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  1. awergh, don't get discouraged by those who only know how to criticize others (but don't know s*** about doing anything themselves hehe). Youre doing great job from what I see on your screencaps, and even though I'm not XP or Vista icons fan, I do appreciate the fact you at least try to DO IT. PS Im trying to solve 'the riddle' of high color icons that most of the time disappear after shell update (I reinstalled quite few times NT4 on the same test machine, installed SP6 /postSP6/drivers/and did few settings and 9 out of 10 I loose the original high color icons when installing IE6 with shell update, but few times somehow they stayed there after shell update and its driving me nuts not to know what causes this ) Maybe you know anything about it?
  2. You mean youve installed Win2000 with extra gigabyte of eye candy and few extra tools...
  3. You probably have read about Win9X's usage of swap file... NT4 and all 'next of kins' built on NT (2K, XP, 2K3...) don't use swap file until the 'real' RAM is fully taken. Leaving virtual memory management at windows' discretion is IMHO best solution (unlike on Win 9x). Simple solution to see do you have enough RAM and is the swap file in use: add task manager to your startup, run your usual stuff and see in Performance tab under Commit Charge (K) at Peak line how much memory your system was using the most. If the value is higher than the value in Physical Memory - Total line, subtract it and you'll know exactly how much swap file was used. As you see in my screencap i have 768 mb ram, and my system was using at most 590mb of it, so i wasnt using swap file at all (but windows created it at boot ). If I have run out of RAM at any given point, windows would have expand swap file itself if needed... /edit/ to fireup Task Manager type "taskmgr" in Run, or create shortcut to "taskmgr" and drop it to your startup. Check "hide when minimized" to keep it in system tray.
  4. Did u do this patch yourself and if u did what Offset and bytes did u change? Yes of course /edit/ same as everyone else does: 0x ...088E6 ...14E1D ...14E2E 9th byte in each; 0x01 -> 0x11 Im running w2k on almost all of my machines. Is this 256-colors system tray enough for ya?: (replaced with screencap of running winamp with hi-col icon in systray) Well, this I cannot tell...It is from my w2k system [edit: ENGLISH W2K] (as in the screencap above) standard issue w2k pro with sp4 and ie6 (and all updates, but that doesnt matter) I dont know what ya did, but thats how i always do it the easy way: I copy patched explorer to \winnt directory as explorer.new restart in safe mode with command prompt rename original explorer.exe to explorer.ori (REN EXPLORER.EXE EXPLORER.ORI) rename patched explorer from explorer.new to explorer.exe (REN EXPLORER.NEW EXPLORER.EXE) restart and voila, it must work... (all ofcoz must be done with admin priviledges or as admin) so I dont know what you did there, used taskman to kill explorer process and replace old explorer with new explorer at command prompt? (thats what it seems to me from what you wrote) IMHO it should work too... did u rebooted? Didnt you have message from WFP about file missing or being wrong and it was relaced with "correct one" or something? edit/ Reason for edit: Please do not post full sized images! hmmm... whats the deal with that LOL
  5. This is patched version for W2K with IE6: (5.0.3700.6690) EXPLORER.v.5.0.3700.6690.rar
  6. Yes I've figured it out. I didn't check version of the patched one (4.0.1381.282) and I swapped 4.72.3612.1700 (the shell updated one) with it like some moron Im sure it works fine on a non-shell updated NT4. I just changed my previous post, my apologies for false alarm Which offset/bytes do I have to change? TIA
  7. I never was Win9x fan, even when I had to use it. I never seen worse OS than any of those 95/98/ME series. Reinstalls and crashes on a basically daily basis - I think it sums it up. Im surprised Msoft never shipped it with some ghost/imaging software (so people could quickly and easily 'restore' their win9x harddisk with last saved working config, instead of going thru all that lengthy installation process). IMHO Msoft's reputationsuffered alot after release of win9x (or maybe since win3.x actually). Except for those old games that need DOS, I really can't see any reason why anyone would use win9x nowadays or in the past since 198/1999 - computers shipped back then already with 64 or memory, enough for NT4 already Anyways. What about those DX5 files? Could anyone kindly check their files and let me know am I missing anything? (see my prev. post) or give me some hint? This is what I get when open directx control panel: The version numbers don't match anything I could find (it supposedly be version, while it apperas to be anything from to ...)
  8. no no, thats what I thought too, but it happens not because of shell update. There have to be some other factor. When I was making IE6SP1 with ADU installer (just a complete package in single exe and options to chose just browser or browser+ADU for my 'updated' NT CD) and during one of those earlier testing installations the icons stayed in the same high-color version. PS do you guys can point me out to some complete DirectX 5 beta (MSDN release for NT4)? Im not sure do I have'em all files: D:\WORK\DX5bNT4 ===================== D3DHALF.DLL 131 KB 1997-12-03 01:44:56 PM D3DIM.DLL 141 KB 1997-12-03 01:44:48 PM D3DPMESH.DLL 83 KB 1997-12-03 01:44:42 PM D3DRAMPF.DLL 108 KB 1997-12-03 01:44:34 PM D3DRG16F.DLL 213 KB 1997-12-03 01:44:30 PM D3DRG24F.DLL 158 KB 1997-12-03 01:44:16 PM D3DRG24X.DLL 162 KB 1997-12-03 01:43:58 PM D3DRG32F.DLL 157 KB 1997-12-03 01:43:48 PM D3DRG32X.DLL 161 KB 1997-12-03 01:43:42 PM D3DRG55X.DLL 291 KB 1997-12-03 01:43:30 PM D3DRG56X.DLL 291 KB 1997-12-03 01:43:16 PM D3DRG8F.DLL 213 KB 1997-12-03 01:43:00 PM D3DRG8X.DLL 217 KB 1997-12-03 01:42:52 PM D3DRGBF.DLL 109 KB 1997-12-03 01:42:38 PM D3DRGBXF.DLL 113 KB 1997-12-03 01:42:28 PM D3DRM.DLL 296 KB 1997-12-03 01:42:20 PM D3DRM16F.DLL 453 KB 1997-12-03 01:42:06 PM D3DRM24F.DLL 128 KB 1997-12-03 01:41:48 PM D3DRM32F.DLL 128 KB 1997-12-03 01:41:34 PM D3DRM8F.DLL 452 KB 1997-12-03 01:41:08 PM D3DXOF.DLL 107 KB 1997-12-03 01:40:42 PM DDHELP.EXE 31 KB 1997-12-03 01:40:30 PM DDRAW.DLL 163 KB 1997-12-03 01:40:28 PM DINPUT.DLL 93 KB 1997-12-03 01:40:16 PM DIRECTX.CPL 61 KB 1997-12-03 01:40:00 PM DPLAY.DLL 32 KB 1997-12-03 01:39:50 PM DPLAYSVR.EXE 27 KB 1997-12-03 01:39:46 PM DPLAYX.DLL 141 KB 1997-12-03 01:39:42 PM DPMODEMX.DLL 23 KB 1997-12-03 01:39:30 PM DPSERIAL.DLL 52 KB 1997-12-03 01:39:30 PM DPWSOCK.DLL 41 KB 1997-12-03 01:39:24 PM DPWSOCKX.DLL 20 KB 1997-12-03 01:39:22 PM DSOUND.DLL 129 KB 1997-12-03 01:39:20 PM ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Total 0 folder(s); 33 file(s) Total files size: 5 MB; 4940 KB; 5058560 Bytes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TIA I still can't believe NT4 uses only 30+MB of RAM to run... with NOD32 and some more services and progs running it maxes out at some 80MB only... someone please explain to me why people were using stupid Win95/98 instead of NT4 back then?????
  9. Thx for the tip. Couldn't find similar MSI motherboard, but I found some info on PB 790 what looks exactly the same as this mobo. BIOS is already at the last revision from what I could find. Seems it won't work with anything else but intel cpu, and it won't go higher than 233 MHz Crappy mobo it is. At least I learned it is able to use up to 196MB RAM, so I may replace 1 of its two 64m chips with 128. Another gripe with this mobo is its on-board ATI VT3 video chip. I found NT4 driver for it, n42040en package from ATI, but DirectX 5 doesn't recognize it. I also have a problem with high color icons. After installing IE6 SP1 with Windows Desktop Update, all explorer icons are reverted back to its standard low colors, even though "show icons in all possible colors" is still checked. How can I set it to use or force high color icons as they were? High color icons before installing IE6 with ADU: After installing IE6SP1 with ADU:
  10. I just finish installing NT4 on some old junk (Pentium MMX 0.233 GHz with 0.128 Gb RAM hahaha) that i'm going to hide in my hallway where it will be working as a 'general communicator' (basicly an answering machine and fax, a "home account" for msn messenger, and maybe few things else). Took me awhile to compile new bootable CD with W2K boot style and all updates, but it was worth and Im very pleased with NT4 itself and the way it works with all other in my home network (mostly w2k machines and xp and vista laptops) Anyone else playing with old NT4 on old boxes? BTW I could use a tip how to set Packard Bell motherboard to work with amd k-6 550mhz, cause I can't find right setting (tried all possible combination of jumper settings on multiplier and bus freq, none works )
  11. hosting on files-upload is fine, anyone can download from there. however, your screenshots cannot be seen (403 - Forbidden "You don't have permission to access /logon3.jpg on this server.")... How did you manage to inflate small icon library to 7+MB? Using multiple installers within installers?
  12. The "moon" button is either suspend (if motherboard is ACpI) or stand-by mode (if older, i.e. just plain-old APM 1.2). Your machine is still powered-on and it is still somewhat running, however - depending on features of the motherboard - the CPU, fans, videocard etc etc should be off. But if you were to pull the power plug or lost power suddenly, it will be same as youve crashed windows (or used reset button). Thats exactly the main difference between hibernate and any other modes: when machine is hibernated it is completely powered off, meaning you can pull the power plug, take it anywhere you want to, plug it in there and start up from exactly same moment you've hibernated it at.
  13. Eck, with all due respect... "the files installed from Windows ME CD..." certainly ARE NOT the latest file versions available (if you didnt knew: Windows ME had plenty of newer files available from Windows Update). Yes, I agree that *many* of them will be newer (not only by aversion stamp), but don't forget: these are the files that went to WinME's CD printing in July 2000. Most updates for Win98 released past that date may (and should IMHO) contain newer (better?) files, even if by version number (4.1x.xxxx) they seem to be "older" than those from WinME (4.90.3000). Tell me my logic is flawed?
  14. soporific - you are terrific list is great, but how about marking somehow (diff. color, bold font, whatever) the updates that are NOT available from Windows Update from those that are available? here is almost complete list of whats currently available on WU for 98SE with IE6SP1 + DX90c (clean install + IE+DX): Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB918439) Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB916281) Cumulative Security Update for Outlook Express 6 Service Pack 1 (KB837009) Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB833989) Security Update for Windows 98 (KB918547) Security Update for Windows 98 (KB917344) Security Update for Flash Player (KB913433) Security Update for Windows 98 (KB908519) Security Update for DirectX 9 (KB904706) Security Update for Windows 98 (KB896358) Security Update for Windows 98 (KB888113) Security Update for Windows 98 (KB891711) Security Update for Windows 98 (KB891781) 823559: Security Update for Microsoft Windows 816093: Security Update Microsoft Virtual Machine (Microsoft VM) Q329414: Security Update (MDAC 2.1) Q329115: Security Update (Windows 98) Windows Share Level Password Update Q323172: Security Update (Windows 98) Q323255: Security Update (Windows 98) Security Update, May 19, 2000 Security Update, November 12, 1999 Security Update, March 7, 2002 Security Update, March 17, 2000 Security Update 1, November 29, 1999 811630: Critical Update (Windows 98) Windows Critical Update Notification 4.0 Internet Explorer Navigation Sound Update Euro Conversion Tool Windows IDE Hard Drive Cache Package Mapped Drives Shutdown Update Agent 2.0
  15. It doesn't have to be a laptop; in short - hibernation is a process of dumping current content of volatile memory (RAM) to harddisk (edit: or any other means of data storage without power) before shutting down computer, and restoring this content to RAM upon reboot. Any computer can do that, but the problem is with OS - it must be pointed to the harddisk-stored RAM content at startup, and thats where 3rd-party software comes handy for deficiencies of old Windows OSes.
  16. OK... exactly what part of Windows 98 OEM or End User Agreement/Licence have anything even remotely pointing to public domain?
  17. Abandonware does not equal public domain. Big difference... How anyone of yous can even imagine any Windows9x in a public domain without the DOS?! Its like giving away a "free" car, but you still must pay for engine LOL
  18. This install order works, as well as others, I don't think there is a strict order list.As a rule of thumb, try to install older updates/packs/enhancements/etc first, and newer last. Also, I recommend to install most official updates first [contain older files anyway] and unofficial ones last [contain newer files]. HTH Well then it doesnt make sense to install 98se2me last, since it will copy 7-years old (!!) files from WinME CD, right? ;-) IMHO correct order should start with: 1. Win98SE 2. 98SE2ME then probly 3. DX90c 4. IE6SP1 5. WMP9 6. net 1.1 (then i'd do windows update, then run newer updates pack of your choice etc) and WMP10 last...
  19. my old win95 acer laptop had hibernate option too, but it wasn't a feature of windows itself (some 3rd party software), and no, im not mistaking it with standby - ram content and screen content were dumped to a single file some-name.BIN and read of off upon restart same as win2k/xp do. Also IBM PCs had hibernation long before windows 9x came out (I got some old Aptiva with OS/2 and Win 3.1 and my jaw dropped when i found that old junk was able to hibernate). It created a separate hidden partition on hdd in the size of ram + video ram and dumped the data there. So Im sure you can hibernate 98 too, just have to find a way
  20. I saw youtube vid of win98se dressed up like xp, so i was going to post them files here long time ago, but couldnt find the old old old CDs ;-) fortunately i got the files from buddy, so here it is: some cool xp-alike startup and shutdown screens for windows 98se (logo.sys, logow.sys, logos.sys) and if anyone is interested to make it same as seen on youtube vid i can post other files too (wallpap, sounds, theme with icons and colour scheme) thats the vid: imho it'll be nice if someone adds those cute startups/shutdowns to some new 98SE Service Pack... XPalike_98SE.zip

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