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  1. It would seem that the method I have been using for some time now by replacing 2 files in my Macromedia folder in system isn't showing when I check which version I'm using on the Adobe Flash site which is now according to the Adobe site being 11.7.700.169, so I have just gone back and replaced the one before this update, thankfully I kept these.

  2. As some of us have found out, Opera 12.02 is common just now for lagging on web pages, this has been confirmed by Opera themselves, however the answer was to update from 12.02 to 12.11, but after I attempted to update the browser and when the browser shut down to install the update an error appeared and the windows error would not disappear no matter what, so I needed to do a re-boot.

    Would this problem be because of the method I used to update given that I use the latest KernelEx ?

  3. I am looking for a converter that will convert a file with the .swf extension to mp4 using 98 with or without KernelEx.

    I currently use a plug in with Opera that puts a download option to convert to mp4, but this works only for youtube videos, and I would like a similar converter or plug in that does this for flash videos such as on the BBC sites etc.

  4. That's what I've been doing for the past wee while, although I think even though we have a registered version if they decide to pull the plug on support for 98 we may find we will begin to find issues, but hey, I suppose we are only too happy that it has supported 98 for this length of time, future months being a bonus.

    Updated also to 1st November 2013. :D

  5. Yes - Opera 12.02 seems to work well - use Kernelex in 2000 mode. It's the first since 11.64 that does, all down to removing the plugin wrapper. Probably the last so treasure it!

    So does this version not work with plugins? also any chance you could supply the link here that I would use for version 12.02 ? just so I know I am using the correct one.

    Is the version you used need anything special done to it, do I just go with the normal installation?

  6. As Opera 12.02 has not long been released I wonder if it would be possible to get this release to work alongside KernelEx the same as Opera 11.64 does?

    I would love to work with Opera 12.02, but I have a feeling it lags on Windows 98 with KernelEx.

    I believe that KernelEx is no longer being updated although I am not positive on this.

  7. I was using one called YouTube Downloader, by flaviobayer, but out of curiosity I have now tried the one you are using and it seems pretty much the same, with a Download button where you can choose format and resolution for downloading.

    Do you ever see the option for MP4 other than 360p, I only ever see MP4 360p unless it's HD when I have the option for MP4 720p or is 360p the norm for non HD video?

  8. Yes I also use Opera 11.64. I don't use the same add-on for Youtube downloading as you found, but it looks very similar - there are several of them.

    Oh, which one did you go for? mines is version 1.4.5 by Gantt.

    On most for mp4 I get the option for mp4 360, do you get a higher option for non HD?

  9. Hi frogman - if what you want to end up with is an mp4 format video from Youtube then you don't need a converter program as there are extensions for Opera that download Youtube videos as mp4 files.

    It works fine, thank you very much for the info. :thumbup

  10. Hi frogman - if what you want to end up with is an mp4 format video from Youtube then you don't need a converter program as there are extensions for Opera that download Youtube videos as mp4 files.

    I use the youtube 1 click downloader which downloads the file as .flv, which I then convert to mp4, where exactly do I look so that I can download those .flv files as mp4 without the need to convert again?

    I use Opera 11.64 most of the time, but I also have Firefox 3.6.28

    Would this one be of use for 11.64, I only use 11.64 for system reasons.


  11. I'm looking for a decent freeware unlimited software that will convert .flv to mp4, and that doesn't lose any quality after conversion.

    Must work with either windows 98 or be compatible with KernelEx mode.

    I currently use WinX Free FLV to MP4 converter, but have noticed that it doesn't sync the video and audio too well.


    I found one that seems to be good for the syncing of Audio and Video, disabling KernelEx prior to installation worked for me, there was an error as I had the box ticked to launch the program right away, but this error doesn't show when clicking on the programs icon.


  12. I downloaded the Youtube Downloader HD and have it compatible with KernelEx, and everytime I click on download after I have inserted the youtube link an error message appears to say no video to download.

    I have tried various links and get the very same message!

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