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  1. hi! is it safe to first slipstream WMP11 (and all hotfixes with Boooggy's) into a clean XP SP2 source and then let nLite work on the modified source? If I put only basic addons (all latest RyanVM PAck, IE7, DX9, WGA, .NET 1,2,3, Java 6u2) this method works fine but adding more addons brings errors at logon: framedyn.dll/srclient.dll, WMPEnc errors. nMic
  2. Hi! I've tried to run the silent installer built by the script on Win98 SE but, quite obviously, it didn't work. Is there a script to build such a compatible installer? Thanks in advance. nMic
  3. Hi! I know that hotfixes being integrated with nLite have to be sorted by date ascending to avoid problems. Are they sorted when directly integrating RyanVM Pack with nLite? Mic
  4. i have the same problem: hidserv.dll in sp2.cab i'm using nlite 1.3 final. regards, nMic

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