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  1. Believe it or not, everyone is catching on to this new gigs. GameSpy new checkup system has the same spec as my new build computer but lesser memory. The Hardcore Top of the line yet?
  2. Tinker: The CRIMM is a pain in the butt to snap it in but it does snap in place. I did a return and I will get the new mobo this monday. I will upload some pic and lets you guys know how it turn out. Thanks. ThA_FiLeR: Thanks though but I live in California. I been to florida for vacation and love it there. You must be lucky to live there the whole time.
  3. Tinker: You can't pair a CRIMM and a RDRAM together. Thats a 'no no' Bad combination. This is my memory setup: Bank 0: ---KVR800A18-16/512 RDRAM (1) ---KVR800A18-16/512 RDRAM (2) Bank 1: ---CRIMM 800 (1) ---CRIMM 800 (2) Intel Tested Compatible Memories. Nope. This is the first brand new Intel P4 Mobo just released. I have no clue or any idea how it work. I am familiar with my currently running mobo but this one 'no'. I haven't seen it work therefore I couldn't figure out what wrong with it. Does it suppose to beeps? or like Why are all the LEDs green on the mobo and I still get no video or signal? *Confuse* Thanks though. ThA_FiLeR: Are you kiddin'? Taking out the CMOS required to solder it back in place frankly that void the warranty 'BIG TIME'. They want the whole mobo or nothing. Plus, what are the chances of all three mobos when bad on same installation. I think that there is something I did wrong or forget. Thanks.
  4. Nice Thanks. Just I have no idea I follow everything to the T
  5. I just recieved an email from techie of Intel regarding my setup.
  6. ThA_FiLeR: 115V of course. I build my computer on the carpet is that a problem? BAH: 1. There only 2 sets of jumpers on the whole mobo. One is for the front speaker output and one for J9 Bios. And it is in the normal setup. 2. I think so. Enermax said they support P4. 3. 4. 2 KVR800A18-16/512 in bank 0 2 CRIMM in bank 1 FthrJACK: I think my mobo is fried. Because I have all the hole filled with spacers. But if mobo is fried does it still power up everything? *Thank you ... you guys great helpers.
  7. This is my case. My Power Supply. After Plugged In. The mobo Connecters to Chassis .. is this the problem? I used all of them. I am scared that the board get warp so I fill every single hole. Will that interfere with the board and ground it?
  8. You mention that no beep can tag to power supply problem. I have the Enermax 550W EG651P-VE FMA Do you think I have too much power?
  9. Here is a board blueprint. It does have onboard speaker but it doesn't have output to PC speaker. I have RDRAM. You can't do single RDRAM. They have to go in pair. This is the only pair I have they cost quite a bundle. Is that the problem? I don't think my ram is the problem because they are brand new and never used. I have a HD. It is Western Digital WB1200JB. Help please I am out of idea. FthrJACK: Not a beep. Flash: No beeps. The board has buildin PC speaker and it doesn't have output to regular PC speaker. Everything boots up. Running. Fan Running. Board LED turn Green. All Fan running. All Cable Seated. No beeps. No Video. I have two perfectly good monitors. Neither one give signal. I am so confuse. Sorry this is my very first self build. Guess I don't have what it take. *sobs*
  10. Intel MB D850EMV2L Intel 2.53 2 RDRAM 512 2 CRDRAM Enermax 550W 12V 8A (P4 Support) VisionTek G4 Ti4600 CDR Floppy This is the bare base of my system I am building. I have problem of getting it to post. There is no beep signal or anything. Please Help. I can provide all additional information if you need. PS: When power, CPU fan turn on. Board LED turn on. AGP card fan on. No video no Post. Is there a simple way to diagnostic to see which one is the problem maker?
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