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  1. This is a small tool that kills Visual Studio 2017 ServiceHubs, here.
  2. I don't care about privacy much since I block VS (devenv.exe itself) most of the time, I just don't want useless processes to consume my RAM/CPU. By the way I found a solution to prevent vs2017 servicehub.*.exe from running along with devenv.exe, without crashing, but I don't like Microsoft to know about it now.
  3. I don't expect NoelC to run out of choices, they are human, and human do faults always, and they mostly put their efforts at useless things (like Ads), and we still have firewalls (I use this) and C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (which I don't like to edit it manually extensively). Most of the time I'm even blocking svchost.exe (BITS service), to prevent Windows or 3rd parties (like google chrome) from updating in background, I'm always monitoring network bandwidth (up/down), so I know When and Who is making traffic, if I allow it to do so in the 1st place. And I never used w10 before, so I'm bit optimistic than you NoelC
  4. Any idea about VS 2017, its named "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\Common7\ServiceHub\", but deleting/renaming it crashes VS.
  5. Thanks for sharing your knowledge... I downloaded it but found it not intuitive as something like Bandwidth Meter firewall, Can I use it to block Chrome, Skype from Auto-update, but not the entire Internet ?
  6. Thanks, I saw your lap pic already, and that what makes me wandered if RAID possible for laptops, previously I looked at laptops with 2 HDD bays, but the price was very high, and only on high-end ones. Do you know any model with low price, and whats your own ?
  7. About the talk of RAID, can I make RAID using laptop with one Internal SATA 3.0 500GB HDD & External USB 3.0 500GB, or it just work for PCs an Servers ?
  8. 1st thanks for fixing Microsoft messing with Windows. The program worked good so far. (ver on (Win8.1 Ent 64bit) Recently I discovered an issue with Lenovo SHAREit (the Windows desktop version). It starts without an error/crash, but no UI, unless I end it with Process Explorer, then uninstall OldNewExplorer, then run SHAREit again. any idea ?
  9. IDM resumer v1.5 Description: ============ - Stop an Internet Download Manager download, run IDM resumer from USB drive or something, then save the download, go to other Microsoft Windows then resume it. - Works on any Windows, from XP to 8.1 (32/64bit) Requirements: ============= 1- .NET 4.0 for Windows older than 8. 2- Internet Download Manager. Some common scenarios: ====================== 1- You want to install new Windows|restore a Windows image|test something on another existing Windows, but you don't want to lose a running download. 2- Power failure that may take time, but you want that download now. 3- Internet connection problems|Network overload, that force you to continue the download from somewhere else. 4- You are temporarily staying in some place, but need to leave now, and take the unfinished download with you. Change-log: =========== v1.5 - Fix: Saved downloads mightn't detected when resuming. v1.4 - Fix: Resuming was not working for v1.3. v1.3 - Fix: Some unfinished downloads caused the program to crash, when trying to read its info. (Dailymotion videos). - Changed: Prevented resuming an already resumed download. - Changed: Simple enhancement to the statusbar. v1.2 - Fix: The program may crash when you try to run it from the root of a partition. - Fix: Some unfinished downloads was not detected (Youtube). - Changed: The layout of the download list, is now a table with more description. - Removed: Tooltips moved to the status bar. - Other minor improvements. v1.1 - First working release. IDM resumer v1.5.zip
  10. I suggest using this command, to remove unnecessary updates: dism /Online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup /resetbase If You want to update things to WIMBoot file, 1- Boot to Windows 8.1 Recovery Environment (RE), reach to command prompt. Get Windows 8.1 drive letter by running: diskpartlis volexit2- format Windows 8.1 drive letter partition (this will remove any updates happened from the creation date of the WIMBoot file): format %letter% /Q /y /v:Windows83- Apply the WIMBoot file (as not WIMBoot file): DISM /Apply-Image /ApplyDir:%letter% /ImageFile:%Fullpath%\Install.wim /Index:1 /ScratchDir:%Fullpath%\Scratch%letter%\Windows\System32\bcdboot %letter%\Windows4- Update your Windows and make sure its good, then again go to Win RE to capture Windows (as WIMBoot file): DISM /Capture-Image /WIMBoot /CaptureDir:%letter% /ImageFile:%Fullpath%\Install.wim /Name:"WIMBoot 8.1" /ScratchDir:%Fullpath%\ScratchYou'll have to repeat all the steps to update the WIMBoot file again.
  11. It works now, but i have 1 issue and 1 suggestion in my mind: 1- Remove/combine system-wide settings (because it is confusing): It didn't modify any thing i think, I mean combining the Registry areas (current user + local machine), so the user won't be confused about what is valid throught current user OR local machine 1- Ability to enable/disable the Aero glass
  12. Just to refresh the topic. And also to mention that this tool, is still working better than Big Muscle's GUI in some parts. (In my experience) So people just have the choice.
  13. I forgot to say: The Built-in Administrator account (BIAA) must be activated from the early setup of Windows 8, because if you install Windows 8 ordinarily, then later wanted to activate this account , you will find it useless, because all your programs and settings are in the other Limited User Account (LUA). THIS WHAT MICROSOFT WANT US TO SETTLE WITH. Again my own solution to this annoyance is to start the setup by activating BIAA, setup all your programs, make all your settings. This will reverse the hard road Microsoft want us to follow. This can be done via the command: net user administrator /active:yes or from here, but don't listen to the threats of doing so, they just follow a hard road.
  14. You can just work with the Built-in Administrator account, then create a new administrator account to run Metro Apps. In this case you have the two features (run all progs as admin automatically + run Metro Apps), without even sign out, just switch user.
  15. Sorry, I wasn't accurate, the activation breaks only when editing basebrd.dll not shellbrd.dll. Seems I'm going to stay with it, since I don't know how to modify theme files correctly to do it. Thanks.
  16. Thanks for your effort xXiNightXx, although windows 10 or maybe MS going to name 11 at release, is still underground. I have Windows Style Builder beta and OldNewExplorer 1.1 , I'd like to know how to make this picture like in your Windows Aero theme for windows 8.1 Update 1: You can just patch the shellbrd.dll file with resource hacker to change the logo. ~DP Thanks DosProbie, but I found that editing this file and basebrd.dll breaks Windows activation. plus Microsoft could update Windows files and remove it.
  17. Thanks for your effort xXiNightXx, although windows 10 or maybe MS going to name 11 at release, is still underground. I have Windows Style Builder beta and OldNewExplorer 1.1 , I'd like to know how to make this picture like in your Windows Aero theme for windows 8.1 Update 1:
  18. Could you please point me to the pic number that display desktop (the one at the bottom-right corner) I want to change it for C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\aero\aero.msstyles using Resource Hacker, to be much visible.
  19. You should be installing Aero Glass to the default folder: C:\AeroGlass, Is that is that ?

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