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  1. inferno128

    Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 and nLite

    Ok great, thanks.
  2. inferno128

    Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 and nLite

    Will current version of nLite work with IE 8 Beta 1 x64/x86 with XP x64/x86? Its up for download from Microsoft and would like to make another nLited Windows XP x64 later today. Any known problems with it or is it good to go?
  3. inferno128

    [Theme] AIO Royale and Royal Theme Addon

    I downloaded the file and extracted the wallpaper Why didn't I think of that sooner...
  4. inferno128

    [Theme] AIO Royale and Royal Theme Addon

    Very nice themes, can you post a link to the wallpaper you used for Royal Inspirat SE Mac Theme? Thanks.
  5. inferno128

    [Release] Energize 2.0 Beta 2 : Back and better!

    This looks very nice, can this be integrated into the windows setup files like XPize?
  6. First I install XP x64 SP2 non nLited to see which updates are needed, so KB925876 was one of them, while integrating everything I got this error: nLite was able to contiune and so far everything is fine, last session.ini is attached below. This program deserves 2 I love this program, keep up the great work Last_Session.ini
  7. inferno128

    Integrating WGA Validation Tool

    Nice thanks
  8. inferno128

    Integrating WGA Validation Tool

    This one: http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdo...77d9b9983b7.exe Its KB892130 WGA validation tool that you always download before Windows Update shows you any updates..
  9. inferno128

    [Desktops] 2007

    Favorite wallpaper from one of the games I play:
  10. inferno128

    What's your internet connection like?

    Home: Advertised: 5mbps downstream 512kbps upstream
  11. inferno128

    freeware games sites?

    www.gpotato.com Every single game there is FREE, just avoid Shot Online and Corum they SUCK. Enjoy FlyFF, Spacecowboy and Rappelz. TIP: Try Spacecowboy first
  12. inferno128

    Integrating WGA Validation Tool

    I tried integrating WGA validation tool I tried adding it as an addon with no switchs and with known switchs people said that worked and nothing happens during install, just .net and WinRAR installs thats it. I go to Windows Update and I still have to download the WGA tool again. Anyone know a working way to get this installed silently with XP? No switchs are working and it wont "integrate" into XP. Yes I used the search button........ its not finding anything.... This is WGA validation tool (thats needed to use Windows Update) not WGA notifications!
  13. inferno128

    N-Lite 1.3.5 CD/image gives error during installation

    If you are nLiting an installation thats been priviously nLited with delete it and start over fresh from a clean source and it works fine, I had the same thing but when I started over using only nLite 1.3.5 it went away. Some difference between the 2 that wont't allow you partialy nLite a Windows source with 1 version and nLite it again with a newer version.
  14. inferno128

    nLite 1.3.5 - Patched Edition

    I love you
  15. Will there be 64 bit Windows support anytime soon...?