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  1. ^I'd rather have non-virtual drives. That why I bought 2 harddrives (a 400 and a 500GB) Panarchy Well tell me any program (freeware or shareware) that will allow me to boot 3 OS's on each of my harddrives. Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  2. Hello! I was told on another program that to sec-boot my computer, it would be best to use a program called G-Parted... do I need a program? Is that a good program? It is for the following OS's; 1. Solaris 2. Ubuntu 3. Vista (ultimate) 4. XP (dunno, XP or Pro) 5. Mac OSX Leopard 6. Novell Linux SUSE All on one 500GB Hard-Drive. I am thinking of giving each 83GB, but they will probably be less due to lost space. Please tell me what I should do! Thanks in advance, Panarchy PS: No, I haven't finished my computer build yet, I just need a graphics card which I will be getting tomorrow.
  3. On the old Win2000 computer, you could probably create the shortcut for lock using some 3rd party software...
  4. A good game to play on old machines, is Charlie II
  5. Ended up getting: Hot Fuzz, Scrubs (season 2) & Oceans Thirteen.
  6. Hello! Gonna rent some more tonight! Any suggestions? Panarchy PS: Loved shooter (saw it in the theatre!)
  7. It would be much quicker to just use startkey + L (startkey + E is explorer & startkey + R is run) Panarchy
  8. www.tv.com www.neowin.net www.ndesign-studio.com www.attherisingstar.com http://www.askvg.com/ http://www.windowsedge.com PS: Rizon is still good! But no longer my favourite :shifty: PPS: http://www.simplebits.com & http://www.ajaxian.com/ are very good as well!
  9. YAY! Thanks! Um... can you please try and put this one feature that is in nuno peralta (vista messenger - skin) for 8.1 into whatever your skin will be for 8.5? The one thing is under the (well in-between) the two user pics (one yours, the other whoever you were talking to) with the icons to change status? Thanks in advance, Panarchy PS: Here is a screenshot of what vista messenger skin looks like (the part I want you to copy):
  10. A bit offtopic, but can you release a skin for WLM 8.5? (with some of the nuno peralta things, particularly the icon change status thing) Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  11. ^Okay, although, the freezing hasn't happened for a while now....
  12. I ended up renting: 300, The man who sued god, the number 23 & Snatch. Panarchy
  13. Oh, what do I want to see. Well here are all my favourite movies (that I can think of off hand): The outlaw josey wales,Kung Pow, Shawshank Redemption & Hackers
  14. ^heheh! Yeah! That's why I'm asking here what is good
  15. Hello! 'bout to go to the rental store (DVD rentals) and am wondering what to rent! Last time I chose crap movies, so this time it would be good if you guys could suggest some good movies to rent! Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  16. Can't do anything. I will try NMapping it though... see if it works.
  17. I love it when people don't lock there computers... I stick my USB into there computer and steal all there passwords!
  18. Hello! My vista computer (not the one I am building at the moment) has recently (as of 2 or 3 days ago) started freezing. Sometime after a few minutes on the computer, sometimes straight away & sometime only after a few hours. http://www.mediafire.com/?2ziih3u7ymm ^My specs. (I'm pretty sure it's up to date, I have 7600GS Graphics Card, 80GB Harddrive, Windows Vista Ultimate) The only software that I have installed recently was about a week ago, and that was just the new version of msn (and the mess patch, and msgplus patch). Please help me out here. Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  19. Hello! Guess what? Today I bought all the parts that I need to build my computer! They had everything (or equivilents) that I needed, in stock. So all is good! Except, they didn't have the 8800GT, they say that they will have that in next week or the week after, but if I get some real progress done, I will just get it from somewhere else! Anyways, here is the list of what I bought; Motherboard: ASUS P5K P35 Graphics Card: Nvidia 8800GT (I'll be getting this soon, I don't have it yet!) CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4Ghz) Hard Drives: SATA Maxtor 500GB Optical Drives: Aopen 20x SATA Black DVD Writer Power Supply: T.P.3 Trio Antec True Power 3 Trio PSU Memory (RAM): A-DATA 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800 640 Case: Antec P182 without PSU CPU Cooling: Zalman CNPS 9700LED Hope you think it's good! If you think any of the stuff won't work with eachother please tell me! Panarchy PS: Forgot to include, I got a 22'' ASUS VW222U Monitor
  20. ^Hahaha... oops! The guy at the shop told me the same!
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