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  1. I think that Acrobat 6.0.5 is the last version to officially support Windows 98SE, but I believe some people have had success with version 7, but not version 8.

    I have version 6.0.6 - 08/01/07 it works on 98

  2. You do get the impression now on many download sites that if you run any Windows version before XP SP2 you don't exist any more!


    Yeah Ive found that too.

    I have the same problem I think with the Adobe Reader, as when I open a pdf file I see a message at the top right hand corner that says update adobe reader, when I click on this I get an Adobe update page, when I select Windows 98 and hit go nothing updates.

    Do you know which version was last working for 98 S.E?

  3. I've now rolled back to version, which works perfectly on Windows 2000 and Windows 98.

    Presumably as time goes on it will become increasingly incompatible with new content though. :(

    Thanks for that info, I was having the same problems with shockwave, but I installed the version you rolled back to and hey presto it installed and works when visiting the Adobe test page.


  4. Looks like a scripting problem. Do you have Ms script 5.7? I find it doesn't work so well with 98, 5.6 works better. Worst case you can use Opera, as it seem to work better with sites that use more advanced features.

    Tried Opera, still didn't work.

  5. Looks like a scripting problem. Do you have Ms script 5.7? I find it doesn't work so well with 98, 5.6 works better. Worst case you can use Opera, as it seem to work better with sites that use more advanced features.

    I have version 5.6

  6. When I hover over the EDIT on any of my Open questions on Yahoo answers I do not get the drop down menu that includes the ability to delete the question if it's still open.

    I receive the following errors when I click on the yellow icon with the black exclamation mark at the bottom left hand corner.

    At work I get the drop down and I don't receive the yellow warning icon but I use XP there, so I don't know if this is a 98 issue or not.

    I have tried most things like deleteing temp files etc.

    The details of the error are...

    Line 188

    Char: 615

    Error: Invalid Character


    Then when I click on previous for the same error I get........

    Line 900


    Error: 'YAHOO 'is undefined'


    I use I.E 6 - 2800

    Windows 98 S.E

  7. Does anyone use Windows 98 S.E that uses a MP3 Tag editor that can add/embed artwork i.e a cover, so that when played in say Windows Media Player it will show the album cover.

    It would be great if someone that is actually using it and can honestly say it works and how to use it would be just great.

    Many thanks in advance, if you need anymore info from me please let me know.

  8. PS: I realize you were using free solutions, but keep in mind you get what you pay for. I've seen PCs running these free AVs and a virus crippled the AV and infected the system.

    I understand what you say, but not all free AV progs are that bad, AVG was great until it announced it's dropping support come August 08.

    Avast is still supporting 98 also, but it has problems with 98 as mentioned earlier.

    You mention about you get what you pay for which is correct, but with many vendors now dropping their support for old operating systems one begins to wonder if it's safe paying for something that just might not last.

  9. Can anyone please recommend a decent Anti Virus program that is still supported for 98 S.E

    Apart from AVG that will loose support in August 2008, and I already know about Avast 4.8

    I am looking for a program to replace AVG due to the support being lost soon, and Avast has memory problems with the quick launch icons disappearing when running a scan.

    So at the end of the day I am searching for a decent AV prog that does not run away with to much resource, and that will install, update definitions, and run under Windows 98 S.E.

    Can anyone help and give any much needed advice please.

    Many thanks


  10. Not the Last Versions, but these AV Scanners are the latest versions, free, 4-5 star rated, and run on Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

    Virus Scanners

    Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic


    Does the Avira still work on 98? I ask because it does not show 98 on the system requirements on their website when you click on that link.

    The version now is, so does anyone know if this version will work, install, and update on 98 S.E?

  11. The threat caused by IE6 when running win-98 is heavily over-rated.

    I have no fear running win-98 and IE6.

    I also run:

    - Adaware

    - Spybot SD (browser innoculation)

    - Spyware Blaster (browser innoculation)

    - a good hosts file

    I also make sure I have the LATEST Java JRE, and ALSO uninstall all older versions of JRE (including the one that came with 98 originally).

    I tried to update in the past, and after I had I noticed the fonts were all strange when playing yahoo pool.

  12. Greetings froman

    First of all, Windows 98se does not handle memory above 256 very well AT ALL. So, MAKE SURE THE MAX. MEMORY USAGE IS SET TO 256. To do this, go to your MS Configuration utility. I'm sure you know how to do that, but just in case you don't :

    Will this stop the icons disappearing when using Avast then do you think?

    Also if it does solve that problem then I hope to use Avast and Spybot 1.5

  13. Hello, newbie here so hi to all,

    Can anyone recommend a decent Anti-Virus program and Spyware/Adware Program that works well and be supported for awhile for Windows 98 S.E

    Lavasoft and Grisoft are dropping support for 98, and as I use these 2 progs I am concerned that I wont have anything to replace them.

    Users of 98 have until August 08 when using the AVG Free AV prog, and sooner than that Lavasoft drop support at the end of this year.

    I am aware that Spybot are still supporting 95/98 but I never really like it too much as it appeared to use quite a bit of resource.

    I will more than likely have to purchase a new computer with Vista in the Autumn of next year.

    I had tried Avast, but there still seems to be a problem using it for 98 with the quick launch icons disappearing, I think it's to do with not enough memory, but I am afraid to try again and install more memory, as I had tried before, and it cause I.E to loop and would not connect, so I removed the memory and went back to 256, I know that is a different topic but is connected in some way.

    Thoughts please.

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