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  1. There were also some .NET Framework updates released in January that I did not see posted anywhere in this thread yet: KB4532944 .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0 (Security/Quality Rollup) - http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=4532944 KB4532959 .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0 (Security Only) - http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=4532959 KB4532929 .NET Framework 4.5.2 (Security/Quality Rollup) - http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=4532929 KB4532964 .NET Framework 4.5.2 (Security Only) - http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=4532964 KB4532932 .NET Framework 4.6 (Security/Quality Rollup) - http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=4532932 KB4532971 .NET Framework 4.6 (Security Only) - http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=4532971
  2. The version I had before was either 7-18-2007 or 8-27-2007. Pretty sure it was the 8-27-2007 one.
  3. Hey, I've got a bit of a problem. I've installed 98SE on many machines, and I've been working on another right now. Installing 98SE2ME (option 1, then option 3) has been pretty routine in my setups, and so far I've had at worst minor issues. Thing is, this time around, Option 1 installs just fine, but installing Option 3 causes a crash (One of those error messages where you can pick Close or Details) in EXPLORER through process EXPLORER.EXE right after I log on (before the desktop shows up). Thus, I can't access anything. Safe mode will not work either. Here are the details of the error, taken using a VGA image capture tool on another computer: I have a feeling that the issue is being caused by something that has changed in one of the update packs I installed before installing 98SE2ME, as this time around I started using newer versions of these packs than I have used before. I'm just wondering what kind of incompatibility might be occuring (and with what file), and how I can fix it. I have a hard disk image saved of after I installed Option 1, so if the Option 3 installation keeps failing, I can keep restoring my image until the problem is fixed. Anyways, here's the order I've installed the updates in: * Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 *DirectX 9.0c * 98 SE SP 3.0 BETA 3 *Windows Update, including WMP 9.0 *WUPG98 Carinthian LH Edition *Autopatcher Dec 2007 FINAL *Maximus Decim InternetExplorer 6.0sp1 Component Update 2.4 *Maximus Decim Cumulative Update ver.3.05 (includes NUSB 3.3) *Maximus Decim Data Access Component Update 1.4 *98SE2ME 11-19-2008 Option 1 *98SE2ME 11-19-2008 Option 3 (FAILED!) Any tips would be greatly appreciated. P.S.: I could have sworn I saw one of those "Not enough memory" errors DOS likes to sometimes give right before my machine rebooted for Option 3. Don't know if this happened for Option 1.
  4. Quick question for anyone willing to answer: do you reccomend the current 3.0 Beta1 version or the stable 2.1a verison of this pack?
  5. You know, making a wishlist isn't going to convice tihiy about what to put and not put in RP8...
  6. Looks promising, though I haven't had a chance to test it out yet... I'm especially looking forwards to using the removal feature, since my context menu always seems to be cluttered with options I don't need.
  7. Just a warning: Revolutions Pack 7 can sometimes be incredibly unstable on some systems/configurations (and almost seems random what those systems are). Unless you want some of RP7's applets or icons, I'd suggest using UberSkin with 98SE2ME Option 3 over using Revolutions Pack 7.
  8. I think employing some sort of compression can easily overcome the pain of 10,000 files. Of course, RP8/UberSkin will need to have extra code to decompress these files on the fly, and that seems to me a bit more than it's worth, both on Tihiy's time and on a user's system resources (though it WOULD be cool). BTW, of Tihiy's 3 choices, I think the second one is the best. It seems a good compromise of the pros and cons offered by the other two choices.
  9. Paul Thurrott's Windows SuperSite has a release schedule for SP3: (SOURCE: http://www.winsupersite.com/faq/xp_sp3.asp) I'm a tad annoyed that there won't be CDs until late May... Also, am I the only one who noticed that SP3 suddenly requires SP1 or SP2 to be installed first? (SOURCE: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsxp/cc164204.aspx)
  10. Hm... No Linux option with that? But I jest. Anyways, I'm probably going to either get Vista or go with Option F. It depends when I get around to getting my next computer (mine's 6 years old running XP, but works just fine).
  11. Well, it happened again, but this time it's wierd... it's not MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. Despite the same circumstances, I've now gotten a different error: a 0x000000A0 INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR. (Don't remember the parameters). This is beyond bizarre...
  12. Well, before I go right now to get the memory dumps off the laptop (there are multiple; hopefully Windows has kept them), I just want to add one thing: This only seems to happen on rare occasion (only 4 times since I got the laptop 9 months ago). Most of the time when I'm watching live TV it works flawlessly. Would it still be the TV card's input/capture driver, or is there a chance it's some other driver related to Media Center?
  13. I guess nobody else is having this problem... I'll check again for hardware or RAM problems, and also see if SP1 fixes this, but everything seems like it's okay (except SP1, which I haven't tested yet...)
  14. Hi. I have a problem that's been bugging me. I've been getting BSODs on a recent HP Laptop running Vista Home Premium (specs: 160GB HDD, 2GB RAM, GeForce Go 128?MB, Athalon 64x2 2.0 GHz). Thing is, I've checked for both RAM issues and driver problems (old versions, incompatible with Vista versions, etc...) and so far everything seems to be OK. Thing is, whenever I watch TV using my TV Tuner card in Media Center, sometimes, when I'm not doing anything but watching live TV (no changing channels or rewinding or fast-forwarding), I will get a 0x0000001A MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Blue Screen error. (The sound of whatever was just on will just stop at the point of the error and make an elongated sound of that tune until I power down). And, by the way, I'm not getting this error outside of Media Center's live tv feature. I suspect that this error MAY be HP's fault, since I haven't checked if they used incompatible hardware (the hardware itself, not the drivers) or overclocked anything... So... anybody else having this problem? Any suggestions to fix it?
  15. 1) "Is ... made yet?" / "Will there be a new version of ..." topics aren't generally taken very well around these parts... 2) If you still want to ask, this belons on the AutoPatcher topic.
  16. This might be a bit off topic, but I can't help but noticing that you have Vista-like transparent windows. HOW did you get those under Win9x?
  17. Oh, I'd love it if you could fix up WLL.COM! Just a small question: were you also planning on fixing the glitch where the loading screen stops moving and inverts colors whenever a DOS program (likely in Autoexec.bat) trys to display output text?
  18. October release looks nice, though I'm waiting for the upgrade version. BTW, soporific, I noticed you don't have the newest NUSB in the changelist. Are you waiting for the next release, did you forget it, or did you intentionally leave it out?
  19. Interesting idea, but I'd prefer to make something that works in real time. Also, how does system scheduler protect itself? Could you CTRL-ALT-DEL out of it? And could someone taper with it through task scheduler?
  20. You'd need to run some rundll commands on some DLLs on the the Protect It! CD if you wanted to uninstall it OR change your password. I've decided to build a rights pack from scratch, but before that I may upload a Protect It! uninstall/password change pack just for those people who don't have CDs before I abandon Protect It! all together. Sorry if I wasted everyone's time with the Protect It! portion of this project. It's been forever since I used it and I forgot how easy it was to defeat. On the bright side, at least it can serve a prototype to look off (but not work off) of. I'll work on building SOMETHING from the ground up. I'll see what I can do.
  21. I did install option 3... So do you I reccomend I keep my system unable to view shutdown logos if option 3 is installed?
  22. HERE is a list of the files used by Protect It: CORE FILES (all new files not on the system): WINDOWS\SYSTEM\PROTECT!.EXE WINDOWS\SYSTEM\PROTECT.CPL WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSPI.DLL WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSPITAPI.EXE HELP FILES: WINDOWS\HELP\PROTECT!.HLP RUNTIMES (just some VBA 2.0/2.2 runtimes): WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VEN2232.OLB WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VAEN232.DLL Not that complicated, really. The rest is all registry work and slight changes to the following INIs: WIN.INI SYSTEM.INI POWERPNT.INI WAVEMIX.INI However, I couldn't notice any big changes to those .ini files. In the registry, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run there was: Name: Protect It! TAPI Value: "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSPITAPI.EXE"

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