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  1. Unofficial Win98 FE SP version 2.58

    What is the difference between the full and lite editions?
  2. Image viewer for 98SE?

    I like Fastone Image Viewer as well If anyone is looking for something even lighter than Fastone Image Viewer I would like to recommend FreeVimager
  3. Anti virus for windows 98se ?

    Avast have a free version that works with Windows 98, http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html
  4. Vista discs and serial numbers

    Just thought I'd report back to confirm that it worked, I am now using a "Genuine" 32 bit version of Vista Home Premium Thank you for helping me
  5. Vista discs and serial numbers

    Thank you jrf2027
  6. Vista discs and serial numbers

    I didn't think so, oh well. Thank you gamehead200
  7. Vista discs and serial numbers

    I have a genuine disc with serial number for Vista Home Premium 64 bit which I bought by mistake and it will not work with some of my hardware. I recently built my mum a PC and bought a genuine version of Vista Home Basic 32 bit (which she requested). Could I use my mum's disc and my serial number to install Vista on my PC? I wouldn't mind if I only ended up with Home Basic as long as it was legal because I'm sick of looking at XP
  8. In order to try and solve an error that kept appearing in Event Viewer I attached a Task which alerts me when the error occurs. I have since discovered that the error is insignificant and can be ignored but I can't work out how to stop the Task alerting me each time the error is logged, does anyone know how to stop these messages?
  9. Disable Visual Themes system wide

    Thank you for taking the time to reply JedMeister I want to remove the classic theme as well. If you right click an application's icon, select Properties, click the Compatibility tab, click to check the Disable Visual Themes box, click OK and start the application you'll see what I mean. When running in safe mode Visual Themes are turned off as well. I've got a couple of old PCs that I want to make use of but they are quite slow. I've sped them up a bit by turning off unnecessary services and using light weight applications and I want to try and squeeze a touch more speed out of them
  10. Disable Visual Themes system wide

    Is there a way to remove Visual Themes from all applications as if the were running in Compatibility Mode?
  11. Anti-virus / Spamblocker

    Spambrave's free Lite edition still supports Windows 98 and up http://www.spambrave.com/spam-blocker-features.html
  12. Software support for 98SE

    Thanks for your replies Chozo4, I didn't know about UberKern, I'll try that herbalist, I doubt my skills are good enough to do as you do but I will look in to it. Fortunately for me Spybot S&D still supports 98 and Avast's latest release still supports 98. CharlotteTheHarlot, I haven't tried Opera 9.5 Beta on 98 yet. My only source of information is from Download.com's page which says it requires Windows XP/Vista (I hope they are wrong), link.
  13. Software support for 98SE

    Just wondering what everyone is planning to use when the software makers drop support for 98? Avira, AdAware, ZoneAlarm have stopped support for 98 already, Firefox, Opera and AVG all will drop 98 with their new products that are almost ready to take over from the current versions
  14. 98 SE SP 3.32

    I've just installed SP 3.0 BETA 1 on a clean install of 98 SE and everything worked perfectly. Nice work, thanks
  15. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    Security and stability are my main concerns. If those two items are covered I'm happy. Thanks for making AutoPatcher