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  1. Remove anything that is nagging you, and that you don't need. That's my top reason to use vlite: remove annoyances. Not performance or disk space. For instance, I don't need "security center", and all the warnings you get . If I was worrying about performance, then I would first not install Norton ... (avast, nod32, kaspersky ... but norton, never).
  2. hi nuhi, Concerning the nagging message "your searches might be slow", Vista just check if a service named wsearch is running. Unfortunately putting a dummy service , might freeze the whole system, according to this thread: http://www.hardwareanalysis.com/content/topic/70871/ I'm not sure that removing "Volume Shadow service" would be a god idea in my case. Because it would broke System Restore. And under XP (then probably in Vista too) , if I remove System Restore, my firewall "Look n Stop" will not automatically start when XP start ... Must give an other try with Vista though, but you guess why I prefer to disable these stuff instead of just removing them. thank for your help
  3. I doubt your problem is related to removal of sound recorder tool. This is a meaningless soft.
  4. hi, ---> does vlite allow removal of the "previous versions" tab that appears when I right click on a file ? Seems that disabling system restore change nothing ... ---> does vlite allow removal of the nagging message "your searches might be slow" that appears when I turn off Indexing ? I care more of the life expectancy of my hard drive, than using this "cool feature" that doesn't speedup much things. If it's not supported , thanks to add this to the wish list.
  5. :lol: :lol: I thought there were some obvious thing that didn't need to be explained . At least for people using vlite ...
  6. curious .... I have avast installed and no alarm ... maybe nuhi fixed the problem before everyone panic for nothing.
  7. I suspect that's a random bug. You can do anything you want, sometimes the bug will appear, sometime not... Maybe it have something to do, about how the ISO is built.
  8. hi kingharrie, unfortunately that's a bug already encountered and difficult to fix since there's no clear way to induce it. Did you use nlite 1.4 final ? I was hoping that latest version would get rid of problem.
  9. hi, I would find funny if someone manage to make cs3 install unattended. It's already a nightmare to setup "normally" (what a crap).: * Take at least half hour to install. * Require that you close all your browsers * if you block access to internet by using firewall during setup, it will ask to reboot system. After reboot, it will re-install everything from the begin. Off course it can't be "extended" from begin, since registration cannot be automated, unless you make something not legit.
  10. Hi, @AgiHammerklau Well the "double driver" official website is down. I'm not confident with a software that is no more supported. Moreover, I never said there was problem with Nvidia. I was just "expecting" problems, but didn't perform any test. Also "driver genius" install at begin "nvidia tweak", so this might means that is support Nvidia at all. I can't test since I'm using currently an ATI card well I have a problem for my 710c printer. There's no way to download the XP driver since HP say : "it's already included in Xp , no need to download" But what if I want to nlite the printers drivers ? Thanks Hp! I tried driver genius , and although it is able to extract drivers for the 710c, the inf file "ntprint.inf" contains informations for many other printers. I guess this would induce problems as soon as I'll try to install any other printer than the 710c.
  11. What about other firewall (software based)? According to Black Viper website, the safe setting is manual. It's set to manual on my system, and despites this it always starts. Balck Viper: computer browser disable, WorkStation automatic
  12. hi koolezt, I don't see how the link mentioned by GL could be useful for someone that wish to nlite XP. Even if XP "seems to work" while killing critical process, you'll have soon or a later a system that makes a regular user upset.
  13. even linux have a "swap" partition
  14. well for security, what BikinDutchman advised is fine. Now for performance/convenience : * Disable indexing service. Not very usefull, just kill the hard drive faster. * system restore. If you worry about backups, use a serious tool like acronis true image. With sytem restore you just loose disk space, and that's not very useful in case of serious problem. * error reporting service. You know these popup that ask if you want to report the problem to microft after an application crash. It collect so slowly informations... If you don't care about helping microsoft just disable it. Don't forget to remove also "dr watson". * terminal services: it induces lot of useless disk activity. Moreover it's more secure to disable if you don't use it. * automatic updates: frankly you should avoid to use automatic updates on an nlited install. Personnally, I tend to re-instal every 3 month and I integrate hotfix at same times. What you should keep absolutely: * Cryptographic services * Dcom Server Process Launcher * Plug and PLay * Remote Procedure Call * Windows Management Instrumentation These are the service that are always started, even in safe mode. I'll be adding : * task scheduling. Essential for prefetching which improve xp performance. There are other service that you must keep depending of your needs. For instance keep "window audio" if you want sound
  15. legolash2o said: I only remove japanese/korean/chinese. These are the languages that take most of the space, and I don't get a "massive list" this way. I think that nlite should regroup these langages in few options, just like it's already does for vlite.
  16. hi NaDer_GenKO, thanks for letting me discover "Driver Genius" thing. I didn't know this even exist. I lost a driver cd, and with this I was able to backup the driver from an other install. I think, this should work. Select the "inf" file of each driver for the integration. You can't escape from the need to perform a test though. For the Nvidia, this might be problematic.... The driver look more complicated to install (according to the setup)
  17. hi, I've read somewhere that nlite is "smart" enough to detect the right order of integration, so you don't have have to worry
  18. hi, tested with my original "last_session.ini" , with read only + BITS disabled. Well, I'm unable to reproduce the problem again The fact, is that since last time I'm working on a "different" system (XP nlited in a different way). I don't think that the system is indirectly affecting nlite and the iso.... At the end , this hanging at 9 minute look like a bug that appears randomly, or very hard to reproduce reliably. At least , if it doesn't hang when using vmware, then there are chances your builded iso won't hang during a real install.
  19. well, when I don't add anything, it doesn't hang ... I don't know if it comes from the drivers, or the xables package. Performing an other test with xables added...
  20. hi nuhi, the hangs occurs only when BITS is disabled AND you have read only attribute (on all files used). If BITS is left as default but have read only attribute it won't hang. If BITS is disabled, but don't have read only attribute, again , it won't hang. So , in order to the hang to occur, you must have both. all right, will try
  21. I think it use the IMAPI burning service of XP. It's one of the first thing I remove when nliting an install, and I wouldn't rely on this.
  22. Vista comes with a new boot loader... Use VistaBootPRO if you do so (useful to customize the boot loader)
  23. Well, if you think you have too much space, install Vista
  24. this will kill significantely the performance.
  25. hi nuhi, sometimes the setup freeze at "9 minutes" during the "save settings" step. Please, take a look to this thread as there are interesting remarks: http://www.msfn.org/board/xp_install_t106281.html

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