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  1. Hello I can't upload files to my posts, I have this message below Max total size: 4.94 kB A forum problem ? Thanks
  2. Hello Can you change bapt => tistou77 Thanks in advance
  3. @Tihiy Possible to have the hidden icon popup like with 3.6 and Windows (above the icon) ? With 3.6 and Windows : But with 3.7 : And if we can have like with W11 white font and blue background (in my case, but perhaps depending on the color accent) EDIT : Probably not taken into account and no response, but just in case
  4. Yeah I checked, I was convinced that the icon remained But yes of course you make me laugh, still so unpleasant, but it doesn't matter
  5. The empty location is no longer present, but the icon is no longer present either (when we clicked on eject device but have not yet removed it from the PC)
  6. Small bug with the "remove device" icon (RC3) In fact, the "normal" icon works very well, but clicked to safely remove the device, there is always the icon until the device is removed, but if this icon is hidden, the location is empty and the empty slot is always present whether there is a device there or not Displayed icon : Hidden icon :
  7. I don't see the option to show the date, where is it ?
  8. For example, for FR (french) : Another language (NLNL) : I have to take a saved file from an old version to have the txt file and add the new features
  9. Small bug with 3.7 RC, I use a Howard Email software for emails, and when I have the popup which alerts me of a new email (icon in the systray), nothing happens when I click on it, normally this opens the webmail (web browser) Return to 3.6 in the meantime Thanks PS: tested with RC2
  10. And In the StartAllBackCfg file, the FR entry is still broken, appears in "UIFILE" and not in "text"
  11. French file updated (3.7) With the translation, this entry is truncated in SAB FR.txt
  12. Still not possible to add it to SAB ? That would avoid using ONE too
  13. What is the relation with my request ?
  14. Hello How to remove "shortcuts" Copilot (preversion), Show Search button, Show Task view button in the right-click menu of the taskbar (keeping the taskbar improved) ? Thanks
  15. In case it went unnoticed It's possible ?
  16. When we choose the W10 explorer (without the tabs), would it be possible to also have the W10 Navigation Pane (or a separate option) ?
  17. Ok, with Restorator, it's in binary
  18. Hello Any idea why the FR is like this now (encoding UTF 16 LE) ? Ok for others languages Thanks
  19. Already asked several times, never got an answer (or not seen) ;)
  20. Yeah but it's boring when the forum has this option natively I will for next time
  21. French translation (not updated since 2.9.92) FR.txt
  22. Bug with explorer.exe and SAB 3.6.6, when copying folders (22621.1702) explorer.exe - Error system Exception Processing Message 0xc0000005 - Unexpected paramters Back to version 3.6.5 PS: 512kb to attach a file is really small

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