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  1. In my opinion Opera completely sucks and should be wiped from the internet.I used it and it took way too long to load webpages and the downloads were way too slow.
  2. I don't know I'd prefer Norton over Avast! anytime.
  3. Have you tried updating C++ runtime library?
  4. One of my relatives had the same thing. What I did to fix it was go into the internet options and clear the cookies and everything else.If that doesn't work scan for some malware/grayware.If that still doesn't work then you may have to reformat.
  5. Well I think if you want any help you're going to need to supply more information regarding this problem.
  6. Yes there are many ways.Some firewalls have settings in it.McAfee has a thing called Privacy Service that requires you to use a password.Try getting a firewall and going through those settings there will most likely be something there.
  7. The reason you can't activate is because that is illegal to use someone elses cd-key you should go buy your own Windows XP cd.
  8. Pokemon is one of my favourite RPG series
  9. Here's a list of online: KalOnline RanOnline Turf Battles Hero Online(my favourite ) Legend Of Ares GunZ:The Duel
  10. I am told that UT2007 will only be released for the XBOX 360 is this confirmed or just a rumour?
  11. Usually I guess right up till 10 000. They have a lot of American history on it and I'm bad enough with Canadian history as it is let alone a completely different country
  12. With some routers like mine you can select to have certain ports open if you want. Try searching through the router settings
  13. Why not just do an online virus/spyware scan such as housecall?

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