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  1. Option to disable pagefile?

    I'll vote for it too.
  2. nLite and Dell Reinstallation CD

    I have a Dell OEM CD and it works. Not just on Dells either.
  3. Option to disable pagefile?

    Still, if someone wants to disable it they should be able to. I disable mine and haven't had any troubles.
  4. Services.

    Which services would you recommend to disable? And what ones should you definitely keep?
  5. VBR & WMI.

  6. VBR & WMI.

    Is Visual Basic 5 runtime needed if you have Visual Basic 6 runtime? And Windows Management Instrumentation is supposedly one of the most important components of Windows. If removed what will happen? What things will no longer work? Thanks.
  7. nlite bug

    LMAO! Whenever I remove Window components with nLite, the Window components I removed are gone. *Shock* ROFL.
  8. Question about $OEM$ directories.

    $1 is the %SystemDrive%. I'm going to try putting all my directories into the $1. If it doesn't work I'll post in here again.
  9. Question about $OEM$ directories.

    Yeah. I should probably stick with them just to be safe.
  10. Question about $OEM$ directories.

    $1 = C: $$ = WINDOWS $Progs = Program Files $Docs = Documents and Settings So say I wanted to put files in all of those directories, couldn't I just put 'WINDOWS', 'Program Files', and 'Documents and Settings' folders in the $1 directory? It makes more sense to me to do it that way, but I'm wondering if there's a reason for the separate $OEM$ directories . I know you can change the defaults, for example my Program Files folder is called Apps, so I would put 'Apps' in the $1 folder. But do you see my point? Why have 4 different directories when you could combine them all into the $1? Unless there's a good reason for it. Thanks in advance for any info.
  11. Idea.

    My new computer will be able to handle vista no problem. My current one just manages (flip effects, etc are disabled). But I don't want Vista, I had some troubles with compatibility with certain games and programs, plus out of all of my hardware the modem wasn't compatible with Vista, and there's no updated firmware for it so looks like I'm sticking with XP for a while, or perhaps dual-booting.
  12. Make USB stick bootable.

    Because if I can make a USB stick bootable I will be able to save on a lot of CDs for the future, but it doesn't matter anyways, all the info I find on it is very complicated. I managed to make my USB stick bootable but it took the image of a floppy disc and so instead of being able to hold 1GB it would only let 1.44MB of data onto it, so that's no good.
  13. Idea.

    About 160GB. I'm buying a new computer soon though and I'm getting two 750GB HDDs so I may not need compression, haha.
  14. Idea.

    I always compress my drives and haven't noticed any performance decrease, in fact I read somewhere that it may make performance better. Also, it does dramatically decrease the size of files. My hard drives all have about 3 times the amount of data stored on them due to the compression.
  15. Idea.

    In the next release of nLite it would be cool if you could select to automatically "Compress drive to save disk space" on the drive you are installing to.