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It seems to me that more then just once, I've made something good. Still, every next thing I make is better, and I forget about the old things, obsolete. Maybe some of you still use those on your PCs, I can't say. I forgot about them all.

Yet again, the IT world is changing, evolving. And the progress killed the romance. And obsolete suffocated in the river of visual effects, styles, transparent windows and transitional effects.

Again, here I am, improving the looks. It has been proved that the packing is what sells the product and not the contents. From now on eye-candy is the only thing I appreciate. Just like with girls. If she's good looking she doesn't have to be smart. It's there just for showing, so people can be jealous when you take a walk together. Just like that, Windows is the only thing that can make a newbie say "Woaw! WTF is that?" when you mod it, eye-candy style.

Screw that! I want both. I want romance people, I want an OS that looks good and does what I want it to do. I'm a human and a PC is a machine, the only thing that I can kick real hard and not go to prison in this sick twisted democratic/mediocratic world. It has to be everything.

I will write more when I find my inspiration flow, lost in the sky...