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  1. After installation application (0.94i) does not start. System Error 0cx0000135 Application could not start Press OK to close. I get it both on my system and my Virtual PC. Can someone explain ?
  2. Thank You ! I had a feeling it my be due to old session use. I'll try it.
  3. If there is data on your hard drive, which you want to preserve, you must not use the Pre-Windows version of Partition Magic (P.M.), but you should use the win 32 version, meaning: you have to install P.M. on your operating system and use it from Windows. Alternatively, you can use Acronis Disk Director from its pre-Windows version, which can also be found in Hiren's Boot CD 9.0 Look it up in any warez forum.
  4. Answer to your first question is - NO n-Lite is not a Tweaker for already installed operating system. It only builds a user-modified installation CD. As for your second question - You need to copy the "I386" folder in your installation CD to your local drive, and point n-Lite to this folder. "remove windows components" means that you remove them from your installation CD, so that they will not be installed at all when you install Windows XP. אם אתה מבין שורות אלו הירשם חינם לפורום תוכנה וחומרה מעולה בהנהלתי ובחברת משפחת חברים איכותית http://spikal.co.il/omri/forums
  5. "Error Updating Reg Key Security" appears about 13 minutes before the end of installation from CD/image This error appears only when image is created with 1.3.5, but does not appear with version I rechecked 3 times. 48 critical security patches included: from August 2004 untill May 2007 = cumulative IE I used the same Last Session.ini from as the base for the last May 2007 changes to be created with 1.3.5 Any explanation ?
  6. Use Partition Magic bootable version to boot your virtual machine on virtual PC 2007. Create any partitions you like, then boot your Win XP into this machine. Your partitions will be visible for you to chose for installation of OS. I've done it alright
  7. For a week now, I was struggling to compose an updated WinXP install CD with nLite 1.2.1. My mid-October 2006 version worked perfectly with nLite 1.0.1 + Framework Lite R2 , but my new version used to get stuck on exactly 37% , trying to copy streamci.sys , and many more files afterwards as well, so every installation failed. I tried cancelling recompression, cancelling Hotfix integration and other parameters, all in vain. I changed CDROMs untill I got the same error on VMware ISO simulation too, and only then, I realized, the problem was in the compilation itself. I reverted to nLite 1.0.1 but the problem persisted. I reverted to Framework Lite R2 , and finally there was no problem in copying installation files from CD. I updated to nLite 1.2.1 and again everything was OK. The obvious conclusion: Framework Lite R3 did something wrong. my hardware ======== CPU: Pentium 775, 3.0 GHZ MotherBoard: MSI 865PE Neo3 RAM: 1 GB I was lucky to find Framework Lite R2 in one of my older software backups, because this version is unavailable on site anymore. I'm calling Nuhi and everyone in charge, please DO NOT delete older versions from site. Just wanted to let everyone know. If anyone had the same problem with Framework Lite R3 , please respond.

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