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  1. Microsoft Windows Systems and System Center Wallpaper Pack. 1920x1200 resolution - More resolutions will follow if the need becomes apparent. View my gallery for the Microsoft Special Systems Wallpaper pack as well. Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 Special Edition Systems Center Visit [www.wstaylor.net] for more Windows Customizations. Download @ Deviantart.com
  2. ** UPDATED TO v2.0** ALL new Windows Vista Ultimate Series Wallpaper Pack - Available in Widescreen and Fullscreen Formats. -- 1920x1200 -- 1280x800 -- 1280x1024 -- 1024x768 - Available with or without Logo and with or without Horizon. Download at www.wstaylor.net Mirror #1 @ DeviantArt Mirror #2 @ Wincustomize NOW! Available for DUAL MONITOR FORMATS! @ DeviantArt - WITH and WITHOUT LOGO's!
  3. Check Out These New Windows Update Icons Available in 256x256 & 128x128 PNG and XP ICO formats... Download Here !!! Check out the all new wstaylor.net too !!!
  4. What do you think??? I tried to emulate the look of Windows 2000 with the logo of XP... Looks good on my desktop... Available in 800, 1024, 1280 and 1600 Resolutions - other sizes and bg colors available by request email me at walls@wstaylor.net Download Here... PS: I havent made a wallpaper for awhile - so, forgive me if I seem rusty...
  5. I had to make a pack of Medal of Honor icons to replace the default ones that EA Games included with the games. I hope you all like... 256x256 & 128x128 PNG and XP ICO formats in ZIP. Download Here... ENJOY!!!
  6. I am a wallpaper artist that some of you may or may not know of - as well, I do web design, create icons, skins for xp and also host a forum for skinning... The host for wstaylor.net is really being unreasonable. It is www.b-one.net - they have suspended wstaylor.net because they claim that I have 140 zipfiles available for free download. This is untrue - I have 61 zipfiles available for download. I have removed all but FOUR - and they are still demanding that these be removed. Their terms state that you cannot store LARGE amounts of data to be available for free download... Is this the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard of or what? I have been contacted by another host who is willing to sponsor wstaylor.net and has offered a hosting package that blows away anything b-one can offer. Help me to understand their reasoning - or voice your opinion about their business practices here. Here is the "support" thread: http://www2.b-one.net/support/show_thread....code=JeldXiJOmQ Here is their terms of service (PDF): http://www.b-one.net/static/terms/terms_en.pdf
  7. Enjoy this Pair of X-Box Icons For Your Docking Pleasure... Available in 256x256 & 128x128 PNG and XP ICO Format Download at Skinning.net
  8. By Request, For Your Docking Pleasure - Here is a set of Command Prompt Icons in the 3 Default XP Luna Colors... I also threw in a Royale Blue one... Enjoy! Download Here at Skinning.net Available in 256x256, 128x128 PNG and XP ICO Formats.
  9. I use Object Dock (free) and sometimes I use yzDock - But I prefer Object Dock...
  10. Enjoy this Pair of MSN Icons - The MSN Butterfly and The MSN Messenger... For Your Docking Pleasure. In 128x128 PNG and XP ICO Formats - Transparent versions included in ZIP. For More Icons Click Here Download From Skinning.net
  11. Enjoy this set of Microsoft Developers Icons - For Your Docking Pleasure... Requests Welcome - write to shawn@wstaylor.net... Download Here... ~ENJOY~
  12. 2 Wallpapers in 1600, 1280, 1280x960 and 1024 Resolutions. Download Here Click Thumb For Preview Made for Pearlthane by VoodooFreak found Here Pearlthane has 2 very obscure shades of color incorporated into it... I tried to capture these colors and create a Wallpaper for it. I hope you like the end-result. Permission from Ian to use Pearlthane's likeness is included in the ZIP. ~Enjoy~
  13. Enjoy 2 New Mac Dock Icons for Your Docking Pleasure - The Macintosh System Icon and The Mac Apple... Both in 256x256 PNGs and 128x128 PNGs - also XP ICO Format. Download Here...
  14. Enjoy 2 New XP Media Dock Icons for Your Docking Pleasure - The Media Center 2005 Button and The Media Player 10 Button... Both in 256x256 PNGs and 128x128 PNGs - also XP ICO Format. Download Here...
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