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  1. If the laptop has less than 4GB of memory, then its sound to use 32bit. If it`s more, your friends computer won`t be able to use more than 4GB anyway. Other than that, it won`t pose any problems for a regular user.
  2. The router is at home. It`s my own network I want to connect to from an internet location. I rent an apartment with a shared internet connection through the router. It`s this router I need to "get through" to get to my server. I am pretty sure the router has the ability to set up IPsec and PPTP as protocols for VPN, since they both has an enabled \ disabled option in the Web GUI. The laptop I want to use has W7, while the server I want to connect to is W2K8R2, which also works as a DC for my network. My problems: The roles and key configuration I need on W2K8R2 to allow for other computers to connect (preferably with the ability to log on with an account in AD), and some general guidelines about the router setup.
  3. Thansk for the link, but I din`t get any wiser The router is not the problem really. I understand that my post became a bit long, and its not so easy to understand what the problem is. What I need to know is what roles I need and some key steps in the setup of Windows 2008, so that it fits my network. (server behind a regular router basically) I am also unsure about how I reach the server from the internet, since the router performs NAT.
  4. Is there some options for this under AD Users and Computers - Action\Delegate control? I have never used it, but I thought this was for customizing user control beyond the builtin ... I am pretty green though, so you have been warned
  5. Windows 2008 R2 in my opinion. It`s more responsive and stable than W7, which I believe is because of all the crap that isn`t installed (like Live Essentials, Defender and so on). It shares drivers with 7\Vista, which has gotten pretty mature. Its much better at handling unstable programs and drivers than XP and XP64\2003. I use some of the server functions like Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and a couple of others. I use it as the main workstation for 3D\CAD It works as a node in my renderfarm.
  6. Hi I need to access my server at home from my laptop. I therefore need a VPN. I am a semi beginner at networking in general, but I have learned a lot the last couple of months. I have recently set up domains with W2k8 at work (10 computers) and at home (3 computers). Before that I used regular workgroup to connect computers. I have never been near a VPN before, not even used it. So thats my current lvl The problem is that all the guides on the web is either to simple and does not cover everything, or they are to complicated, especially when it comes to security. The guides at Technet shows a setup with several servers with different roles, including one that works as a router between internet and home network, but I cannot afford several servers (poor student), and I can neither change the router. Some network guy told me that VPN on W2k8 is very easy, and I don`t need several servers. 1. I rent a small apartment with one shared router (This one: http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=446) and a regular dynamic IP to the internet. I have full control over the router, and it has IPsec and PPTP passthrough as options. 2. The server (which also is my workstation) is the only computer I need access to. I want to connect to it through my laptop. 3. I just need to access my files over internet with reasonable security. I have only one server, and it has to be behind the router. The server also works as DC. My primary problem is the router. I have set IPsec and PPTP passthrough to "enabled", but I don`t know what it means, other than that IPsec and PPTP are protocols for VPN over internet. I don`t know how it redirects (NAT) from the public IP address to the right local (server:, or if it does it at all. I am also somewhat unsure about which roles I need to install in addition to RRAS, and if I need to install routing (since I have a router already). I would be grateful beyond all if someone could give me a general guide for VPN on my current network setup. Everyone says VPN is easy, and that makes me feel stupid, broken and without self esteem. It`s ruining my sex life to

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