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  1. Sorry for hijacking the thread for one post to suggest an answer. Read these posts in the following thread to see how someone else worked around this problem: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/35683-Windows-8-Wireless-issue?p=607308&viewfull=1#post607308 and http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/35683-Windows-8-Wireless-issue?p=607521&viewfull=1#post607521 Good luck! Thank you very much for this
  2. I am using this on a laptop and the problem I am having is most of the time my laptop doesnt connect to my router straight away so I have to wait a minute or two for it to connect because its not possible to left click the network icon to make it connect manually.
  3. Its very easy to get it to work once you follow the instructions properly. With this installed windows 8 starts almost immediately. No waiting for it to boot.
  4. Thank you very much for this. They are posting this in win7vista but they are restricting it to VIP members. This is much better than Stardocks Start8. Nope. They are the same. I am using this on Windows 8 RTM
  5. I find this aplication good , buta lot of the tweaks I ask it to apply never get applied.
  6. Is development stopped on this software? It has'nt been updated with six months.
  7. Ive made about five different images with the same result. Ive tried different settings in each image and each time it asks for HDD drivers.
  8. I have a problem here. I want to try and make a tweaked Windows 7 install but every time I try to do this when I get to the disk selection part of windows 7 install I get asked for a driver disk for the hardware.
  9. Ive integrated SP1 into Vista and I dont have any problems. Maybe you done something wrong?
  10. I have been wondering if VLite is dead also. I got SP2 for vista and would like to integrate into my install disk but im not sure if it work. I am just wondering how much more can the guy do. aybe if he got fedup of programming NLite and VLite he could pass on the source code to an experienced programmer to continue on his projects.
  11. Thank you very much for this. this will be very useful. The only thing missing from Vlite now is the ability to add addons like Nlite. I hope it will be added some time soon.
  12. I would like to use server 2008 but I dont like the ugly windows 98 look of the theme it comes with. I was a beta tester of the OS and it was fast but ugly.
  13. Two things I would absolutely love to see is 1: the ability to add programs to be installed (similar to NLite but without the neccesity to make an addon) 2: the ability to insert registry keys into VLite
  14. Sorry for being impatient. I should have read the posts before asking. I would like to thank you for uploading vistaua again.
  15. Is this project still under development? I would Like to be able to make a VistaUA disk. Where do I download VistaUA?
  16. Ok I know this is a post install program but I have never used anything like this before.I have a few questions 1) when does this program kick in? is it after windows is finished installing or during the windows install? 2) where do I put the WPI files? Do I use WPI from its own folder or do I copy the files and folders to the windows directory that I got from my windows disk? 3) where do I get the registry tweaks that can be used with WPI? Im sorry for being incredibly noobish but I would love to give this a shot. It seems to be better than nLite but I could be wrong.
  17. I have a registry key to disable these unneccesary services but I dont know how to make an addon for nlite with it. If somebody tells me how to make it as an addon for nlite Ill atempt to make it.
  18. I have the latest Nlite Plugin Cereator and was wondering if its possible to create a forceware 84.66 plugin with it?

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