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  1. yep. and i suggest to use nLite version 1.3.5 (the newer version is beta)
  2. just make a silent .rar Archive and run the script after the Extraction Edit: in fact i dont understand you Exactly maybe this help you
  3. You can use nLite to do that it's do this job very well visit this guideHere and just add it as an Hotfixe do you use it before ?! personally i use it
  4. do you integrate IE7 hotfixes Without integrate the IE7 himself that maybe cause of the problem
  5. Thank you very much for your Great hepl that's Enough you lead me to test my file and Now There is any one left has an idea
  6. Not work also. Just create the tempfile.txt and then del it. i think there is should be a switch or somthing else maybe recover this problem
  7. Not work at the cmdlines.cmd i still see the copying files progress (do you think i try it in cmdlines.txt or no ) i made my win with nLite and the first line written by the program. and i let him as it. idont know it working or no !! i think its not very important for me. what i want now that is hide the copying files progress at the installation of my win
  8. @Henkes : Thank you very much Ok i also remove the quotations(" ") from all the lines. and the Switch /f form the last line and every thing working Ok. else the frist line that is was Written by nLite give me error that is "Could not locate the inf file" and in the last line a sow the copying files progress. I dont want to see it ( what can i do ? ) there any ideas for this
  9. Thank you very Much Great job but there is any updates for the new Versions please let me know and thanks again
  10. Hey I Waiting for Help pleassssssssss and today i have anthor Question i want a silent install to internet download manager 5.11 ? please Help me
  11. Hi all I have inserted some command to the cmdliens.txt file that was made by nLite to import some registry values. How Can i test the cmdliens.txt file ? to be sure it will work. and this my cmdlines.txt file. if any one see any Mistake Please tell me [Commands] "rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection nLite.inf,U" "REGEDT32.EXE /S ..\Unattend\HKCU.reg" "REGEDT32.EXE /S ..\Unattend\LogonBoxBackground.reg" "RunDll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 .\$$\Cursors\Aero cursors\Install.inf" /f Thanks in advance
  12. I using nLite to Integrate IE7 and for WMP11 and Live Messenger Live go here may help you Link Edit : the next time search Carefully
  13. hi neo just i want ask you for the better browser (firefox, maxthon or IE7) and what you are use ? thanks in advance friend
  14. feel free to ask for any resources you want and i will Help as possible
  15. i'm slapdash it's very cool can you share the background you used
  16. @ donniedurton this is very specialist program. but save the theme with "*.sb" Extension There is any way to makle it "*.msstyles" thanks in advance
  17. Great work But Where the Close, maximize and minimize markers.
  18. Great work But Where the Close, maximize and minimize markers.
  19. open "%windir%\System32\Shell32.dll" file in Resource Hacker and then replace following BITMAPs Bitmap -> 131 -> 1033 (For XP Professional) Bitmap -> 147 -> 1033 (For XP Home) and open " %windir%\System32\msgina.dll " file in Resource Hacker and then replace following BITMAPs Bitmap -> 101 -> 1033 (For XP Professional) Bitmap -> 107 -> 1033 (For XP Professional) Bitmap -> 128 -> 1033 (For XP Home) Bitmap -> 129 -> 1033 (For XP Home)
  20. nLite can do this job Very well. do you used it? and you can add it manually in 'winnt.sif' file follow this guide Here read all.it's very useful
  21. thank you very much dexter for your fast response and for the great job and for your efforts the site now working perfectly and I'm happy of this the PDF is very nice
  22. Hi dexter, the links of part2 ,3 and 4 on Art of OEM web site not working I tested it for 3 days before and nothing changed. I'm Very sad Because I'm interesting in this scenario
  23. How to make a logon screen Here Search www.deviantart.com for already changed logon screens and this anice one Here and what about search this forums B)
  24. go to nLite>Unattended and in autologon setting set (user name="None" , logon count="0") by this setting will show you the page to add users
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