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  1. To skinpack ... As a courtesy to your fellow MSFN members you should explain in your post several things about your linked website and files ... (1) There is no need to click on the gigantic green Download Now! button on the top of the page. Because if they do they will not receive the promised skin pack, but instead they will get a stub downloader EXE and be forced to trust the programmer of that file with their system security. (2) Instead, they should scroll down to the text link that simply says "Download" that links directly to the skin pack zip file. (3) You might also point out that bot
  2. Just thought of something ... This is pretty big news. It is as close to an admission of failure as we're likely to ever see. Microsoft turned the computer industry upside down to sell Windows 8 and related turds and now they are trying something new yet again, copying Android! You know this means one thing - they have looked at the sales figures up and down and finally become convinced they lost big and can never catch up or even compete. The question is this: what on Earth do they do once giving it away for free still does not interest the consumers? Take a look at exactly what Microsoft
  3. Well I get your frustration, all except for the most mindless of sheeple will get it, but it will take more than : "When I see the headline reads "facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, AOL, Twitter, and various land line companies, all go to court to stop invasion of privacy laws ..." in my opinion. Much more. I think if nothing else we have illustrated through this selection of security articles one thing - the infiltration is pervasive, thorough and perhaps complete. In a sense we have had a paradigm shifting revelation since the spook leaks and it will be a long time for the sheeple grazing o
  4. How about creating a new user account. Or, try the built-in Administrator account. But ... neither should be done yet ... nor should you try to get online or join a network until the system is *definitely* cleaned. In the interest of time it makes sense to just pull the HDD out, install it in a clean system as a slave ( a system set up with on-demand AV scanners and repair tools ), and run multiple scans against it "remotely". You will also want to manually go into all the TEMP locations and browser caches and desktops and user document folder trees and delete stuff that the automated scanners
  5. Yahoo Makes HTTPS Default on Most Company Sites ( Tom's Hardware 2014-04-03 ) Yahoo strengthens encryption between data centers, says encrypted Yahoo messenger coming soon ( TechSpot 2014-04-03 ) Do they seriously believe that these baby steps will impress anyone other than the most complacent and ignorant sheeple? Facebook Could Go Anonymous (Report) ( Tom's Hardware 2014-04-04 ) Wow, that'll totally convince everyone it's safe, secure and private. You're really good at this Zuck! U.S. knocks plans for European communication network ( Yahoo! News 2014-04-04 ) No word on whether
  6. Microsoft's new Xbox leader admits team made some early "wrong decisions" for Xbox One ( NeoWin 2014-04-06 ) These guys are terrible at mea culpas and apologies. Terrible. It's like everything they say comes directly out of a sterile human resources textbook written by a committee of eggheads that never even saw a customer in real life. Unreal Engine creator: 'I genuinely worry about the future of Microsoft' ( NeoWin 2014-04-01 ) In the comments the slow cooking frogs have no idea the water is heating up and their ultimate fate. But at least there are a few there that seem to underst
  7. Touch-friendly Office coming to Windows, demoed at BUILD ( NeoWin 2014-04-02 ) Must be wonderfully painful for the MetroTards to watch Microsoft roll out a native build for iStuff *before* making versions for their beloved Microsoft Tile Toys. Anyway, Microsoft has now promised them the check in is the mail. Please begin holding your breath now. Microsoft: Office for iPad surpasses 12 million downloads ( NeoWin 2014-04-03 ) If you're a MetroTard, how do you even process this news? 7 days and 12 million downloads. There is no easy way to swallow this unless you now only care about num
  8. Windows 8.1 Update 1 launches April 8, Start Menu returns in later update ( TechSpot 2014-04-02 ) Microsoft bringing Start menu back in future Windows 8.1 update ( NeoWin 2014-04-02 ) Microsoft is Bringing Back the Start Menu and Catering to Mouse and Keyboard Users ( Maximum PC 2014-04-03 ) And as Formfiller suggested, most of the 'Tards are turning right around and agreeing with the decision. There are a few who are angry, and of course Dot MetroTard is busy posting fantasies to erase the "it will never happen" predictions he has spouted for about two years now. Mentioned above by Jor
  9. Last call at the Windows XP FUDpocalypse ... Windows 7 is Growing Too Fast for Windows 8 to Catch Up ( Maximum PC 2014-04-02 ) One week before supports ends, Windows XP still installed on 27.69 percent of PCs ( NeoWin 2014-04-01 ) I stopped believing these numbers at the red line. Microsoft has many times paid companies to spread propaganda, I think they are doing it again. Great comment at NeoWin by someone that has verified what I myself also have done for several years ... Naturally the NeoKids can't process this outside-the-MicroBox thinking and panic like a herd of birds ...
  10. Important find, and detailed article. Let's put the title on the record here ... Exclusive: NSA infiltrated RSA security more deeply than thought - study ( Reuters 2014-03-31 ) And someone involved with Firefox won't like this ... I'll bet Rescorla is not a big fan of Snowden or Bruce Schneier or any other of the critics. I have my own theory often stated here that these types of government sponsored backdoors were intended for general consumption, to be picked up by many or most software developers. However it would be beyond stupid for us to now believe this is the only egg in their bas
  11. Actually I wasn't clear. I knew about 2K/XP on FAT32, but just never felt like trying because of the inevitable disk limitations, and the lesser integrity from non-journaling and other safety valves. What I meant was some way to create an NTFS system without $Secure, and to further the daydreaming - some way to eliminate streams also ( streams I am just biased against because of the concept of hiding stuff from the computer owner. ) The thing about ACL's is they are implemented in all-or-none fashion. I think a better idea would have been starting with a fresh naked NTFS space, no ACL's on any
  12. A great experiment which I never did was to install Windows XP on FAT instead of NTFS. ( never wanted to deal with potential structural problems or huge disk limits ). But it would be nice to test Windows XP without any ACL's mucking up the mix, not to mention hidden streams. I doubt it is possible but I figured you would know if there was a way to format NTFS without those particular metadata. Of course, there may be some dependencies in Windows XP that crap out when that metadata does not exist. But if it were possible, I believe every transaction would see an immediate boost in speed due to
  13. Suspicion is growing that something similar may have been done with Apple OS's: Looking back, we lose even when we win these big issues. Clipper-Chip, Carnivore, SOPA, whatever. They never stop. I recall the argument in the 1990's to be either we quadruple the spook budget to let them make massive supercomputers to brute force decrypt on demand, or, we bend over and accept backdoors on everything and taps placed on every single segment of communication pipe. Instead, after 9/11, they just did both, and everything in between. Wikipedia: Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)
  14. Yes exactly. Go to the original source! Unless he was looking for archived versions that is. To the OP, you do realize this does NOT prove that file seen in that folder came from MBAM install process. Why don't you post the link of the MBAM setup and I'll check it out.
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