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  1. I tried installing Kubuntu on the same drive just now, and it jammed up with the partitioner during setup. Guess my drive is fragged.. Ill try installing longhorn on a different drive later on.. Mystery solved..
  2. Yea, the HDD I was installing it on was 40gigs, and freshly formatted to ntfs before trying to install.
  3. I burned the longhorn ISO "lh_usa_5048.050401-0536_x86fre_pro-dvd.iso" without any problems, but when booting it I get a machine_exception_error BSOD, this happens half the time. The other half of the time the setup starts and then freezes while copying files. I thought it might be the DVD I burnt, so I made a second copy and it had the same problems, I then downloaded the ISO again from another source and burnt it, and had the same problems. I tried installing Longhorn from inside windows onto another HDD, Longhorn installed succesfully, and rebooted and comleted the installation, however whenever I try to boot longhorn I get some bootloaded exception errors and it simply doesn't work. I've tried every combination I can think of (Im open to ideas), but it seems longhorn just refuses to run on my hardware, I cant think of why. My comp is completely stable and Ive ran prime95 for hours upon hours without any errors. My hardware is: Abit AV8 S939 motherboard Athlon64 3200+ CPU GeForce 6600GT 1GB of 2100 ram I'm really clueless as to why it's not working.
  4. SP1 for Server 2003 will be out soon enough. And also, this is a f***ing retarded thread.
  5. Open a command prompt and navigate to the install file (setup.exe probably) and add an /a command to it. should look something like this: C:/foldersetc/setup.exe /a Or grab an evaluation copy of Installshield X and edit the MSI's yourself. Installshield X is EXTREMELY user friendly, and will walk you through editing the MSI's. Here's a direct link to Installshield: X professional edition: http://mars.installshield.com/is/x/1002/wi...XSP2ProEval.exe Evaluation key is proteus2004. It's a little over 400 megs.
  6. Fallowing These directions for installing Windows Media player 10 in the latest Longhorn alpha, which claims should also work in server 2003, I can't install any of the *.inf files because of Server 2003's strict driver signing/Logo testing bulls***. I try to manually turn off the driver signing/logo testing via system properties in the control panel, but no matter how many times I change it, as soon as I go back to it there’s no change. Anyone know of a solution? Or a way of manually turning off the driver signing with a registry edit or something?
  7. If a piece of hardware will work with Windows XP, there's a 99% Chance it'll work with Server 2003.
  8. It's real, here's some information on it: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default...._opk_saprep.asp
  9. Games use DirectX and DirectX is now being made for the Server 2003 family OS's, meaning you will have no compatibility issues with games, at all. You won’t notice any real improvement in performance on a vanilla PC with server 2003, but you will notice a hell of an improvement on more exotic hardware (2GB+ of ram, multiple CPU's, etc). Once you fallow an easy guide to customizing Server 2k3 into a workstation, you'll be very happy with it.
  10. I missed you too.. Me and you have so much in common... I hope we can get married someday.
  11. Need more information, what games? what's your hardware? what drivers do you have installed? what version of DirectX do you have installed, etc.
  12. I have a problem with an NT server in a 2000 domain where I work. Like some sort of fool I offered to set up new servers (no IT department) and they came with Windows 2003 preinstalled. Fine, I thought. Wanted to have a look at it anyway. So I read a bit and it became apparent that there were going to be some issues. I joined the server to the domain fine, then wanted to set it up as a backup domain controller (our PDC is a Win2k machine). I started to run the adprep utility, and got so far before it stopped with an error regarding an FSMO Role not being configured. Okay, I thought, this is a little harder than I expected. Please bear in mind I'm no network manager, just thought I could help out as I know a bit. There was an immediate problem when anyone tried to log on: it returned an error saying "There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request". Resetting the DC cleared this up. I left it a while to do some more reading up on the topic, only to field several calls moments later from the finance department saying they had no access to one of their network shares. Each person in that dept. has their own M drive which is on our crappy NT server. I reset the server, and they could each access their M drives. For a while. Then the calls started again. I checked the properties of the share, and it recognized the names from Active Directory just fine initially, but I checked again when I took the calls I checked again, only to see Account Unknown in the share properties. I can ping machines in the domain from the NT server, but I can't browse the domain, and can't ping the domain controller. I cannot access User Manager in the Administrative Tools. The Domain Controller can ping everything, including the NT server except when I just use the server name. The client machines (Win XP) can ping both the DC and the NT server. What I've tried: creating the Lmhosts file on both the DC and the NT server. This did nothing. Changing group policy to allow anonymous SID translation. Bit of a security risk, but I was kind of desperate. Can anyone offer anything? I don't think I'm missing anything out, but question away. I'm no longer at work, but hopefully I'll be able to remember stuff.
  13. Because I dont know how.. I have a FIC AM37 motherboard with a Cypress CY283410C clock generator. CPUFSB supports my PLL, but hard locks my sytstem whenever I make any changes, from what I've heard on various forums is that if CPUFSB jams your system then SoftFSB will work. Only problem is that SoftFSB was finished years ago and no longer gets updated, so it can't support newer PLL's, however you can just import PLL/IC files or create your own, I tried creating my own, but simply got lost. HELP ME! I have a ridiculously low CPU temperature, and my bios doesn't support any overclocking.
  14. Running Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (professional) and I can't seem to remove my second hard drive. Whenever I do the computer hangs at the boot screen for a minute or two and then shows me an error saying unable to detect primary slave hard drive. It then either lets me continue or setup, when I continue it just goes to a blank screen. I tried searching the MS knowledge base to no avail, any advice is appreciated.

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