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  1. Thanks guys. Man your cold cathode is bright. Mine is just dim. I guess I have to wait until tonight. I got my cold cathode. Then I realize that I have to space to place the cathode. The back got blocked by the fan. The bottom is the PC speaker. Top have no room only 2mm short. So the only place I could place the cold cathode is the front. Oh well, look ok I guess. What do you guys think? Thank you all for your inputs.
  2. What can you say? Its a trend. Everyone after the coolness of casemod. I am just mod so I can show off at the convention LAN party next month. It will be like 4000 to 5000 people there.
  3. Thanks man. Designed my self from scratch. *a waiting for my cold cathode.
  4. I can't find the transparent etched windows appliques material anywhere at HomeDepot so I use the white appliques for car sticky. It works the same I guess. My cold cathode come tomorrow. Weee! I can't wait. I heard some bad thing about cold cathode. (ei. its blew out the PSU.) Have anyone got bad experience with it? Thanks.
  5. Are those intake filter any good? I don't have them. It get dirty every month, but I also clean them up on monthly basic. I heard they are insulation to heat. What is your computer temp? What type?
  6. FthrJACK I don't like the shim cover on either one. They don't look professional for some reason. XPerties I like your case. Its the Lian Li right? That was my second choice for case. But, I went for coolermaster anyway Love the mod you did. Can't wait for my cold cathode to come. Is your front (first slot) controller for the cold cathode light? What is that switch for? I see you went with the window kits online. How is that? I didn't like the black rubberish look. Thanks guys for the input. Lets me know what need to change. Thanks again.
  7. I assume you are using the router for the Lan sharing? If you are, did you registered through the lan and the DHCP? And make sure you have the firewall off for windows xp. It turned on by default everytime you setup networking. To share, both side have to disable firewall or allow access through a specific port. otherwise, it will not work.
  8. MSNwar: That is the Pentium 4 mother board power cable. Pentium 4 motherboard have 2 powers cap. One 4 pins and one 16 pins (the black one you circle). Thanks guys.
  9. Here is what it look on the case. The light hasn't come yet. So I can't tell if it look good or not. Sorry for the long post. The process was very enoyable. I encourage people to do they own. It isn't hard at all. More to come... Thank you everyone.
  10. *I will remove these images if it hog too much board bandwidth. Lets me know* Here is the thickness of the screws on the panel. All complete, the whole case screwed.
  11. FthrJACK: I have those Aluminum Bezel. But I don't like it. Matter of facts, I installed on my case, then I took it out. It doesn't look that good. Thanks though. I was going to do screwless, but the other option is glue and I am not very font to super glue. Your case will be sweet. The curve will be a pain in the butt to cut. (I personally ran through 4 cutting disks. One each side, they worn out so fast!) Here is some more pics after the installation. My cold cathodes didn't come home yet. UPS takes 3 days. I bought them from http://www.pcmods.com . I will add some more pictures after I install the cathodes (blue). Case | Screws I love steel screws so I ran to RadioShack near by and grab some. I checked Home Depot all they have for small machinery is in zinc. Here is the perspex. ...
  12. I am tired of all the ugly windows kit that everyone had or the only one that all the custom windows kit sell right now. I am creating my own windows the way I like. This is half the way done. No light so I have to finish it tomorrow. Wait until I put the persplex in.
  13. I like to cut a nice and clean windows in my ATC 210 for the transparent windows case. I heard that most use dremel cutter. After browsing around, there are like 100 different types of cutting. Which one do you use for cutting aluminum? I want a nice and clean edges no jagged. If you have mod your case, please assist a newbie. I feel like a complete fool, i know exactly what I want. But I don't know where to start and what to ask. Please be patience with me.
  14. Whats problem with the motherboard? So far it performed outstanding.
  15. weird, i cleared all my cache and it still work. I don't know... is everyone can't see my picture?
  16. Here is completed desktop. That was fun. I broke my first build computer. Thank you so much. Now I leave the stage for someone else. I wouldn't mind give you all the hints and trouble shooting that I went through that help me out.
  17. Thanks, MSNwar. Couldn't have done without the helps of many MSFN members through the process. I would like to post somemore afterward pictures over my post. Thanks.
  18. Lezend

    .net server 3628

    I think the new beta of .net 3628 use a higher encryption since the 3621 version, rather then xp professional cypher encryption 128. I don't think you can remotely access the desktop with the incompatible encryption.
  19. Oh yeah of course. I am hosting it on my website so it shouldn't be a problem. hehe ain't that right. I have a lots of pictures hehe shouldn't be a problem. Actually I have been helped a lot here. Just a little patience and careness...
  20. Oh I changed my case too. I didn't like the blue case because the LED is blue and blue make it all blend in you can't tell much. With the green one, I change the LED to blue so it look rad.
  21. Here are some pictures I took when I actually got it to work. I N T E L ® A C T I V E M O N I T O R System Information Report 6/12/2002 10:25:15 AM *************************************************************************** General Information *************************************************************************** Product name Genuine Intel® Pentium® 4 processor based system Board model Genuine Intel® D850EMV2 system board OS version Windows* XP version 5.1 build 2600 OS memory 1,047,856 KB RAM *************************************************************************** Processor *************************************************************************** Processor Genuine Intel® Pentium® 4 processor Processor speed 2.53 GHz Bus speed 533 MHz L1 cache Data Cache 8KB, Execution Trace Cache 12K Micro-ops L2 cache Advanced Transfer Cache 512 KB Form factor ZIF Socket Stepping 4 *************************************************************************** System *************************************************************************** Physical memory 1,024 MB RAM Memory speed PC800 Memory type Other, RAMBUS Form factor RIMM BIOS date 05/17/2002 BIOS size 512 KB BIOS version P13 (MV85010A.86A.0032.P13.0205170008) *************************************************************************** Sensors *************************************************************************** Sensor Name System Fan 1 Current Value 2,614 Upper Threshold not applicable Lower Threshold 500 Sensor Name Processor Zone Current Value 23 Upper Threshold 68 Lower Threshold not applicable Sensor Name System Zone 1 Current Value 27 Upper Threshold 50 Lower Threshold not applicable Sensor Name +3.3 V standby Nominal Value 3.300 Current Value 3.300 Upper Threshold 4.500 Lower Threshold 2.100 Sensor Name +5 V Nominal Value 5.000 Current Value 5.078 Upper Threshold 6.000 Lower Threshold 4.000 Sensor Name +3.3 V Nominal Value 3.300 Current Value 3.334 Upper Threshold 4.300 Lower Threshold 2.300 Sensor Name CPU Core (+1.5 V) Nominal Value 1.500 Current Value 1.459 Upper Threshold 2.300 Lower Threshold 0.700 Sensor Name Memory (+2.5 V) Nominal Value 2.500 Current Value 2.487 Upper Threshold 3.300 Lower Threshold 1.700 *************************************************************************** End of Report *************************************************************************** *Third-party brands and names are the property of their respective owners.
  22. CoolerMaster ATC 210 Case Rewriting the chapter of future designer cases. Tool-less assembly/disassembly for quick and easy access for maintenance or upgrades. Dual USB portst at the front of case for easy access. Excellent ventilation for the motherboard and HDD drive. All Aluminum & Acrylic Drive Bay: 5.25' Bays (Exposed) x 4 3.5' Bays (Exposed) x 2 3.5' Bays (Shadow) x 4 ENERMAX EG651P-VE(FMA). 550W Power supply for AMD K7 & Pentium4. Meet AMD K7 and Intel ATX +12V 1.1 and ATX 2.03 version (Pentium 4 fully support). Ultra cooling design: one 9 cm fan intake heat and one 8 cm fan exhaust heat. Fan Speed monitored by M/B & Adjustable. 9cm Thermal Control Fan. Retail box. Intel Motherboard D850EMV2L for P4 478 Processors Specifications: Front Side bus: 850E Memory: RDRAM(2) ATX Form Factor, AGP4x USB 2.0 PRO50 Socket 478 Intel Pentium 4 / 2.53GHz Northwood 512K Socket 478 Processor 533MHz Processor Bus Specifications: CPU: 2.53 GHz Type: Pentium 4 Northwood Cache: 512K BUS: 533 Mhz Socket: 478 Retail (Box with Heatsink and fan), 3-year MFG. Warranty-(CPU ONLY NO RAMBUS RAM) KINGSTON RAMBUS 512MB PC 800 ECC - KVR800A18-16/512 Retail Eight layer board, Lifetime Warranty All Rambus must be used in pairs [2X] WD WESTERN DIGITAL "SPECIAL EDITION" 120GB 7200RPM EIDE HARD DRIVE MODEL # WD1200JB - , Specifications: Size: 120 Gigabytes Interface: IDE ULTRA ATA100 Seek time: 8.9ms RPM:7200 Cache 8MB (Drive alone) 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty [2X] PLEXTOR PX-W4012TA/SW 40x12x40 CD-RW - RETAIL Internal IDE Drive The PlexWriter 40/12/40A E-IDE (ATAPI) drive, with built-in BURN-Proof technology, delivers exceptionally fast performance in a professional 3-in-1 CD solution, while upholding the legendary Plextor reliability. PoweRec II, an exclusive Plextor technology, guarantees the highest quality write across a broad base of media. VISIONTEK Xtasy GeForce4 Ti4600 (GeForce4 Ti 4600 Graphics Chipset). 128MB DDR. 4X, AGP. 300MHz GPU. TV In/Out. DVI. Retail. Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Platium Int. Stunning 24-bit multi-channel performance and 100dB SNR for high definition audio Innovative EAX® ADVANCED HD™ technology delivers high definition audio environments for ultra-realistic gaming and enriched music effects Fully integrated SB1394 (IEEE® 1394 compliant) ensures optimum performance for qualified products like DV Camcorders, digital audio players, external hard drives/high speed CD-RWs, and home entertainment equipment Professional home recording studio with expanded front panel multi I/O connectivity, low latency ASIO™ support and bundled music creation tools. Sony Floppy Drive Rounded Cable [3x] This is what I list not with the extra stuff I added like neon light and side case mod with see through glass. This came to about $2492.33 included tax and Shipping. All the stuff I bought was online. I used pricewatch extensively.
  23. Thank you for for your help. I am now running on my brand new 2.53 ghz P4 computer. It is so fast and sweet. Thank you.
  24. Nope I couldn't get it to work. Everything start just I still don't get video or post. I sent the mobo back to the place I bought (newegg.com) to get a new one in exchange. I am getting a new mobo this monday. With that I will redo everything correctly to see if it the mobo fault. With all luck, everything will be fine this monday.

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