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  1. Creative X-Fi silent switches ?

    creative drivers use install shield, search how to do silent installs of that.
  2. Detection And Removal Autoruns Rootkit Revealer+regdelnull (sysinternals) Spybot S&D (particularly the startup tool) Ad-Aware SE Pro Registry Workshop ShellExView Procmon Process Explorer Hijack This (merjin) 2nd Computer - Google Safe Mode CMD.exe Grey Matter Script to clean /temp and browser caches with securedel (sysinternals) Anti-Virus Symantec AV Corp Edition v10 (myself) Nod32 (others) Prevention Firefox+NoScript+AdBlockPro+Delete Cookies on exit setting Safe Surfing Habits (No pr0n or warez! duh!) Firewall Jetico other Windows Update keeping other apps+plugins updated (java runtime, flash etc)
  3. MS fixes SVCHOST 100% CPU bug

    This can be caused by a large HOSTS file also. Like with Spybot Search & Destroys Immunize function. When HOSTS get large, svchost can peg CPU at 100% for quite some time... it's most annoying.
  4. CPU chip is clocked at 97 degrees celsius?!?

    Yeah it's a false reading, your processor would have been dead in seconds at that temp.
  5. Ehh... uninstall the drivers, reboot, and use 4in1 v443...
  6. BSOD help

    Grab prime95 and do a torture test. This should rule out CPU/RAM as the cause. I've had similar problems on other machines, and it ended up being NVIDIA drivers. Unfortunately there is no fix for this most of the time, because they do not test their drivers extensively on older hardware, and rarely listen to any reports about issues... that's how it goes. You could also have some settings improper in your BIOS, make sure everything is set to the Specifications of your particular HW (CPU, RAM) and don't rely on "Auto" settings because these are often incorrect.
  7. CPU chip is clocked at 97 degrees celsius?!?

    What processor and motherboard? SpeedFan doesn't display proper temps either, add 15 degrees Celsius. If your running a C2D or Quad use CoreTemp.
  8. Geforce 8500GT 1GB Super

    That card only has 128 bit memory interface, which makes the 1GB of ram pretty much useless... If you want to play Crysis spring for an 8800GT , the cost/performance ratio of the 8800GTS (G92) is just not worth it. Actually, you should just play it on the rig that's in your SIG, that old Athlon ain't gonna handle it
  9. Universal Silent Switch Finder 0.1

  10. software to monitor writes to the registry?

    total uninstall, very nice piece of software.
  11. What program did you use to partition the drives? I found the only one that works is Acronis disk director. Otherwise windows just won't install.
  12. It causes near 100% usage of System process, due to the huge hosts file, if you use the immunize function. I noticed this problem in win2k, and went back to spybot 1.4
  13. Does it work with HFSLIP'd source too?
  14. Which media player is your favorite

    MPUI+mplayer, mpc+ffdshow+reclock+ac3filter+coreavc nothing else matters.
  15. What Processor Do You Use?

    Intel PIII-S SL6BY Tualatin 1400/133/512 Socket 370 Yeah old I know, but a good processor for it's age.