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  1. Oh, the size is for print. I am uploading all the size for download. Some how my upload is only 1.2kps Sizes available 800 1024 and 1280.
  2. Lezend

    MS Outlook XP

    Sweet! Thanks aaronXP. I forgot that microsoft have a support site. I found out that there is an update for outlook too (sp2). Thanks.
  3. Lezend

    MS Outlook XP

    Ok lets me be more specific. I know how you can save each contact separately (vcard). Thats a lot of work for the large amount of contacts. How do I export all contacts and emails plus settings (optional) and import over to new outlook. Thanks for reply.
  4. This is my first wallpaper for msfn. No punch intended. *"msfn" is copyright by msfn.
  5. Is there any software that can backup all the emails and database of outlook xp? I want to format my HD and I have over 500 users addresses and emails. I don't want to hand written all of them. Please assist. Thank you.
  6. Clarity: - TFT LCD - LCD - Flat Screen CRT - CRT Ranking from best to worst.
  7. OK. This is from personal experiences. I have two CRT and a Sony LCD M81. Lets me tell you. CRT can't come close to the clarity and the precision of a TFT LCD. I love my LCD not the fact that it take up less space, much lighter, consume less energy, nor does the fact that there is no flickering. I love it because I am a graphic designer. Every pixel counts. Back then, LCDs are expensive and the contract ratio is bad. Now aday, you can grab on for the price of 1000 with ratio of 400:1 and you will be in love. I am a very extensive gamer. I play full time game on my computer. I build a computer just for gaming. I have no problem with the LCD. No flickering, no shadowing, no delay ghost image, or any dead pixels when I am playing Warcraft3, UT2003, QuakeIII, SOFII, Commandos 2, and more... You named it I probably owned in my collections. I don't know what the fuss about LCD. So far I have not one problem with it. My recommendation: Once you use a LCD, CRT will never do justice. If you plan to buy LCD buy anything with contract ratio greater or equal 400:1. Nothing less.
  8. You didn't make these are you? Nice collections.
  9. How old is your HD? It might have been data corrupted or bad sector. Either way, i suggest you back up all your data. Do a low level format. A:/Fdisk Deleted all partitions NTFS. Then reformat the HD. HD failures can result in many case.
  10. The most significant fixes in the 7.0.1 release include the following: • Photoshop now saves alpha transparency data in Targa files in the same way it did in previous versions. • File Browser performance has been enhanced. • If the color settings color management policy is set to "Off," Photoshop no longer asks to save changes unless other edits have been performed. • The total ink now defaults to 300% as it did in previous versions of Photoshop. • The color of white areas in CMYK files saved as JPEG no longer shifts. • TIFF files with LZW compression are now written correctly. • Photoshop offers better compatibility with older model G4 and Pentium III computers. • When installed on a hard drive whose name contains extended characters, Photoshop no longer reports that certain required files were not found in the Adobe Photoshop required folder. • Metadata is better preserved in certain JPEG files. • Picture Package no longer locks up when it encounters incorrect file types while using custom page layouts. • Photoshop now defaults to the last saved directory when saving new files. It no longer defaults to the TWAIN directory if one is present. • Changing monitor configurations no longer causes problems while Photoshop or ImageReady are running. • Photoshop no longer produces a program error when resampling certain large 16-bit documents. • An issue that prevented Photoshop 6 from opening certain files containing layer effects and edited in Photoshop 7 has been fixed. • The Maximize Backwards Compatibility for checkbox in the Photoshop Format Options dialog when you save a file as Photoshop (PSD) format. http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/photos...7.x/ps701up.exe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It seems that the update doesn't like the serial that came with the SSG keygen. if u have prirated photoshop already installed and u dont want to uninstall and reinstall what u do is go buy a real copy key, copy it (without "-") in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Photoshop\7.0\Registration\SERIAL HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Adobe\Photoshop\7.0\Registration\SERIAL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ another way around is this No need to panic or re-install, just use your favourite hex-editor on setup.ins after you extracted the updater-exe to some temp directory: Search for every occurence of the text-string 1045 (or 31303435 in HEX) and replace that with 4510 (or 34353130 in HEX). Save your setup.ins and be happy... P.S. Adobe black-listed 52 prirated serials Creditz for this one fly out to: ***-***
  11. count me in..can't wait until christmas.
  12. Anyone know any good site with great tutorial on how to setup IIS with PHP and mySQL? I can't seem to run my site with script that have permission mod (ie777,666...) I can't get my php upload to work neither. I keep getting access denied for the specific upload folder that had been grant (read, write). Thanks.
  13. I got sony m81 and I love it. I have two other CRT and they can't come close. People bash LCD that they refresh is slow for gaming... so far i haven't got a problem with it. SOFII Warcraft III... oh man the graphic is beautiful.
  14. I have a question to those who familiar with this software. It detected I run a FSB 133mhz when my spec is suppose to be FSB 533mhz. Is this software error or that is the actually FSB of my system. If it is the actual, then how to I change it? Thanks.
  15. Benchmark Test. Here is my benchmark I am not used to this software. This is my first time running it. If you want to see my system run with specific settings, lets me know. Ill set it up.
  16. Thanks. I am not good at benchmarking. I don't have any software to do so. I don't play quake neither, but I play Soldier of Fortune: Double Helix. It ran great. I am running 1280x1024 with max everything. Lets me know if you need any specific information. zípp I personally build this just for me so I go top of the line on everything. I am not a pro this is my first time. i love it. Your systems are great too.
  17. I am getting it. I love it too. Oh man 7200RPM much be very loud... I leave my computer on 24/7 and all 4 fans running at 3000 rpm is already fill the room with noises. My friend got a dragon orb and when he bring his computer over to my house. Its like he turning on a vaccuum when his comp is on... too loud for me.
  18. Thanks dude. Just chilling man...now that its done there isn't much to do ... I want to build another computer again but I want to wait until the pentium 5 to come out or something. The heat is well insolated now... My temp is 33 C max. Even when I am running studio max with 600 000 polygons scene rendering. Personally, I turn off the cold catholde and only turn on when friends come over or when I bring my sys to Lan party. Other wise, its off. Thanks.
  19. exactly... all my stuffs are intel. I wouldn't want to use intel pentium 2.53 with a non intel motherboard. They known to work well with eachother.
  20. yeh that is what I am thinking too but do you guys know if these light suck up that much power and spread much heat into the case? My ambient temp was always 27C before. Now, normal is 40C.
  21. well, there is no other glue that make it stick to alluminum without seeing any glue spot. Super glue is clear and it very good... I guess.
  22. I can't ... I super glue it to the side
  23. nope no space on the bottom. There is a PC speaker there. I can't place it.
  24. Thanks. Just trying my best. First timer. I can't believe it turn out well... Thanks.

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