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  1. that's interesting. Not disabling the "background intelligent service" (BITS) also works for me.
  2. well, your motivations are not clear (what's wrong with vmware ?) Anyway, after a quick search: http://www.msfn.org/board/Install_XP_USB_t...amp;hl=usb+boot good luck
  3. I don't see how your topic is related to nlite
  4. allright, I must try this server 2003 thing at least once.. Any interesting last_session.ini to share ? any tips, useful advice that will make transition from Xp easier ? can't enable hardware acceleration (the directx thing ..) with a tweak in nlite, any solution for that ? thanks.
  5. hi Outcast Every 6 month ? It's not bad ... I keep a clean acronis image of my XP system, and I restore it in 30 min as soon as I detect an annoying problem. Unfortunately, since I'm a bit a perfectionnist I tend sometimes to re-install everything (with updated software, better drivers etc..) I thought that each times there was a "crappy problem", it was because of the stuff I've installed. (I like to experiment new softs) As long as I don't install something new, I never observe a "crappy problem" in XP. Also many tweaks are missing in nlite to convert server 2003 in workstation. For instance: enabling directx acceleration, or in "memory usage" adjust performance for "programs" rather than "system cach" So you have some additional work, after installing an nlited image of server 2003. And can't get the server 2003 image as lite as the XP one... 50 Mb of difference. some tips/remarks regarding people complaining of "stability" : - using firefox instead of internet explorer , can limit damages done by spywares. - Using an explorer replacement (I recommend directory opus) , can somehow improve stability of system. - I tend to avoid automatic updates ... Good firewall & antivirus prevail any security hotfix .
  6. @HachiRoku There's no update pack ready for sever 2003, like the one from xable or RyanVM
  7. @DeepAnger yes that looks interesting well, then send me your LAST SESSION.INI file , so that I can study it, thanks. @jimanny Perhaps my next "pc", will be a Mac with Intel Core Duo . I would wipe out Mac Osx, and install windows instead. @Oleg_II Although XP has some interesting feature added, I agree somehow with this. When XP was released I was very frustrated to see that it would become the next generation OS, and with lot of unwanted stuff. I reached the paroxysm of exasperation when I saw that little animated search assistant. Until I discovered most thing I didn't like could be disabled. Perhaps if Windows 2000 was more used by home users, XP would have less success the time it was released (almost all home user were switching from Win 98 to XP). Now, again Vista seems to be XP + even more crap added. Since most of people already got an experience with XP, it's easier for them to reject the Vista encrapped stuff. Tell me if anyone is interestered by the speech recognition feature ? I'd better install "Dragon Naturally Speaking" @Oleg_II Since I love to get rid of this MSN Messenger thing, it doesn't annoy me. I use trillian ... Don't know what's this. I use hibernation in XP. Have anyone tried "Longhorn 2008" as a workstation ?
  8. @brucevangeorge Already got BSOD, when trying to disable some service 2003 specific services: http://www.msfn.org/board/BSOD_win2003_dis...;hl=server+2003 I tried once again to nlite server 2003, and got again an other problem. I give up with server server 2003, it's just too easy to mess up thing ; and it's not enough supported anyway. Also, if only there was a "black viper" guide for "server 2003" ... By the way, which version of server 2003 do you use ? You can't apply tweakNT to corporate version, if you wish to completly transform it i.e let believe each program you install that it is XP. @jimanny Which processor is best to take advantage of this 64 bit technology ?
  9. hi ehird, win 2000 is as stable and lite as you would want. If your hardware is fully supported, and don't need particular XP feature, I suggest win 2000. The system is not completly outdated , SP4 is the latest SP I think (from 2003). Personnally I got a great experience with win 2000, and it took me a long times to switch to XP. Probably, I can' t resist to some eye candy, plus recent programs were better supported. Also with win 2000, there's a great thing : no activation required. Concerning win 2003, I just can't bear it. There are server specific services/ tools , and you can't get rid of them easily. Currently I'm trying to get the fastest XP system with the help of nlite. I removed lot of things I didn't like in it, so perhaps a properly "nlited" XP system is as interersting as a non nlited win 2000 sytem, if not better.
  10. hi , frankly I find XP much better supported by nlite than any other 0S. If you wish to tweak a lot your setup by nlite then , it's more likely that you'll avoid crashes by using XP instead of win 2003. Also server 2003 comes with lots of feature that you won't be able to remove without problems. Concerning win 2000, I would say it's almost already "lite" and fast (and stable). If you are just interested in getting a fast system, win 2000 ** might ** be better, especially for gaming. Some games are not supported by win 2000, but you'll enjoy more FPS with the ones that are supported. But concerning compatibility with existing programs, XP is better (plus I like the theme engine). Overall, XP is the best because almost everyone use it, and it's easier to get support if you encounter any problem.
  11. If you use a "corporate" version , then you can even remove it
  12. just seen your thread. You must keep "help & support" in opertating system options. (23 Mb). I'd be interested to still removing "help & support" and keep help associated to dos. I made a request in this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/removing_and_support_t105779.html
  13. hi, I find interesting to remove Help & Support (23Mb) but would like to keep the help associated to dos. I mean, if I type for instance in a command prompt "erase \?", I'll see the help associated to that command. I'm pretty sure , this doesn't take much place, so why not keep it. I need sometimes this kind of help ... Any solution ? thanks
  14. I think it's more interesting to keep SFC than integrating IE7. SFC affect directly system stability, while ie7 can easily be replaced by firefox.
  15. hi codemastermm, I suggest you install windows + IIS on vmware, then work on there so that your main windows install remain untouched...
  16. hi rajesh, I guess I have to put these commands in the runonce tab, of the unattended step isn't it ? where do I have to put the cursors in order to build the iso ? what is the %CDP% path ? (doesn't exist on my system) I don't necessarily understand well the command, so if I which to install other cursors let say Fedora's ones that are in "Fedora" folder, with an inf files called "Fedora.inf", then I just have to call the commands: REG ADD %KEY%026 /VE /D "Installing Fedora Cursors..." /f REG ADD %KEY%026 /V 1 /D "RunDll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 %CDP%\Fedora\Fedora.inf" /f Or there is something else to adapt ? Is there a way to test this commands without proceding to the whole install ? thanks
  17. Hi, what's the easiest way to integrate cursors in an install , so that they are set by default at first launch ? Any step by step ? Does this work with themes ? thanks PS: I made a search yesterday, but didn't find / figured out
  18. At Octopuss: Why , you don't use a disk clone utility like acronis true image ? For me this system restore stuff is just crap.
  19. hi nuhi, great news .. But no mention of Netlogon in the changelog Each time , I see someone saying in this forum, that Netlogon shouldn"t be removed. Does all issues related to it, fixed ? Currently there's an annoying "bug" in my nlited install: each time I try to open a mht file with IE7, I get a BSOD. Maybe it's linked to netlogon removal ? (didn't have time yet to check if this is the reason).
  20. already tried it, installed it. I can say now, that when the SP1 final will be available, much less user would want to "downgrade" to XP. Perhaps, UAC is still a problem. It boots faster, it reacts faster, I have less the impression that it will kill my hard drive ....
  21. hi darkon11, I always had problems when installing ATI catalyst. (even with a full install of XP) I recommend that you install, "ati tray tools" instead. http://www.guru3d.com/article/atitraytools/189/ Off course, install driver from ATI, this doesn't replace the driver.
  22. It's not safe to remove WMP11 after having slipstreamed it , otherwise it's seems ok to remove other stuff. That's all I know.
  23. hi ironail Removing/disabling services, is the part that affect the more the performance of your final image. But this is also the part that induce induce the more problems. From what I know, the most annoying sevices of XP are: * indexing service * system restore * error reporting It would be tempting to remove system restore, but I got problem with ther software "look n stop", so I just disabled it instead. (off course I have an other solution for restoring system: acronis true image) For a first try , I recommend that you avoid playing too much with services, and remove components you want. Otherwise you can take a look at black viper websites regarding services: http://www.blackviper.com/ tinyXP... cough.. cough.... I remember that's a legal forum.... Otherwise that's a nonsense what you said: if windows firewall is disabled, that means that all ports are open.... Also, I like to disable windows firewall, and replace it by a better one .... If you have a hardware firewall (router of wifi, might be) , then you need to configure it.
  24. hi, try to restart after getting this error ... try to boot from an other DVD drive ... or buy a better DVD disk ... burn ISO at slower speed ... or buy a new better DVD drive.

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