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  1. thanks for the replies. hey guys - if you have a diff web browser other than IE, and it looks goofed up or something just seems out of place, let me know, i'll get to fixing it.. i designed it.. of course, and i use IE.. and most people i know do.. but if it looks off, let me know, or, more importantly, if you can and have the time, take a screenshot and let me see it.. it really is best viewed with ie 4.+ and 1024 x 768.. that's what i use.. but i do want to fix it if people have problems.
  2. the best part is, it doesnt hurt, but the lazer tag floor arena got a little messy. woops! (flip flops = bad idea!)
  3. crap! i forgot about the <title> i put on there! that was the test page! APOLOGIES!. i'll go fix that.
  4. i dont know how many of you have seen them, but i saw a girl with one on before, and the shirt looked great. but anyways, you know.. back on windows 95 when we used to always have those stupid blue screen errors for everything.. i don't even care what error it is.. but i do want the t shirt. i just haven't seen them in any online store as of late. anybody know where to obtain them from?
  5. and like it? i have it, just haven't registered it yet.. but i'm one of those people who always has an idea every other second about doing something or other, no matter what it be. any feedback?
  6. Link removed due to foul language in the header not "officially" released yet, still some tweaking to do, plus the full content of the sections but.. the basics are there. comment!
  7. c'mon now.. you know we have to know what our ip address is every time someone else makes a post.
  8. school network.. sometimes it stops working for minutes at a time. then it works again.. but the dl's don't continue. anyways i got DAP, it's fine, i guess. thanks.
  9. i'm not familiar with them?.. i haven't used them in the past.
  10. or just go after him and tell him we (well, you guys) need new computers cause he can't program for jack!!
  11. it did it again... that's twice i've been past 20% downloading this **** file.. and it just stops.. because the network stops for a sec, then kicks back up.. this time i'm not closing the file download box and am going to wait to see if any of you guys know the answer..
  12. ok.. i was downloading something, rather large.. gets to about 20%.. the box is still up.. then the network goes down for a sec.. and the download stops.. the dl box is still up with the 20%.. but it doesnt download anymore.. how do i resume this?.. where is that 20% i downloaded already? i wound up canceling that box out, and doing it all over, and im back to 21% after over an hour..
  13. well.. by this thread. DO NOT DO THE LONGHORN TRANSFORMATION PACK! i think that's safe to say.. no? ;0
  14. got jade i think.. the thing is.. i can not STAND the way folders appear now!! i dont like the whole up / down thing, i like the left being stuck, and everything in the right side! so yeah, i dont have that longhorn theme anymore.. dammit! i liked a lot of the stuff to.. i liked the _ minimize and x thingies.. ;0. i didn't like some of the fonts used either.. they didn't gel well or look good for the appearance!
  15. i'm at school.. in my room.. i live here, my own personal computer.. it's not like a high school computer lab or anything. but i do think that is a good idea.. i'll check if there is one on themexp.. that's all i want is the "look".
  16. anyone have success with this? i'd like to install it to see what the new longhorn looks like.. and be the cool one at school.. but as stated above, it may not have an uninstall?.. anybody with any updates/news?
  17. thanks. i'm not sure what you meant by "it's a 3 pt font so i can set it correctly".. i downloaded it and tried it out in photoshop.. and have it set to 8 pts.. it's not the same font as the font above either, but i do like it, and it is very very similar. thanks for the help guys.
  18. not sure what font that is. but i would like to get it. except i can't get it.. because i dont know what font it is! can anybody help? or perhaps provide a link as to where to download that specific font?
  19. how is the speed on yours?.. i don't have a slow computer either, i'm up to date. just the one i'm using now takes the length of the movie, which gets annoying.. because that's basically at least an hour and 45 mins for each one regardless. when my standard decrypter.. downloads everything together, w/ the menu screens and all.. but the files are different.. and it does it in 20 mins or less!
  20. so i made a new graphic for my signature.. of my championship game hopefuls.
  21. hmm.. i have this "ImTOO DVD Ripper" now.. and it just goes so SLOW.. my regular dvd decrypter went a lot faster.. this one takes the time of the movie! .. but it does work, i am converting dvds in my tower straight to mpeg so.. does anybody have better suggestions? i do like that windvd 5 platinum.. it's great. nice features. capturing, zoom.. great audio and everything else. except that just plays my video_ts files that are ifo/vbo whatever that i still dont understand i just click on the one that says video_ts.. and i get the whole menu screen and all.. which is great.

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