi after Bashrat. It can be invoked via RunOnce, cmdlines.txt, GUIRunOnce...You have to decide at what stage you need it (drivers, apps etc. in the early stages of WinXP install) or if you are just installing programs after the fact, i.e. (RunOnceEX)...Very cool to fit all users needs. Please PM me or offer more questions up for the forum if you have more concerns, Kel is the expert on this subject but would like to "lighten his load" on these type questions as many of us have "climbed this mountain" before. Would be happy to provide examples of what I'm using for my setup, less the licensed stuff. T
  22. wixfigura, Very nice work, I like alot! Thank you for spurring more ideas!
  23. Netgear, Here's a link to MS that discusses this topic: Log Files with MST Hope this is what you're looking for. Another link to TechNet that discusses logging options with MS Project: TechNET MS Project Logging
  24. By "Theme Creator", do you mean options for current buttons, backgrounds, header and footer bars...the ones which are found in the manual to tweak or are you looking for something more robust?
  25. electros, Try changing line 35 in generate.js to look like this: Programs_xml = WshEnv("SYSTEMDRIVE") + "\\install\\XPlode\\Programs.xml"; Notice the added "\\" before install. XPlode works on my system when I make this change. Very nice GUI for the Progress Bars.

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