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  1. Hello Soporific! I just was wondering if you had decided on your next full release of AP. Anything in the pipeline for the near future? AP Rules! Keep up the great work!!!
  2. I agree with Eck completely! Soporific, you have done some wonderful work, and, as a Windows 98 SE user, I commend you for all that you've done! The important thing is that you've provided a vital tool that allows us to continue to successfully use Windows 98 SE, and, bottom line, it works very well. The GUI interface and the integrated installation routine would be nice, but it's more important, IMO, to have a tool that delivers the updates and fixes correctly and safely to my operating system, with updated versions of AP provided within a reasonably quick turnaround time. Keep up the gre
  3. I completely agree in including an optional update of IE6SP1, and other IE browser versions. Once Microsoft goes away, we need one utlity (such as the Windows 98 SE unofficial service pack) to easily update all components. I would also add one additional item: An optional update to Direct X 9.0C. If I am correct, 9.0 D is not compatible with Win98SE, so this will require us to access the 9.0C update through the online update service. With this offered as an option, the picture would be complete, and we would not need to access the very suspicous online update. My goal in presenting this s
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