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  1. Thnx for the reply guys :-) Yes I have used the latest version, 1.4 final. Since I was looking to realy strip XP i did not install any xp updates in nlite, the only one i did choose to install was Remote Desktop 6. I plan on running this xp version on a thinclient. I will try installing more windows updates, see if that helps, or I can try building it on my laptop for instances. I'll keep you informed, if you think of anything else, please let me know...
  2. I just tested the original XP cd and it worked like a charm, so a failty original cd cannot be to blame... Furthermore I forgot to mention that I tested the build iso's in a new VMware environment.
  3. Hi, Today I started playing with nlite because a need a very small XP version I can install on my thinclient. I have build several different iso's with nlite but all of them halt during the installation. I have tried manual selecting stuf to be left out of the installation, I have tried not selecting stuf to be left out, I tried builing an iso on a preset I downloaded from internet. All with the ame result, it stops installing near the end of the installation process. Above the progressbar it says "instellingen opslaan..." ghehe its dutch, translated it means "Saving settings..." it appears right after something with writing to the registry. It says the estimated time left is 9 minutes. The screen on the right keeps changing to a different text so it is not completely frozen... Does anybody have an idea for me of what to do next?

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