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  1. Big deal. In Bulgaria that kind of stuff kids studdy in forth and fifth grade.
  2. Hmm I had that problem too for let's say a week. Then it dissappeared. I use a clean install of Windows XP without SPs and any updates. I never blocked any ads. Strange problem really. Firefox never crashed so it is something wrong with IE.
  3. I got the Nigerian one too. It was somebody who pretended to be a "nigerian princess" victim of a revolution. It is amazing how creative these scammers are.
  4. Hey m8s ;-) Today I got this PM from Sandra Kone (sandra33u) and i want to warn you all NOT to trust this. It's the well - known scheme for robbing bank accounts. Here is what the PM contains: Take care and delete it at once if you got it.
  5. According to that letter they either don't know yet for themselves are they going to release a x64 version or they simply won't. Vista is coming and people are just not sure what to do at this moment. There are so much things that are unknown now to any of us and you are asking them a question that is just too early to be answered. The best thing you can do is wait and look for another software which will work under x64.
  6. a white person "tryin" to be black Hmmm and I thought wigger means a black person trying to behave like white ?
  7. I hate IE 7. That nasty information bar is the stupidest idea EVER! On the one hand it is unsecure as hell and on the other it causes me to load the same page twice if I want to download something. Something like "Firefox Style" would be much more appropriate.
  8. Hmmm maybe it sends some usage statistics data to Microsoft so that they can keep track on the popularity of alternative browsers.
  9. Hmmm since new Intel Macs support windows why don't you just use BootCamp ?
  10. You don't need to wait. Just ask google for a "keychanger" and you will be able to enter your new key without reinstalling.
  11. Why should I upgrade? A modded Mac OS X x86 runs faster on my PC then Vista.
  12. Hehehe the idea is that if you have posted accidently in the wrong section or if you have double-posted you can contact the moderating team without bothering them by PMs.
  13. What is the process loading the computer so much? A few wrong indexes cannot be causing this. If the proccess is svchost.exe or something similar, google for it. I remember I had a similar problem once and Google really helped. If it's not a process it's very likely that your registry is messed up. RegSupreme helped me many times in such situations. Since your windows is 8 months old, it is much likely this to be the cause.
  14. What's the common between Mac OS and the vigvam? No Windows No Gates Apache Inside

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