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  1. Would also like to report that when I un-installed the last version 10 for I.E it doesn't seem to let me install it back again with the message saying that it is out dated. Thankfully I use FF and not I.E, but just curious why there is an issue installing the I.E version.
  2. A different error for that Flash on I.E is The ActiveX control for Flash player could not be registered.
  3. I can confirm that the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 11,0,1,152 installs successfully on Windows 98 S.E However an error is given when installing the Internet Explorer version for _flash_player_ax_32bit, I was installing this to I.E6, and the error was... The installation encountered errors: A required file (C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\Flash\FlashUtil11c_ActiveX.exe:5) could not be written due to insufficient permissions. Please visit the following link for troubleshooting tips: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/191/tn_19166.html
  4. I suppose there will come a time when we will all have to bite the bullet and ditch dear old 98 for a later operating system, in other words purchase a new computer.
  5. Well I am continuing to use Firefox 3.6.23 until it's no longer supported, as I really can't be bother with sluggish or patched browsers.
  6. I may be wrong, but I don't think it's a good idea to install FF 7 on top of FF3.6 being that there are many changes between the builds, perhaps someone will confirm otherwise. If you do manage to get FF7 working please post back here and point to where to find the version that works for you. By the way, when I clicked on HELP then check for updates it said there were no updates available, but when I searched on the net I found that there was version 3.6.23, why did it not find this the first time round?
  7. Yes please, let us know how your system responds if you manage to download Firefox 7 on Windows 98 Has anyone else managed to use any higher FF builds other than Firefox 3.6 that isn't slow on their 98 system?
  8. The latest development of Beta for Spybot Search and Destroy will not be supported for the Windows 98 system. Source. http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?p=413028#post413028
  9. Has anyone managed to run Firefox 6 or 7 on 98 with Kernel Ex to run as fast as Firefox 3 ?
  10. What would you say is the prog to run for malware on Windows 98? apart from superantispyware and spybot, is there any apart from those two? I tried malwarebytes, but even with KernelEx mode to XP there was a missing export registry entry, and it told me I should abort, then it rolled back the changes. I know there is a list on the OP, but I would have thought that there will have been much change since then.
  11. Did you manage to import the FF bookmarks? Strange thing about that, i have been using an addon called Foxtabs (similiar to Opera's Speed dial) ..it grabbed that addon...Viola..my most used book marks where right there..I have not had time to play with it any more... Jake Hmmm, so it looks like that add-on has helped with saving your bookmarks, interesting, thanks for that.
  12. To use TweetDeck the requirements are that you must have Adobe AIR installed, and as we know there is one particular version that will install fine. I had some issues installing I have to say, and it took me some time just to get some versions removed from the ADD/REMOVE program list, so haven't yet tested the version. Has anyone managed to get TweetDeck on their 98 system and also Adobe AIR so that TweetDeck will work?
  13. frogman

    Firefox 5

    Have you noticed this? Just found this, thank you.
  14. Think I may keep using FF3.6.20 till the bugs are fixed, noticed that FF6 is out now.
  15. Some things to report. Managed eventually to download 4, 56, 0, 1000. Quick scan took just over an hour. No right click available even though it is checked on preferences. Some macromedia files that the scan caught disappeared from the vault just after removal, so in other words there were none to restore if I had wanted to, only files in vault were I.E cookies after removal. FF cookies did scan.
  16. I managed to get to work on 98 with your instructions, but can I ask, how do I know for sure if it is scanning the Firefox cookies? I checked the log and it doesn't really help too much. Oh, I forgot to mention that the right click command for SAS only works when the program is loaded, but the unfortunate thing is when the scan is performed the program automatically closes. This can be annoying in that it takes a good 5 mins or more for the SAS to start up again. I looked for settings in the program but couldn't see anything related.
  17. Has anyone noticed that Firefox 3.6.19 is starting to have issues with the new Yahoo Mail Beta ?
  18. After attempting as per instructions from schwups I got the message below.
  19. Maybe I didn't make that clear, I am saying that as soon as I click the OK the folder that will have the files in just deletes automatically.
  20. 3. Restart what exactly? as when I click on ok the empty folder in the program files disappears so there is no folder to copy the files back to.
  21. I attempted to install the new version 5 of SAS, but after the download of the .EXE file when I execute a windows message appears saying "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in My Computer by clicking View and then clicking folder options." Other programs of .exe files open ok, any reason for this? I do have the latest KernelEx enabled.
  22. Which version of SuperAntiSpyware for Windows 98 using KernelEx?
  23. frogman

    Firefox 5

    Yes Firefox 3.6.19 is a chemspill release for Firefox that only go for OS X user ( in fact for the new OS 10.7) There is no update for the other platforms; https://wiki.mozilla....6.19/Test_Plan but if you download the last version from the official site you will have the 3.6.19 version : http://www.mozilla.c.../all-older.html There will be an update for all user in 3 weeks : https://wiki.mozilla.org/Releases/Firefox_3.6.20 I had downloaded the US version a few days ago, I would have preferred the English version, apart from the language is there much of a difference between the two? I do use the spell checker but I use the English United Kingdom.
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