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  1. lol, 'the industry rate is $15-$40 an hour for skilled IT labor, but for you I charge $40-$50 an hour... depending on whether or not you put a please in there'
  2. i don't think you are doing bad... I was using ATI's Multimedia Center under 98SE with a P3 800 and a AIW 9200 and using it as a PVR... I had problems time-shifting, but that was because of slow processor. I think you'll be happy with your setup.
  3. I just used win98setome and I chose option 1. It worked great, but I was wondering how beneficial going back and doing option 3 (winme explorer and UI) would be? do most of you do that or leave it alone? thanks!
  4. I have a fresh system with all drivers installed... I've run most of the official windows 98 patches from windows update and I'd like to do 98se2me and KernelEx and do the revolutions pack. Is there a good order to do this in, or does anyone have any suggestions for patches? Thank you!
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