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  1. Hello together, I´m trying to install Symantec Antivirus and a MSP File at the same time at the moment. But it seamed it isn´t possible. I wish to install a with a SAVCE_10.1.6_MP1_AllWin_EN.msp file. I found this here (https://sharepoint.uvm.edu/sites/ad/distribution/appconfig/Symantec%20AntiVirus.aspx): Use the "PATCH" public variable under "msiexec" to install the patch at the same time as initial deployment (i.e. setup.exe /s /qn /V"PATCH=SAVPATCH.msp") * Pro: Allows the patch to be integrated at install time, thus avoiding bugs and vulnerabilities. Reduces the need for reboots. Maintains self-healing capabilities of MSI. * Con: Not overly compatible with Symantec's "Setup.exe" routine... unreliable but the patch Variable isn´t working for me. Every time I got the error message that it couldn´t found my MSP file. Note: A installation point isn´t what I would like to have... I know it is working but I have bad experince with it. It often break MSI application healing and re-install features.
  2. Hello Yzöwl Hello RubySoftware sorry for the delay... I didn´t get a notification about this topic :-(. Wouldn´t it possible to put a settemp.cmd into: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup which set and overwrite the temp variables in the reg.?
  3. Lotus Notes Unattended Install

    It seamed some user have problems to found the Installshield Tuner for Lotus Notes... IBM has a technote... Is the InstallShield Tuner for Notes available for download? http://www-1.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21226984 So please stop asking me via PM where to download it :-)
  4. Hello together, is it possible to define a tempfolder for all users (like c:\temp)? The reason is, that I wish to have a C:\Temp folder for all users and not x Tempfolders in the profile from the users. I´m sure there was a reg. entry. But I´m unable to find the posting... Edit (found my old posting): http://www.msfn.org/board/Move-Tempfolder-...ded-t42854.html
  5. Lotus Notes Unattended Install

    Sorry, for pushing this up, but there exist a "Lotus Notes Installshield Tuner" it can be downloaded for free from the IBM Download Section. With this "tool" you can change many settings and create a complete unattended installation.
  6. Autopatch Windows 2003

    Sorry my late response... I was ill :-) Yes, I know WUS (see my sign *g*), but this isn´t what I need... :-) What I like is a small batch/programm which I can start via taskmanager. This programm should stop some tasks, patch the windows 2003 OS and restart the complete server. Perhaps there is a Windows comand which I can use to force these "Autoupdate" to scan and reinstall the patches?!?!
  7. Is there a way to download the MS-Patches from the MS-Homepage & install MS-Windows patches automaticaly?
  8. @b1ff Do you use a slipstreamed SP2? This fixed not the problem on my system
  9. Hello, I have copyed my unattended CD to a netdrive and now install the OS from this point. It works... BUT... I can see that the setup copyes e.g. the drivers.cab 2 times.... 1. Boot from netbootdisk 2. Mapdrive 3. start installation, this one with the blue background where you can "creat the partions and so on" and now some files e.g. the drivers.cab will be copyed from netdrive to hd 4. remove floppy 5. reboot 6. NOW... the setup started again (this one with the blue background where you can "creat the partions and so on"), and it copies again the drivers.cab and the other stuff. But it DOESN´t have a connection to the network... 7. Reboot 8. Convert from FAT32 to NTFS 9. Start the Installation where you can coose the workstation name and so on... 10 ... I don´t have an idea how to fix this... I hope somebody can help...
  10. I found a solution... I first create a FAT32 HD... and convertet it with the sif-command to a NTFS...
  11. Hello, I have a problem with a netinstall version from XP... I have build a bootdisk who is able to scan automaticaly for my networkcard and loaded the needed drivers (the disk know more then 100 drivers, all the files are expanded to a ramdrive so the check is very quick). After the check this disk mapped a drive from a server where my software is stored and started the XP installation. BUT... I only got the message "Error Message: Windows XP Requires a Hard Drive Volume with at Least 6xx Megabytes of Free Space" I found this: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...8&Product=winxp on the MS Website... but this doesn´t help... I can´t make a 20MB RAMDrive... does anybody have a solution?
  12. HFSLIP (original thread)

    The file "d3dim.dl_" is in the source folder and in the sourcess Folder. I thing I have enought space for building it... I thing 30GB free space sould be enough... I will try a complete new SP4 slipstream CD today. So perhaps there is something wrong with some files... I hope . An Windows2000 with a slipstreamed IE6 would be very nice...
  13. Unattended Mozilla Install

    [quote name='sleepnmojo' date='Jul 17 2005, 04:23 PM']Now I just put plugins in my installer, and I install extensions via command line. [/quote] hm, ok... but how do you install extensions via commandline silent?
  14. HFSLIP (original thread)

    I tryed to slipstream IE6 only to my unattended Setup (no hotfixes, no other things). But I think this failed. When I try to install the OS the setup sayed there are missing files like: d3dim.dll tsbvcap.sys tsbyuv.dll dssec.dll mshtml.dll My Source is a copy from the Orginal german MS 2000 CD, I only slipstreamed SP4. Have I missed some steps???
  15. Unattended Mozilla Install

    Does anybody know how to install flashGot via the script? I downloaded flashgot- but I´m not shure it this section here I made is correct: [Component FLASHGOT] Description Short=FlashGot ;*** LOCALIZE ME BABY *** Description Long=FlashGot plugin Archive=flashgot- Install Size=622 Install Size System=1 Install Size Archive=162 Attributes=SELECTED|INVISIBLE|DOWNLOAD_ONLY