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  1. do you recommend any? that's what i want. btw.. i just got windvd 5 platinum.. and touched the video_ts file.. and the menu screen came up.. but.. i want to be able to share as well and not everybody has windvd 5 platinum. and thanks for your help.
  2. actually that **** thing took up over 7.5 gigs of space.. supposed to be .75-2 gigs usually.
  3. what exactly am i supposed to do with them? how do i get my movie to one nice .avi or .mpeg file? (i have a program called "all video joiner", where i can join whatever files into one .mpeg or .avi..) except i dont know what files are the movie files.. i dont know what ifo stands for or vbo.. some more description.. i open dvd decrypter.. and the movie i'm trying to rip now is beverly hills cop.. and it makes a folder and starts putting stuff in D:/BEVCOP1/VIDEO_TS/ i just dont know what to do.. it takes a bit of space.. the normal amount of space movies take up.. but.. here is a pic of what it looks like now... 35% done.. oh yeah.. bup files too.. it seems like each number has a bup, vbo, and ifo file associated with it.. ok after previewing this the upload got a little screwy.. but you can still see the first line of files.. that's how the rest of them look..
  4. thanks for all the help guys/girls. i fixed it.. i had to delete some programs.. it was a divx player/codec that was screwing everything up with a certain file that i had downloaded. this stupid extreme-PORN (lol) file from direct connect.. that wouldn't let me delete it no matter what. but after a smashed keyboard, split table, wall imprint, and broken cup. everything is ok for now.. ;0. i'm going to bookmark this thread for later reference.
  5. sometimes when it uploads it gets all jacked up. i dont feel like fixing it, anybody can see what they need to see from that. but basically i'm screwed now and cant do s***.
  6. is what it looks like now.. cpu usage is low(er).. but everytime i go to do something it flies back up and drops and flies back up when i click something again.
  7. yeah and i have zero idea about that. which sucks.
  8. and for the few seconds it goes down.. ill keep it open and watch it, as soon as i open a folder or a file or right click on something it shoots up real high..
  9. this is so stupid! i cant minimze windows unless i click the stupid "_" thing in the upper right corner now either! and i have trouble going into folders, they always lock up! someone help pleeeease!!
  10. it makes it impossible to do anything! everything is so slow or doesn't freaking work at all. i have maybe 35 processes running.. i never had this problem before! everytime i checked it before CPU Usage always lingers between 0%-2%!!!
  11. i have 7 and the only thing i can do properly that comes out how i want it to come out is resizing an image. other than that i'm god awful.
  12. i play around and can't accomplish a **** thing. adobe photoshop 7.0. i'm terrible. i go to so many websites, and see so many simple, yet nice looking graphics, and i can't even accomplish that! BOO.

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