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  1. Most updated files since sp2 have been tagged as sp3 because when it is released they will be included.
  2. 2003 Datacenter Edition supports 168 Physical Processors and I think 672 Virtual Processors. It's only limited to that because of Hardware addressing! This would be a VERY quick machine (Expensive as well!)
  3. Boot your XP CD and at the first promp press "r" then follow the instructions. When you get to the prompt type "chkdsk C: /P /R" After this has finished type "fixmbr". If this doesn't work then reinstall windows. If it still doesn't work after that your probably looking at a filing harddrive.
  4. Windows Update causes more DEP errors than all other apps in the world put together. Either don't use windows update or turn of DEP!
  5. If your OS does boot then windows will only be using the first core as it will not change hals. For best stability you should reinstall, however I recently changed a PIII to and Athlon 4800+ X2, without a single problem! Guess that was just luck!
  6. Don't you not need a x64 host OS to run a x64 Guest OS. I know you do with Microsofts Virtual PC
  7. Puggsley

    OEM Restore CD

    If your folder structure looks like this then probably. VRMHOEM_EN \$OEM$ \I386 \win51. \win51IC. \win51IC.sp2 If not then just give it go! It Might
  8. Both Vista and Longhorn have compatibility issues with VMWare and Virtual PC. Some builds work well, some not at all. MS has private betas of Virtual PC 2007 which corrects these issues.
  9. Have you removed internet explorer or internet explorer core?
  10. T-13 is when windows finishes the registry and runs any scripts in svcpack.inf. Windows SBS 2K3 hangs for about 20 mins at T-13, and this is normal. During this time you propably don't have disk activity, but your processor will be under heavy usage, as rebuilding the registry and other thing that happen here require a lot of power. If you have QFECheck on your CD, this is when it runs, along with SFC, to ensure that all updated file are legit, and the newer version gets kept if there are multiple versions of the same file. If you integrateded a LOT of updates then i would expect this to take 5-10 mins, but that is far too much.
  11. When Blackcomb/vienna does come out, it will only have half the features planned, be 2 years late, and will be the most unstable os ever! Microsoft cannot cope with upgrading products, have you seen how many redundant files there are in XP? To make vienna a success they need to start from scratch, and remove the thousands of lines of code that don't do anything.
  12. Could you not copy a dos floppy to the flash drive, then edit autoexec.bat? to run winnt.exe (Setup App intended for dos prompt). I managed to do this for win 98se, but i know a few of the dos files need tweaking a bit. Your flash drive should be formated as fat, not fat32 or ntfs as dos does not support these.
  13. run "regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\System32\comctl32.dll" You might also need to do the same thing with comctl.ocx
  14. Is there anyway of setting this using nlite, or a reg tweak i could integrate into the cd.

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