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  1. If you just want the Explorer (like me), just have the CTShared and MTP\Explorer folders. So size should be alot smaller. But I just can't seem to get the silent installer to work. I've also copied the ISS file beforehand to C:\Windows and it still doesn't work :/ Installshield sure is a pain. Any tips on the best way to get this silently installed?
  2. @LeveL: uhm vista runs smooth on 256MB? if you check your taskmanager, vista is using ALL of the ram AND using 200-300MB hdd space for swap. this is the same for 512MB. Someone i know who has 4GB of ram said vista will use around 1GB-1.3GB. It must be caching alot of stuff...i wonder if it can be turned off?
  3. well vista RC2 ran like crap on 1GB ram. i hope running nlite through this bloated garbage will help it decrease the ram usage
  4. I just tried it on a real install and it detected my 2nd partition as empty. So now I want to try it on vmware but it hangs on the loading screen. Is there a way to get it working in vmware?
  5. ZcWorld: heh well since my requests weren't being responded I decided to un-n00bify myself and learn how to make addons myself. And now i feel a bit silly requesting those apps. Sorry for not editing that request to filled but I thought it was forgotten by now... Flashget is a simple /S to get it silently installed.. and version 1.73 is out now. Vista Transformation Pack 5.5 might be impossible, but who knows. It has its own integration process to windows installation setup files (So anyone using it ,just run it AFTER you make your nlite windows setup files) But since you're in the addon making mood, I'd like to request an addon for Wonderful Icon. www.thewonderfulicon.com/ It has a variety of features but I tend to use it for its "list mode" small desktop icons. If you can help with any switches for a silent install that'd be equally appreciated. Thanks
  6. On that guide it says installing 91.33 will make your pc reboot endlessly. My question is: does it happen with 91.47 too?
  7. As of version 1.72, Flashget is now freeware. And the new Vista Transformation Pack 5 allows (experimental) integration! But as i've experimented, I can only apply the integration from an extracted winlite.iso. If I apply the integration to the windows installation files before running nlite to do my stuff, it won't work. Just hoping if some kind soul makes this as an add-on (if its possible). It'll save that extra step of extracting an nlite iso, integrate vtp5, and run nlite again to create a bootable iso. Thanks in advance VTP5: http://www.jcxp.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=9580 FG1.72: http://www.flashget.com/en/download.htm

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