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  1. Hello, i'm here to remember to all users that are in process of using this tutorial something important. This "boot up optimization" will be the cause of creation of a lot of useless files in your "Prefetch\ReadyBoot" folder. Those files will be created/renewed every system bootup, and will be fragmented exponentially from time to time. Those files have the extension *. Avail, *. Dqpafm, *. Dqpafmsg, *. Dqpa, *. Dqpaf. I have asked some time ago @ the autor of this topic how to reverse this behaviour, and he simply doesn't have any idea how to do that. I was forced to reformat to fixing my OS. I suggest to anyone who wants to cut some seconds to the bootup process, to open cmd and paste this string: rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks This is totally safe for your OS, no bad surprises as the method here posted. Goodbye.
  2. Hello, i'm here now to post my suggestions in relationship of this topic and what i have quoted about my message. I suggest simply of DO NOT USE THIS "TIP" for speeding up the boot of windows, cause it is simply useless, and you will go in my same situation, with this folder that's updating with those useless files that windows 7 DO NOT NEEDS, making only extra hard disk works after the user login. You also WILL NOT find any solution in the web for return back: those damned files will be refreshed every reboot, growing in fragmentation. If you need to speed up your boot process, simply open the Command Prompt and paste this: rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks Wait some minutes, and Windows wil do EXACTLY the same thing, without the creation of those stupid files. I have now reformatted my system after 3 days of hard work for transfering all my personal settings and software to a brand new pc, and i will NEVER use another time this called ^TIP^. Bye all.
  3. Hi, i'm wondering if it was possible to move the command "Open in new window" in the position shown in the image using regedit. I would still be much easier to open new windows via explorer. A big thank you to anyone who can help me! P.s.: i'm with Windows 7.
  4. since I used this method to speed up boot windows I noticed that on every reboot of the system is a creation of new files in the folder C: \ Windows \ Prefetch \ ReadyBoot. These files have the extension *. Avail, *. Dqpafm, *. Dqpafmsg, *. Dqpa, *. Dqpaf. the problem I have already posted some pages back is that I do not want these files are recreated on every reboot, when in every version of Windows 7 which has not been applied this method are not present and are not created by the system operating, as not necessary. these files also are increasingly fragmented and require unnecessary additional work hard drive. it is good to be suggested that in addition to how to use this method of speeding up the start, is also explained well how to undo the changes that the same has brought to the operating system. I look forward to answers.
  5. Just right-click on Computer icon --> Properties, and in the new window it will show you your os version , also the installer is named "wpt_x86.msi" for the 32 bit version and "wpt_x64.msi" for the 64 bit version.
  6. Last week i have formatted and installed in a brand new laptop Windows 7 Home X86 Service Pack 1 (with all Windows Updates), and i see in this folder only five Trace*.fx files, with one Readyboot.etl file. I have also rebooted it so many times, but the new files that i have in my pc don't appear in the laptop. Sounds strange
  7. Hi, i have with success done the trick for speeding up my system boot, but now i have a small question... is the xbootmgr.exe the cause i now have apparently new files in the Windows/Prefetch/Readyboot folder? Those files have extension *.avail, *.dqpafm, *..dqpafmsg, *.dqpa, *.dqpaf and seems to be refreshed after every bootup. Are they necessary for the OS, or only a logging purpose? They also make extra hard disk activity immediately after the system seems to be operational. Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry for my bad english...
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