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  1. im doomed. everytime i do a anti-spy clean it keeps finding stuff the same stuff i kept deleting. i just need to clean this mess up once in for all... i've been good, had this comp since 2004 w/ no real problems until NOW everything just acts funky for no reason. oddly i was on myspace when it happened on the forums and windows just started sprouting up.. then all the above happened. now i just had a random 'blank' IE window cover my entire screen and i closed out of it quickly
  2. sbc yahoo! online protection for everything. but i dont think its doing the job cause it doesnt find much it finds spyware from time to time but i know i have crap on here now that is doing something!! i have to get rid of it. i cant even change my homepage back in IE.
  3. no idea what to do all i have is that sbc yahoo protection but i dont think its good now im getting icons on my desktop and weird favorites and im on firefox now but not ie but in ie i get another toolbar that i cant remove either and my default page goes to some weird virus "clean up" page that i refuse to click links on anything free and helpful i can do to clean my computer ASAP?
  4. i actually wound up getting windvd plat 7 and it's just fine, i like it a lot. dont like wmp classic that much. now as far as editing .vro files and converting them.. don't know of any programs that i can edit .vro files with or any that convert them to avi or mpeg, whichever is best to burn to dvd. that's my next problem. i hate the fact that i have to work with .vro files in the first place, but that's all the camcorder converts to.
  5. any FREE alternative programs that can play videos/sound and capture pictures is also helpful (link provide please). they must play .VRO files i can play these in WMP... but its horrible. i cant capture anything (but at least i get visual/audio), and the slider on the bottom only shows all the discs are a minute long.. when they're a good 15-28 mins each.. so i have to F w/ the slider and position it weird and somehow diff parts show up and it sucks.
  6. Okay. Well I've yet to locate Nero actually installed on my computer, but that might be because I've not looked for it. I have already purchased lightscribe media, but thanks. Thanks to both for your help. you have to put the disc in to install it first. you also get powerdvd and something else with it. i actually just got one today.
  7. i don't know what the problem is, i just cant get any audio with my windvd platinum 5.0 -- i'm not a complete id***, i dont have my speakers on mute or anything, and the volume is up on the program, but i'm just not sure what's going on. i've had this problem for a while. i basically still use windvd platinum to capture shots of certain films i've created on my own, but i'd really like to be able to watch/listen too. i have powerdvd as well, but it's so sketchy. but im less concerned with that. i'd be more content if my windvd plat worked to it's ability. thanks for any/all help.
  8. never checked into it. i mean granted this thing is bottom of the line junk, idfk. ill check that site. thanks.
  9. NO idea where to go or where to find what i'm looking for. but the cd is POOF. and the easycam.com website doesn't really exist anymore. any help is appreciated, ty.
  10. how do i pin certain things to my start menu? like a folder i have on my desktop and i want to put the recycle bin in the start menu, and not on the desktop, if that's possible.
  11. yeah let me know how you did it!
  12. great. this is still on topic. DOES anybody else know?
  13. I'm sure there is a way how to do this, I'm just not aware of how to do so.. so I'm here once again. How can I get rid of my desktop icons? I'm tired of looking at them. I just want the TEXT to show up, so when i click on the text that is usually under the desktop icon i can go where i want. is there a way to do this? ALSO, if that can be done, how do i change the font?
  14. that was just.. a pile of ugly. ewwy.
  15. The website you have requested has exceeded its daily bandwidth quota of 56MB and has been temporarily de-activated.
  16. that was fun.. but do they really have a crystal xbox?.. other than a crystal xbox box.. i've never seen one, and do have interest in purchasing one if they are real!
  17. well my car is black and i dont want a black woman. and cats are more mature than kittens anyway..
  18. rice for life!! go team accord! i dont like vw's. i drive an accord, new one at the end of summer.
  19. no it's not going anywhere. it's all better now.
  20. yes he does. game five tonight! :woot: :woot:
  21. they have to be bruised, bloody, and broken though.. otherwise they're not that interesting. like a plain pic of my toe.. who cares?

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