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  1. well, I observed weird characters on screen , while I removed all unneded languages... The problem disappeared when I removed only japanese/chinnese/korean, and the three saves lot of space. Perhaps , you can try with vmware ... or vitual box.
  2. I'm tired of these topics with title "quick question". Could you edit the title and put something more representative ?
  3. hi ozzieball, 1) don't remove fonts provided by default with the system 2) you don't need to remove all langage packs. Chinnese /Japanese/ Corean are the one that takes most of the space in the final iso.
  4. hi And how do I ensure that the DVD drive is clean ? Using a "DVD lens cleaner" is from what I heard the best way to mess up your DVD drive. While using a sprey with compressed air (best solution), looks too complicated for me (you have to disassemble the DVD drive, in order to clean the lens). So I just have to accept my DVD drive "as it is", unless I buy an other.
  5. I already got once the problem. The error appeared just after formatting the partition ... (during XP install, off course). Perhaps the error come from my DVD drive that have difficulties to read some DVD (although I used it to burn that DVD). What I've done, is booting drom an other DVD drive, and then it seemed to work (but I'm not sure if it's not just luck).
  6. I use a x86 version, so that's probaly the explanation ....
  7. hi, I guess the answer is no. My advice would be to get familiar with Vista before making a vlited image.
  8. hi, I removed "net logon" , and didn't experienced any problem so far .... May I have more information about your encountered problem ? Is it a connection problem ? I'm directly connected to a router, that might be the difference ? works fine , again for me ... might also come from the original iso used (mine have some hotfix already integrated before I used nlite).
  9. hi roirraW, you can ask nlite to keep any particular file, on the step where you choose components to remove. Try to keep the "icfgnt.dll" file ...
  10. I guess no, and if it was the case, it would be illegal. You need a retail/oem version (more expensive) in order to directly install.
  11. hi octopuss, did you integrated something special to your iso before using nlite ? there's stuff that can be integrated only after using nlite. I remenber of a pack to convert a server 2003 install , in a XP like one....
  12. if it's a wmv file this might be normal. Microsoft constantly update codecs for this format, and it's a veritable pain in the *** to see these file if you don't use the official "windows media player" and let it update codecs automatically.
  13. hi geezery, this look interesting. I'll try that the next time I'd want to build a better nlite image. Unless, nuhi add the tweak ...
  14. hi, @albator: Although I prefer firefox, I have many reason to not ignore it: * as webmaster , I need to test how the page are rendered. Internet explorer have still the biggest "market share". * many programs are using internet explorer indirectely to render html pages. The most obvious one: the chm viewer. Less obvious: babylon ... @BikinDutchman thanks for the tips, but the addon needs to disable SFP which I don't like. Moreover, I'm still wishing the feature to be builtin in nlite .
  15. Hi, just after a clean install of XP with ie7 slipstreamed, when I launch ie7 , I'm redirected to this page: http://runonce.msn.com/runonce2.aspx with some settings to decide, before being able to use the browser. In this page, I can choose my "default search provider", and when I choose a google (what a joke, they put a ton of provider, and google appear in middle of list) I have a dialog box asking me "Do you want to add the following search provider to explorer ?" , with the checkbox "make this my default search provider". I'de like to avoid these steps when porforming install. After all, there are tweaks already available for windos media player, then why not for ie7. thanks
  16. But "virtual pc" from microsoft is free (was not the cas before , but this changed) there's also "virtual box" that you can find at http://www.virtualbox.org/.
  17. As I said as soon as you don't touch to the services (disabling or removing), you don't experiment problems. In the components part you can't remove the "system restore service" or looknstop will refuse to start automatically, each time you boot. In attachement the final settings I've adopted. Looknstop just works fine. my_settings.ini
  18. I would have appreciated some help in order to make more judicious choices during nliting. Some decriptions/behaviors of nlite are just confusing. I was hoping a clarification in "the inconsistencies" I've mentionned .
  19. hi, It would be ridiculous to spend 1000$ for server 2003 just to get speed improvements. I don't think that was the question. Just consider we already have a copy of that OS .... Well, I've tried it and it boot much faster than Xp. It look less memory greedy, even after enabling themes, hardware acceleration for graphics .... And I've read many forum's thread , the fact is 2003 is reputed to manage memory better than Xp. I don't think it's necessary to make complicated tests to come to that conclusion. Vmware can help for this... But I've also performed a clean install, that's fast, there's no doubt about this. Sorry if I didn't measure anything , but there's enough difference with XP to get an appreciation . One big problem I got with win 2003: drivers. I've read most of drivers that works for XP works also for 2003. I tried to install a driver for my integrated sound card soundmax, and after many difficuty to install the driver (not all install method works ....), I finally got the sound. But I was disappointed. The sound looked as if it was distorded (would say saturated). So it's not true that drivers for XP and 2003 are the same, and bypassing any OS version check during install of the driver, can lead to malfunctions. Regarding win 2003 & XP , I'll conclude: choose Xp. Not because of the speed , but it's much easier to get support for it. . Majority of people are using XP, and just for that reason, it's easier to find a solution to any problem you may encounter on that system (by using google for instance .....). Also Nlite have more bugs when you use it with win 2003 (tweakings that are ignored after install of the nlited OS, or that can lead to BSOD) What's wrong with win 2000 ? It's a pretty good system. Xp is based on win 2000 by the way. Most important differences are cosmetics.... Xp is a little bit more handy (behavior of the taskbar). Vista is exasperating by many way. Yes it has a very cool chess game. Yes it has a nice aero interface ... but it takes much more time to boot, is memory greedy ... and the way the search function works, I have the impression it helps to kill my hard drive faster ..... There's nothing essentially new in Vista except perhaps directx 10. But I've heard there's backward compatibility problems. Some old "directx 9" games might not work optimally in it. Also heard that support for Opengl is crippled.
  20. Hi, some stuff looks quite unclear in nlite. * About Volume Shadow Copy , nlite say it is required for Acronis. I found nowhere in the web, anything that would let you think that or the contrary. It is mentionned that acronis can handle the snapshot made by VSS, but if you don't use them at all ? Anyway, let's say we don't remove it. In the description nlite say that VSS depend on Indexation service. If I take a look in the service manager , there's no dependencies mentionned between VSS and Indexation Service. But according to nlite description acronis depends on VSS which itself depend on Indexation service . Does it mean I can't remove Indexation service , if I wish to install acronis true Image ? I don't think so, according to some settings used by some "illegal versions of Xp" shared across the net. Maybe the description is erroneous. * About fast user switching. If I remove secondary logon in components , fast user switching doesn't work anymore. I tried it, and it is mentionned in the nlite description. Then why if I remove secondary logon, the "fast user switching compatibility service" is not also removed ? * About N0D32 , it is said in the "french description" that NOD32 require QOS. It is nowhere mentionned in english description. Which one should I believe ? I didn't notice problems on NOD32 after removing QOS according to some quick testings.
  21. Hi, I got various problems in trying looknstop firewall work with nlite. 1) when I disable some services in advance with nlite, the firewall may not be anymore able to block any aplication. It was still able to analyse inbound/outbound traffic, but since the main feature I was interested was app blocking, it was not satisfyied. I didn't find which service was responsible of this, and the worse is that if you disable manually the services after install then it works fine. Disgusted after spending hours in finding the best advice on how to tweak services, I ended up to tweak nothing in that part (maybe, I 'll try next year, if I find ever the courage). 2) Removing the "system retore service", prevent looknstop to be launched automatically at restart. It made me very upset because all my testing under VMWare were successfull. So many tests to realize at the end it's not that reliable. However, I can still disable it in the unattended part .... 3) I was searching desesperately any advice on how to let looknstop work in nlite. Nothing I could find. I realize that not many people use it. But I think this one is interesting because it takes very few ressources and it's perfect when you are interested only in app bloccking ( knowing that you already have a hardware firewall). So at the end , so much trouble to let that little app work.
  22. is my question too naive, or there's no easy answer ?
  23. Hi, let's suppose I'm not interested in any way do display hd or blu-ray in my computer, is that possible to restore all the ressources used by that "vista content protection" after vliting ? The most traumatic article I've ever read about vista is this one: http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/pubs/vista_cost.html I'm not a geek to fully understand that article, but what I clearly understand is that vista is taking a lot of ressources just to protect from piracy stuff, I'm not even interested in. (Plus gates is very stupid, why using a computer to see movies, better have a dedicated player) So is there a way to get rid of that protection (with the aim of restoring all the RAM, or CPU cycle mobilised by such protection) even at the price of not being able to see hd/blue-ray content ? Off course I should at the end be able to regular DVD etc.... The only reason I'm attracted by vista is the funny aero and that stupid chess game. thanks
  24. hi, the programm crash easily if you mistakenly indicate a wrong folder then a good one at the begin of the wizard. If you want to nlite in multiple step for testing and avoiding problems you get a lot of "last_sessions.ini" files in the root. If there's a way to merge them in a single setting file it would be nice. At least it would be nice if nlite store automatically all the these ini, in a single zip file when creating the iso. I don't like the fact that, when attempting a re-nliting in order to redefine some options in "unattended mode" that you can't reselect an embedded theme as a default theme. Font to be removed should be selectable. I don't agree that they are rarely used , for instance arial is suggested by default in dreamweaver styles. It would be nice if you remove a language you also remove automatically the corresponding keyboard. Would be nice if nlite was checking automatically dependencies. It makes no sense to remove a component and not the others that depend on it. There should be a big warning for the ability of tweaking process. I got nothing else than problems at trying to optimise process. My firewall (look'n'stop) refused to block applications, and what's weird is I don't have such problem when I tweak the process only after install. I guess windows rely on some process during intall, and then it's induce problems to fix some settings in advance. I also tried with server 2003 and I got nothing more than a BSOD. I think that tweaking of process should be hiden by default on only accessible if the user insist. Too much times lost in this. Also there's no advices built in nlite for the process and it doesn't manage automatically dependencies. If you have a process A that depends on a service B, it makes sense that if you disable B you also disable A. There's should be a box to "prevent loss of performance" in compatibility options, as removing some components might make the booting slower..... final suggestions: would be nice if there was a rating of some components removed accorded to their popularity. It will be given to users the ability to submit a last_sessions.ini file, and the collecting of all theses datas will help to decide which setting is "popular" or not. This would help "not too experienced" people to decide wether or not it's a good idea to remove something. Or why not maintaining a kind of wiki where user could post a comment for each settings. Nlite would offer a link for each settings, and at any hesitation the user could click that link and see other posted comments ... cheers
  25. hi, BSOD = Blue Screen of Death You have the ability to remove services or just disable themm. Usually it's safer to disable them. The components part is about removing them. good luck

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