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  1. I didn't even knew winamp 5.x did work on 9x LOL, thx for info. Winamp 2.95 user here. Past version 2.95 (last in 2.x series) it became horrible bloatware with crap no one needs, same as most other players. WMP6.4 is still my main player for most of the files though (thanks to yet another gem from sourceforge - ffdshow codec), but I use winamp for playing mp3 files over my home network (it works best for this purpose). I don't even touch crap like realmedia etc, I value my ears and eyes more than any 'best video' there may be in those crappy formats. MP3s are already crappy enough to my ears.
  2. I ran asus version of last forceware for my nvidiot-based asus card when i had it, and it worked fine at 1024x768 at 75Hz (my usual default res for CRTs back then, so I remeber it well). I know what a pain for your eyes is 60 HZ, most of my office monitors used to be like that... I remember having some problems with asus "agp driver" (the card was PCI but still required this driver for its 'internal agp acceleration' AFAIR) because latest (back then) official W2K version didnt work on NT4, but one of the previous ones actually properly installed and detected NT4. IIRC it was earlier W2K driver. I think google search helped me back then (circa 2005) pointing to a discussion on some large videocards-related forum. Don't remember more details tho, sorry if I couldnt help more
  3. I think he meant this: It would be better if it wasn't proprietary. I don't trust M$ to store my files how it wants. It isn't. Check security vulnerabilities for Win9x. Then look at NT. Big difference. Not having open ports alone helps a lot. The browser is the main point of entry. geez louise BenoitRen, you are really something man, way beyond typical 9x fanboy I guess Just run any NT always as an administrator and you'll have same system and file access as you do on 9x, how friggin hard it is to do? Yes YOU CAN setup NT to "work like 9x", simply don't set up any other user but the default administrator for fcuk's sake, thats all it takes, as someone else already pointed it out earlier. What are you dudes even discussing here LOL /edit/ BTW let me point it vice versa: can you set up Win9x "to work like NT"? (to have Admin and separate limited user-level accounts) YOU CAN'T. Because obviously 9x never meant to be multiuser environment, not to mention security levels for various users. 'Scuse my language, but IMHO the person complaining that he couldnt change vital system settings without administrative priviledges is a complete id*** to me. Everyone else knows that NT4/5/6 still gives TOO MANY rights to non-administrative user level accounts when compared to Apple's OS X, all linuxes, all Sun OSes etc. There was only 1 so-lax and so-open single-user operating system in worldwide use in the past 15 years: DOS and DOS with GUIs (aka Win9x). AND OBVIOUSLY if you "don't trust M$ to store my files how it wants" why do you even use operating system from M$ at all? Come on! Your arguments about 'superiority' (of one MS s*** over another MS s***) are really becoming thinner than mountain air every time you post. Booooooooooring! We get it - you love Win95. But please stop already with this crusade of yours, its not funny anymore. OK, NT have few open ports by default, so? Almost no one knows how to exploit an open port from WAN side, and those who know are in knowledge of probably many better tricks to exploit unsecured systems. Beside, anyone running system connected to web 24/7 without any firewall - be it 9x or NT - is an id*** by his own choice (not only in my opinion). Oh, and hell yes Win9x is more "compatible" with DOS: because IT IS DOS for crying out loud, such fanboy like you should know it better than most of us Just because you can turn off GUI in Win9x doesn't make it different operating system than DOS. I repeat: Windows 9x are DOS + GUI. NT is different operating system, thus obviously "turning off GUI" (command prompt) doesn't 'reveal' any DOS underneath, its obvious. You'd have better luck with OS/2 programs compatibility on NT than DOS, since NT stems from OS/2 not from DOS. I dont even know why people discuss such obvious things here
  4. 1 Yes it does (assuming your machine is capable of) 2 No, personally I don't (I don't care about any eye-candy for gui), but I have instal it on that system above. (added info that it is optional to NT4VU)
  5. win.32 which one? Freebie removal tools HERE
  6. This is *my* updates list in the order I install them when Im installing new Windows NT4.0 Workstation. You'll notice it include some other stuff too; I include it for better usability of the OS. The 070824 date is the date when I was installing it all on some old laptop. I include such 'log' on most machines - its easier that way to find out what has been done to it Few words about *my* list. I install updates mostly in the order they were realeased. Some updates are deemed to be unneeded today since they were supplanted by newer hotfixes; however IMHO its not always the case, as some files from older hotfixes may haven't been included in newer hotfixes. (that should explain why I use them in their original release order and why I use all of them). Lastly: my llist had been modified many times in the past, and it will be modified again, so don't think it is some definitive updates list. =========================================== Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (4.00.1381) =========================================== Service Pack 1 integrated Typical-custom / NTFS (Retail CD) 070824 *DRIVERS* videocard 070824 *DRIVERS* PNPISA [DRVLIB] <------------(if using any ISA cards) 070824 *DRIVERS* audio card 070824 *DRIVERS* network card -NetBIOS interface -Remote Access Service -Workstation service -Server service 070824 REGfiles <------------(change registry keys) NT - Logon Background - Black Set Registry Size to 24MB Set boot countdown to 3sec 070824 Windows Updates & Enhancements:(MANUAL) 19960112 VisualBasic Runtime 1, 2, 3, 4.0 (16-bit) 19960112 VisualBasic Runtime 4.0 (32-bit) 19961120 PowerToys 95 <------------(selected, each one separately installed) A Player Extension CAB Viewer Content Viewer Desktop Menu DOShere Explore from here FindX FlexiCD SendToX Target Context menu TweakUI 1.10 (96.02.06) 19970414 Common Controls 5.00.3828 19981215 Windows Library Update [SPEU] 1998122A (19991124) Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a 1998122B (19970714) DirectX 5.0 ( (REQ SP4+) 1-DX5NT4beta <------------ (MSDN DX5.0 beta) 2-DX5core 19981230 Microsoft IntelliPoint 2.2d 19990306 Microsoft Java VM v.3182 <------------(full installer) (installs Crypt, DCom, other) DO OVERWRITE "newer" files! (select yes) 19990513 Common Controls (Comctl32) 5.80.2614.3600 update (Win9x-NT4) 19990800 NT4 PowerOff on Shutdown Fix from HP 19990925 Fix for fast CPU 350MHz+ (aka Update for AMD-K6-2) 19999999 EXPLORER patch for high-col icons (NO shell update version) 20000000 Intel DMA Utility enable DMA on channels with hardware that support it oNLY 20000000 Q162500 MS Paint fix 20000000 Q169789 20000211 Windows Management Instrumentation 1.5 (WMI 1.5) 20000225 Dual Screen NT Window Manager 4.0 <------------ (if needed) 20000618 TweakUI2000 v.1.33 20000630 VisualBasic 6.0 (6.00.8176) 20000830 Visual C++ 6.0 Library 20001102 Q278499 <------------(REQ Indexing Service) 20010101 NT282949 [REQ WMI] 20010320 Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack 20010322 Q293818 (crlupd) 20010726 Q299444 NT4 SP6 Security Rollup Package 1 20010822 Q304158 20010910 Q305399 20010920 Windows Installer 2.0 20010921 Q300987 20020214 Q314147 20020522 Q320206 20020612 Q318138 (NO RRAS = without Microsoft Routing and Remote Access Services) (WITH RRAS = with Microsoft Routing and Remote Access Services) 20020712 VisualBasic Runtime 5.0 SP2 (5.02.8244) 20020821 Q326830 20020828 Q323172 20020900 (20040929) SnapShot 1.35 (Disk Image Backup) 20020909 Internet Explorer and Internet Tools >>> full-custom /all lang. display / WITH shell update >>> INSTALLATION PATH !!! (change to \Program Files\Internet Explorer) Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Web Browser Offline Browsing Pack Internet Explorer Help Internet Connection Wizard Internet Explorer core fonts Dynamic HTML Data Binding IE Browsing Enhancements Windows Media Player Windows Media Player codecs Vector Graphics Rendering (VML) AOL ART support Macromedia Flash player VisualBasic Scripting Support Additional Web Fonts Language Auto-Selection Japanese Text Display Support ---Japanese Text Input Support Korean Text Display Support ---Korean Text Input Support Pan-European Text Display Support Chinese (Traditional) Text Display Support ---Chinese Traditional Input Support Chinese (Simplified) Text Display Support ---Chinese (Simplified) Text Input Support Vietnamese Text Support Hebrew Text Support Arabic Text Support Thai Text Support IE PLUGINS: PowerTweaks Web Accessories Flash Player ---Shockwave <------------(install with KM browser) Google Toolbar 2 (2.0.114) 20020909 KB320920 Windows Media Player Update 20020910 (19980900) DirectX 6 Media for NT4 20020911 (20010402) Windows Script 5.1 20020912 (20020501) Microsoft Management Console 1.2 20020999 O&O Defrag2000 Freeware Edition (3.5.562) 20030122 Q810833 20030304 Microsoft Java VM v.3810 update 20030709 KB823559 20030710 Q817606 20030723 Q819696 20030723 Q823492 Enabling the PIPE_CREATE_INSTANCE flag 20030813 KB823803 <------------(REQ RRAS) 20031202 Q831579 (NT4 Workstation) 20031204 Microsoft JET 4.0 SP8 20040000 DPMS ScreenSaver NT4 20040310 VisualBasic Runtime 6.0 SP6 (6.00.9782) 20040409 NetMeeting 3.01 SP3 20040412 KB835732 20040413 KB828741 20040422 Microsoft XML 4.0 SP2 20040628 KB841873 (REQ IE6) 20040712 KB841872 Vulnerability in POSIX -----20040713 KB839645 for NT4 Workstation (WITH shell update) !!! this patch WARNING: screws shortcut's overlay icons !!! 20041012 KB883935 Windows NT4 Option Pack fix <------------(REQ NT Option Pack) 20050712 KB903235 20051005 Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 SP1 20051020 ERUNT 1.1j 20051100 Dimension4 4DTime 4.1 (System Time Updater) 070824 Windows Update:(19) 15976 kB (20 with .NET) 39673 kB Microsoft GDI+ Detection Tool (KB873374) 213 kB Security Update for Windows (KB839645) 636 kB Cumulative Security Update for IE6 SP1 (KB867801) 2845 kB Security Update for Windows (KB840315) 181 kB Critical Update for ADODB.stream (KB870669) 103 kB Security Update for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (KB828035) 578 kB Security Update for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (KB825119) 272 kB Cumulative Security Update for OE6 SP1 (KB823353) 1949 kB Security Update (815021) 490 kB 814078: Security Update (MS Jscript 5.6) 360 kB 811630: Critical Update (Windows NT 4.0) 735 kB Q323255: Security Update 733 kB Q311967: Security Update 144 kB Security Update, March 7, 2002 (NT4 with Active Desktop) 834 kB Security Update, February 13, 2002 (MSXML 4.0) 4564 kB Security Update, February 13, 2002 (MSXML 3.0) 550 kB Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 23697 kB Euro Conversion Tool 188 kB Root Certificates 210 kB Agent 2.0 391 kB 070824 Windows Update: (MANUAL) 20060105 NT912919 (Unofficial) 20060109 NT908519 (Unofficial) 20060808 Q920670 20060811 KB917344 Windows Script 5.6 (REQ IE) 20070109 IE929969 (REQ IE6) 20070201 Roots Update (11.0.2195.0) 20070213 NT924667 20070215 NT933360 <------------(DST Time Zones Update) 20070216 HTML Help Update (REQ IE5+) 20070508 IE931768 Unofficial Cumulative Updates for IE6 SP1 20070818 NT4 VisualUpdate 1.01 <------------(optional; GUI eye candy;-) ) 070824 Windows Update:(1) 10452 kB Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 070824 Open-Type Font Extensions 2.10 [ttfext-210] 070824 Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE v1.4 ( <------------(optional; dont use 1.5.x if want to use JavaVM as well) 070824 Adaptec ASPI Layer 4.71.2 070824 *DRIVERS* nVidia Detonator 71.84 update 070824 *DRIVERS* USB1.0 <------------(optional; if hardware exist) 070824 PropertiesPlus 1.65 070824 VDMSound 2.0.4 for NT 070824 WinRAR 3 070824 System Tools Set v.DS.NT4.070126 <------------(optional; collection of great tools for system) 070824 REG File: NT4 - add CopyTo and MoveTo 070824 SpyBot S&D 1.4 <------------(optional; used for IE6 security enhancement, not really needed if no IE4/5/6) 070824 K-Meleon 1.1.0 Mozilla Browser FlashPlayer8.0.35.0-NS Shockwave K-Meleon 1.1.2 Update 070824 MSN Messenger 5.0 (5.0.0544) 070824 Skype 1.4 ( 070824 CDisplay 1.8 <------------(optional; excellent comic ebooks reader) 070824 EBK Ebook Reader 2.2 <------------(optional; good txt ebook reader) 070824 Microsoft Reader 2.1.1 <------------(optional; installed for adding text-to-speech ability) 070824 Microsoft Text-to-Speech 1.0 for MS Reader 2.1 070824 QuickTime 6.5.2 Pro <------------(optional; if needed) 070824 RealPlayer 10 Gold ( <------------(optional; if needed) 070824 WinAmp 2.95 (full / no crap) 070824 Themes for NT4 070824 CCleaner 1.4 (1.41.544) 070824 Alarm 2.0.1 <------------(optional; simple yet great Alarm Clock) 070824 Lodger 2.0.8 <------------(optional; simple reminder of stuff) If needed also install: Windows Media Player 7.1 Windows Media 9 codecs WMP Update: Mp917734 WMP Update: wm313718 PS I know there are other lists of updates However I didnt try to follow them since I find my way of deploying NT4 to be very stable and useful. but that does NOT mean the others approach is wrong, of course UPDATED - added K-Meleon 1.1.2 Update
  7. youre not the only one; when i heard about "workstation" when i was teen i was like "WTF? No priviledge to install this or that? Get the f*** out of here with this sh*t"
  8. yes, thats sad But as someone wrote earlier in one of the threads - the reason lies in its 'underground' treatment by Msoft itself. How many people saw retail NT4 in the stores ever? How many computers were sold with OEM NT4 preloaded (instead of 9x)? See, both answers are close to none if you ask me For some reason Msoft thought NT4 is for businesses only and general public didn't deserve smarter, more stable OS with multiuser and multilanguage support... If they had promoted NT4 in 1996 when it came out, we wouldn't have anyone in 9x forums today because 98 and later would probably have never been released...
  9. Thanks, CaptainStacks There are 2 of them, 16-color and 256-color version. If your monitor/videocard settings allow for booting in 256/16bit/24bit/32bit colors, windows display the 256-color boot screen. If not - it displays the 16-color version by default. Also: When you make them, always use appropiate color settings of your software (don't create New Bitmap in Paint as a default 32bit bitmap and save later as 256-clor, it will do horrible color degradation; instead start with new 256-colors biotmap and work with that, you'll see immediately the colors exactly as it will look on your screen). Lastly - NT4 doesnt 'stretch' the boot screen like 9x did; your bootscreen is always displayed in the center of the screen. thats why I included reg key to have a black background (modify it to any other color matching 'background' of your bootscreen). Thats all, have phun
  10. officially NT4 doesnt support anything if we were to listen to microsoft... DX5.0 was released for NT4 (as beta) through MSDN.
  11. /edit/ found a short video XPalike-NT4 (v1): Includes startup/shutdown screen (256-colors only) in a n00b-friendly selfinstalling version (just run it) - that means it will overwrite your existing logo file, so DO backup first if needed. If you just want to extract logo files manually - use WinRAR or such. If including in any packages etc. please DO credit as Created by No1None@gmail.com Free for personal use only. Download from HERE XPalike-NT4v4: Includes startup/shutdown screens (16 and 256 colors) in a n00b-friendly selfinstalling version (just run it) - that means it will overwrite your existing logo files, so DO backup first if needed. If you just want to extract logo files manually - use WinRAR or such. If including in any packages etc. please DO credit as Created by No1None@gmail.com Free for personal use only. (includes both 16-color and 256-color versions) Download from HERE XPalike-NT4v4-silent Same as above, but in a SILENT installer (no prompts/nothing - those who may need it knows what it is it) Download from HERE NOTE: To have completely black screen (as on the pics above, without usual greenish background 'underneath' startup screen in NT), you need to edit this registry key: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors] "Background"="0 0 0" or you can DOWNLOAD and run THIS registry patch if youre too lazy Then install startup/shutdown screen. What is the difference: This is 800x600 screen WITHOUT registry editing: This is 800x600 screen WITH registry edited: HTH. enjoy
  12. Includes startup, wait and shutdown screens in a n00b-friendly selfinstalling version (just run it) - that means it will overwrite your existing logo files, so DO backup first if needed. If you just want to extract logo files manually - use WinRAR or such. If including in any packages etc. please DO credit as Created by No1None@gmail.com Free for personal use only. Download from HERE /edit/ Found some video with this startup on youtube HERE
  13. Includes startup, wait and shutdown screens in a n00b-friendly selfinstalling version (just run it) - that means it will overwrite your existing logo files, so DO backup first if needed. If you just want to extract logo files manually - use WinRAR or such. If including in any packages etc. please DO credit as Created by No1None@gmail.com Free for personal use only. Download from HERE /edit/
  14. Mostly USB support and some visual enhancements (32-bit icons, gradient titlebars). Setting Tahoma as the system font would be nice too. I don't use NT4 anymore but it was my main OS several years ago. Fast as hell for sure. Those are just cosmetics I'd expect some more 'serious' cons against NT4 than that Ie lack of DX beyond DX5, lack of drivers for newer hardware, etc etc... Other than that its just great OS, perhaps one of the best to come out from Redmond (or should I say from IBM )
  15. Are you sure? I just tried and patched exlorer hangs... and i tried twice to make sure, hmm.
  16. I use NT4 daily too, but on a "secondary machine" coz mostly I use W2K
  17. doh! I posted it on this forum not long ago, but I think it was some 9x thread. edit: Actually it is just on a previous page of this thread LOL! http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...mp;#entry654746
  18. I always go with K-Meleon on Win95 boxes. Perhaps you should give it a try. I quit installing or even suggesting Firefox since ~1.x versions, IMHo it became too much of bloatware and resource hog. Not to mention the bloated pig 2.0 lol
  19. hex edit NTOSKRNL.EXE and replace original boot screen with one of your own, it is very easy to do and well described on many sites if you need any help. I have made one that look like XP (but said 2000 SP4) for my bud once, but it really didnt look good in 16 col IMHO and I haven't play with it since.
  20. Thx for reply. I tested it and got all kind of problems (too much to write about). Finally I went for one lower version I could find (, and it runs perfect, even on a 133 MHz machine too ;-)
  21. Which ones you need? I patched 95, 98 and 2000 and got NT4 and 98SE made by others.
  22. OK guys, one more question: Which oldest Skype version started to support video? (It looks like there were new versions released every week and holiday since its inception LOL) I want oldest version possible, because with every newer version this chatter is getting a hog straight on a path to become typical bloatware as I noticed making occasional installation for other people. I haven't use Skype myself since I tested it out years ago (~v.1.2), I still prefer NetMeeting since its already there on every Windoze and it has more capabilities than any skype/msn/yahoo/aol/etc combined LOL but nevertheless, I am under friends' pressure to start using this yet-another-useless-chatter :/
  23. Ive observed the same situation (Ive been asked to "make W2K to work like we had on Win98 - one user, no stupid administrator or accounts" ) Well, first of all - removing permission to add or remove programs from Users and allowing only Administrators to do so is one of the major security features of NT-based Windows. Since in Windows world any program can (and often does) add or modify even the most vital system files, it is important to restrict it to Admin group only, don't you think so? So, allowing Users group to add/remove programs as they please is very bad idea... And its not only "Windows rule", it is similarily set on other OSes too: what youre asking would require either su or root login (equivalent of Administrator) on linux machines. (sorry, I had to say it ) Some programs when installed don't touch anything else - their "installation" is a simple process of adding their executables and libraries to their folder in \Program Files\Their Folder and creating shortcuts, and I guess those are the ones that the User can remove (providing the installer didnt set other permissions). Some other progs 'scatter' all over the system, add/change registry entries, system libraries etc etc - and those for sure require Admin to remove them. And then there those that do same as either one above but they use Windows Installer... which I won't comment on Nevertheless, I think it is clear now, that it is *policy/rights issue* as you were suspecting Anyways, I have no straight answer for you. Either try to elevate User to Power User and see if it helps (which should help on at least some programs), or give the selected Users special permissions; also dont forget to change Program Files folder permissions to Full Control (it is set to Change for Power Users and Read & Execute only for Users by default). Which may be not enough anyways (if some of the programs that you want to allow Users to add or remove if they 'scatter' all over other folders) and it won't work until you allow full Admin rights to the Users you want to allow add/remove progs... OTOH, you might want to create some new users group with "mix'n'match" permissions, something above Power User but lesser than Administrator group (and at least I wouldn't allow full access to \WINNT or \WINDOWS but then it may not work for what you want to do IIUC) Or, maybe someone else have better idea.... /edit/ I just noticed you said right in the begining it is W2K3 server, which somehow I missed at first. And in domain. I don't think you can do it any other way short from elevating User to Admin
  24. From 2001 untill middle of 2006 I ran Windows 2000 machine without antivirus too (same single installation of W2K from begining). When I gave it to someone, I installed NOD32 and it didn't found anything either. Spybot S&D found only some alexa-related single entry (which AFAIR is a standard once Power Tweaks or Web Accessories add-on for IE is installed, I dont remember which one exactly has "related.htm"). Of course being behind well-configured firewall helped a lot So IMHO its not a big deal LOL all it takes to have crap-free machine is to THINK what youre doing whatever OS youre using... /edit/ But yeah, IMHO most of people should always have at least good AV on their Windows OS machines, because most of people don't even want to learn basic principles such as "don't click on anything that says YOU HAVE WON..." etc, unfortunately
  25. Which Skype version runs on NT4 without shell update? (if any?) I know versions old 1.2.xxx - 1.4.xxx work fine on NT4 with shell upd. but I don't want to install IE + Active Desktop on this old laptop (it doesn't have much memory and it would consume extra 8-10MB of RAM right away) TIA

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