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  1. I see that Adobe have gone back to the 235 version, perhaps they hit a button to quickly.
  2. New Flash Player 11.3.300.255 No update yet from portable apps.
  3. Just curious if anyone that uses version 10.10 of Opera ever experiences the odd Javascript error when say clicking on widgets etc in blogger, this error below was found while attempting to click on a blogspot widget, however no great issue as there is an option to stop showing the errors, and when I clicked on OK to remove the message the page appeared as normal. ERROR: Possible problem with your *.gwt.xml module file. The compile time user.agent value (opera) does not match the runtime user.agent value (unknown). Expect more errors.
  4. So we are limited to mentioning a particular piece of software are we, it's not that the version of Opera I am talking about isn't supported or anything.
  5. When I took the option on Opera to delete the private data an error message appeared every time, also the section for downloads preference, I changed this to a particular folder, however every time I downloaded anything it would always go to the default folder, that is if I ran open rather than save.
  6. Does this look okay for both versions of Opera? First is the 11.64 version. Paths Preferences C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Opera\OPERA\operaprefs.ini Saved session C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Opera\OPERA\sessions\autopera.win Bookmarks C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Opera\OPERA\bookmarks.adr Opera directory C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Opera\OPERA Cache C:\WINDOWS\Local Settings\Application Data\Opera\OPERA\cache Help documents C:\WINDOWS\Local Settings\Application Data\Opera\OPERA\opcache Mail directory C:\WINDOWS\Local Settings\Application Data\Opera\OPERA\mail Plug-in path C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA\program\plugins C:\Program Files\Opera_10.10\Program\Plugins C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player User CSS directory C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Opera\OPERA\styles\user --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the 10.10 version. Paths Preferences C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA_10.10\profile\operaprefs.ini Saved session C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA_10.10\profile\sessions\autopera.win Bookmarks C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA_10.10\profile\bookmarks.adr Opera directory C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA_10.10\profile Cache C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA_10.10\profile\cache Help documents C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA_10.10\profile\opcache Mail directory C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA_10.10\profile\mail Plug-in path C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA_10.10\program\plugins C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins User CSS directory C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA_10.10\profile\styles\user I wasn't unaware that you all get a notification if I do an edit to my post, if you subscribe that is.
  7. Am I correct in thinking that for the Opera 10.10 the settings all go to the program files folder and for instance the preferences would go to C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA_10.10\profile\operaprefs.ini which is different to where they go for the 11.64 version as the preferences went into C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Opera\OPERA\operaprefs.ini
  8. I have installed Opera 11.64 and as you quite rightly say as I had it in a folder called Opera a folder also exists in C:\Windows\Application Data\Opera Now, I also want to install the version of Opera 10.10, this time the install file is called 10.10_Opera_1010_classic_Setup, and of course if I double click this file it will install by itself, so should I perform the same as I did for the 11.64 version, but this time making sure I have extracted first all the files to a folder called Opera 10.10, so that the settings will go to C:\Windows\Application Data\Opera 10.10, or as I am not too bothered about both sharing the same settings shall I just install the earlier version of Opera 10.10 and let it install by itself? Or will it be easier to put the setup file of 10.10 into a folder first and name it Opera 10.10, then go to the exe file and run it from within that folder? am I right that by doing this it will also put the settings to C:\Windows\Application Data\Opera 10.10 ?
  9. Can I also just quickly ask if anyone happens to know if Yahoo Pool can be played on Opera 11.64 on Windows 98? I won't bother running Opera if Java don't work you see. Oh, and if this version of Opera isn't being installed as we normally do, if we want it removed do we just delete the folders being that it doesn't show up in the add/remove progs list?
  10. On the failed install as per my first post on this, where exactly are the files being extracted to if at all being that nothing happened when I first double clicked on the first installation file?
  11. Does the folder with all those extracted files need to be in the program files folder? and by running the exe file will this put the Opera in the add/remove programs list? in other words by running the exe file is this actually installing the program? Will I have any silly page annoyances with this version as opposed to the 10.10 version?
  12. Just out of interest, why does it not install when I double click on the Opera_1164_int_Setup file that was first downloaded? I see that it says it's extracting, but like I said nothing happened afterwards.
  13. Let me take this one step at a time. First I right click the file I downloaded, then I right click which option? surely I don't just bring up all the files and use the exe file? if that is the case then what happens to all the other files in the initial file I downloaded?
  14. Ah ok, but is that actually installing the program? Now that I have managed to extract the files I take it that it's the Opera.exe file I should change on the properties for the KernelEx mode change? then you say it will work. By the way, before I go for this, how does the Java work on it, and also is there loads of page annoyances with this version of Opera? I ask as I had installed version 10.10 but then I removed it, and at the moment I have I.E 6 and Firefox 3.6.28
  15. If I were to extract all the files say into a folder I have called Opera, is it the Opera.exe file that I run which is file version 1403? Is this actually installing the program though? somehow I think I don't have this right.
  16. Ok, I know what you mean now, I use the right click explorer function, as I don't have Opera on my system any longer which option do I take from the 7zip explorer menu and what do I run?
  17. I tried to install Opera 11.64, when I clicked on the exe file it said it was extracting but at the end nothing happened! I checked to see if it had extracted in the temp folder but it hadn't. I also checked whether the KernelEx mode was showing on properties and it had it as XP Mode, I also changed it to KernelEx default mode but the same thing happened, any ideas why? When I clicked on properties of the install icon the version description said 7z Setup SFX, do I need any particular software to extract this package? I would have thought that it wouldn't have looked like it was extracting though if that was the case, any ideas?
  18. Without KernelEx, 10.10, with KernelEx, 11.64. Google for links they are not difficult to find at all. And btw it's not because your max internet bandwith has been increased by a factor of 3 that your download speed will similarly increase for everything you download. Many (most) websites will limit the bandwidth/datarate per connection to a certain maximum and if your connection is capable of more it simply remains unused. I know I said not to worry about Java, but just curious if Java works with version 11.64 of Opera?
  19. I know there has been much discussion about Opera for Windows 98, but what is a current version of Opera that has decent speed for downloads, not too worried about Java etc. oh and where can I download it from?
  20. I too have the TCPOptimizer, and for a while my speed was 10meg. so that is what I had it set to, however I have been upgraded to 30meg, the TCPOptimizer only goes up to 20meg, so will this cause an issue? I haven't needed to change the settings on it, but I thought I would have to being that I have been upgraded, do I need to update the setting on the TCPOptimizer for the dial up adapter as well as the ethernet 10/100 ? I moved the slider manually to 20,000 for the ethernet adapter, then after I accepted the changes and re-booted it was back to the 10,000 again, so this is why I wondered if I need to update both? I see there is an updated prog on this link below. http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php
  21. Wrong.For info as previously indicated, the explorer I extracted was taken from my Windows 98 S.E CD and is version 4.72.3110.1 (sigh... I give up... live with it!) I gave up when I read your first response, you need to understand that not everybody can understand all your computer talk, and I answered your question.
  22. Thanks very much for your understandable help on this.
  23. I am using the target below which gives me drive "C" expanded, unfortunately the rest isn't shown at all for instance my documents and the "D" AND "E" drives, anyone know what I could change that command line to so that the rest show while executing windows explorer? C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE /e,/root,C:\
  24. I see, thanks. I haven't required to install that splitter yet, will I need to for any reason?
  25. Thanks for your post. I have checked this, and when I play an mp4 using mplayer2 this is what I see below after checking properties. when using the mplayer2.exe
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