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Found 7 results

  1. Its my first time here, so very nice to meet you My System has Windows XP (Proffesional 5.1) installed, My hard drive is: WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 (1TB) I want to add another hard drive to this pc My question is: Will this hard drive will work with windows XP? Western Digital Purple 2TB 64MB Sata III WD20PURZ I read in here that someone said that: But still, I would like to know if he is right or wrong...What kind of hard drives I must avoid as an XP user?
  2. I have an Acer Aspire 5920 laptop from 2007 which came preinstalled with Windows Vista, and I decided to wipe the hard drive and downgrade to Windows XP today. As we all know, Windows XP lacks builtin SATA drivers, so it's impossible for the installer to detect SATA hard disks without either slipstreaming the drivers or loading a driver from an obsolete floppy drive. The BIOS in my computer allows me to set the hard disk to legacy IDE mode, so that it appears to the software as a PATA drive. I didn't want to go through the trouble of slipstreaming the drivers and burning another CD, so I set t
  3. I have been doing some further research on using Hard Disk Controllers in AHCI Mode with Windows 9x. First I have a warning. On at least two Computer, I observed that Disk I/O is corrupted when running on a Computer with AHCI enabled and an odd Start Address is requested while in Virtual Mode. I have not seen corruption but the risk is there. IOS.VXD does two Reads in Virtual Mode. One to check it's Safe List and one while loading DRVSPACX.VXD. These occur during Boot. EMM386 cannot be used with AHCI Enabled as COMMAND.COM will crash. I have written a small mitigation Program to correct this
  4. Hey there! I had someone install the StarTech 3.5" SATA to CompactFlash SSD adapter in the 3.5" drive bay and so far, the computer is working good. Windows Vista can detect what CompactFlash card is inside the 3.5" SATA to CF drive bay without any major problems. However, I'm running into issues after I insert the CF card in the 3.5" SATA to CF drive bay and turn the computer on: 1. The BIOS will recognise the CF card that is connected to the 3.5" SATA to CF drive bay as it is connected on SATA Port 4 on the ASUS M5A97 R2.0 motherboard. However, when Windows Vista attempts to boot up with
  5. I've got a media player with minimal documentation. The manual says that it supports SATA hard disk, but no details. Inside there is enough room for a hard disk, and a socket that I presume is a SATA connector. (top side image below) But it's not a conventional motherboard SATA socket. Can anyone ID the kind of socket it is and the cable it needs to connect a hard disk? PS. I guess it's a "15+7 22 Pin SATA Serial ATA Male To Female Data Power Cable" as here: http://www.lunashops.com/goods.php?id=404
  6. Hello, (I am sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place, if so please direct me to somewhere more appropriate thank you!) I used sysprep to create a Windows XP SP3 image for deployment that includes mass storage drivers added with the [MassStorage] section in my sysprep.inf file (see below for complete sysprep.inf contents). The mass storage drivers were collected mainly from here, plus some extra downloads directly from Intel and other sites for even more AHCI/SATA support (basically the entire mass storage collection was manually put together). I also use the [GuiRunOnce] section to run
  7. Can any computer knowledgeable person help with a question I have regarding the number of gold pins that are on my Sata connector that is part of my PSU. As we know there are meant to be 15 pins, but on the Sumvision PSU there are only 12 with 3 slots vacant. It's isn't a fault with the PSU as I checked out another PSU of the same brand and it too has three vacant with a total of 12 pins If you look at numerous images on-line of a sata connector if you are lucky enough you will see 15 pins, in fact another brand of PSU today revealed 15 pins. So is it that Sumvision have built their PSU in a
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