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  1. Thank you. Actually, i dont want to give any product key in answer file and want to activate it later. There are two ISO's present in msdn subscriber download for windows 2012 R2. When i use en_windows_server_2012_r2_x64_dvd_2707946.iso, there is no skip option in Activation screen. And when i use en_windows_server_2012_r2_vl_x64_dvd_2979250.iso, skip Activation is present. Same answer file is used in both cases. Any idea what is the difference between both ISOs? thanks..
  2. Hi, I downloaded windows 2012 ISO from technet. When I use this ISO and try unattended installation, it is asking for key for activation. There is no skip activation option available in Activation screen. Do we need to have anything added in autounattend.xml to have skip option present? I didnt face this issue with i tried with 9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247_X64FRE_SERVER_EVAL_EN-US-HRM_SSS_X64FREE_EN-US_DV5.iso. Any information on this? thanks..
  3. Thank you. Let me frame my question properly. I want to install without activation key and activate it later. Skip activation option is not available when i try to install windows 2012 R2. Is this expected behavior ? Will skip activation be available in final customer release? Screenshot attached.
  4. When installing windows sever 2012 R2, It always asks to enter product key to activate windows. There is no skip option in this screen, like other windows sever installations. Is this always a must that we need to enter Product key or the final release of OS will have skip option enabled too? Thanks..
  5. Please find attached the answerfile used. thanks.. AutoUnattend.xml The same answer file works fine with windows 2008.
  6. Hi, Unattended windows 8 installation, is failing with error " windows cannot read the <productkey> setting from the unattend answer file" on a physical server installation. Any pointers on how to so solve it. thanks in advance..
  7. Thanks for the reply.. I want to automate audit mode (audit system and audit user) and want assign administrator password. To assign administrator password i have run oobe pass. And if i assing mode=audit in oobe pass, then it will not run oobe pass. How to run all the three passes, audit system, audit user and oobe pass? thanks..
  8. Hi, I had used following but i want it to oobe mode also.. Below reseal setting doesnot run OOBE, so what values should is use for reseal to run all the passes. <settings pass="auditSystem"> <Reseal> <Mode>Audit</Mode> </Reseal> </setting> <settings pass="auditUser"> <Reseal> <Mode>OOBE</Mode> </Reseal> </setting> <settings pass="oobeSystem"> <Reseal> <Mode>Audit</Mode> </Reseal> </setting>
  9. Hi, what should be the values set to Reseal so that it runs aduitsystem, aduituser and oobe passes. thanks in advance..
  10. Hi, How to provide administrator password in autounattend.xml. I provided in oobe phase but still it was prompting to change password. <UserAccounts> <AdministratorPassword> <Value>abcABC123</Value> <PlainText>true</PlainText> </AdministratorPassword> </UserAccounts> Any idea of how to give the password? Thanks in advance..
  11. thanks for the reply.. question is that, i already have a partition which is formatted and copied winpe on it and it boots through that partition. Now i want to install os on the partition from which it has booted, without specifying the diskID or partitionID in autounattend.xml. thanks..
  12. Hi, how to install windows onto disk from which it is booting. <InstallTo> <DiskID>0</DiskID> <PartitionID>1</PartitionID> </InstallTo> I am doing an unattended installation. I copied boot.wim on particular disk and will boot from that disk. after booting the unattended installation starts. In answer file we need to specify the disk and partition on which OS gets installed. Is there any way to default option to install on the booted partition instead of providing diskid and partitionid in answer file. thanks...
  13. hi, thanks for the reply. I injected the driver provided by manufacturer into install.wim but still encountered the same error. Is this is what you were mentioning. thanks..
  14. Hi, I am facing issue with one NIC driver that comes with Windows 2008 R2. It is failing with error message "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Please restart installation." This message is thrown after the first reboot when installing using a OS DVD media (after the winpe phase). Installation goes fine if i remove the device and insert it after the installation and then provide the driver. It fails even when i give the device driver during the partition screen (in winpe). Any pointers to solve this issue. thank you. regards..

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