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  1. Lately vista has been acting a fool with me and I don't know why. System idle process and svchost.exe use 50% of my resources if I do the smallest things like access my externel hard drive, play an mp3/video with realplayer or use IE8. Sometimes it does this as soon as I get to my desktop. I dual-booted windows 7 tonight to see if it does the same thing and it uses 98% of my resources with only my factory issued drivers installed and updated bios. I don't have any viruses/spyware/malware on the vista install and windows 7 is a fresh install with no programs. I tried 32-bit and 64-bit for both operating systems and the same problem persists. What causes this? PC Specs: Acer Aspire 5532 Laptop (Manufactured Jan 2010) AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50 1.6 GHz 512KB L2 Cache 3 GB Ram 160GB Hard Drive 15.6 Acer CineCrystyal LCD ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics Card :angrym: Optiarc 8X DVD RW AD-7700S ATA Device Atheros AR5B93 Wireless Network Adapter Atheros AR8132 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller Realtek Card Reader Realtek HD Audio Device
  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I totally forgot MS had a antivirus program and didn't realize Malwarebytes was just an anti-malware app. I'll give MSE a try. I have auto update, but I'll use the setting you use so I can be picky about what gets installed.
  3. Has anyone here tried this program? I'm looking for a new anti-virus/malware/spyware program. I've been a loyal panda antivirus user for years, but the new 2010 version slows down my laptop. Too much stuff running in the background and I reccently encountered the malware vista security 2010 and panda couldn't remove it. I'm also looking to ditch lavasoft ad-aware as ever version past 6.0 has been awful. Too buggy and has too much running in the background lke panda. I would prefer to have an all in one program. Is Malwarebytes a good choice?
  4. Thanks cluberti! That was part of the issue. After I disabled compat view through the group policy I don't get the error messages on websites anymore, but windows update still asks to install it. Maybe it will go away after a few restarts.
  5. Hi everyone, Lately I'm getting a error message with IE8. Everytime I check my e-mail or go to certain sites it tell me to upgrade my browser to IE8, but IE8 is already installed. Even windows update tells me to install IE8. Why is that? I downloaded it from microsoft's site, but i get a message saying that a newer version of IE8 is installed (I attached the pic). Is there a way to remove IE8 so I can re-install it? BTW...I'm running vista ultimate sp2 32-bit version.
  6. YES! I couldn't agree more. As for me, The last few songs I played were: Toni Braxton-Please Vanessa Williams The Comfort Zone (Radio Remix) Whitney Houston-I Belong To You Jon B.-They Don't Know Mariah Carey-Emotions En Vogue-Riddle Tisha Campbell-Love's Got A Hold On Me Janet Jackson-All For You Brandy-Sittin' Up In My Room Lisa Fischer-How Can I Ease The Pain Tevin Campbell-Another Way P!nk-Love Is Such A Crazy Thing Taylor Dayne-Love Will Lead You Back
  7. I didn't see it there. They're shoving 7 down people's throats. I typed in vista business and got directed to windows 7. I checked and my bios slic version is 2.1.
  8. It came with win 7 home premium and it was awful. I couldn't do anything with it. I made the win 7 restore cds, wiped it out and went back to vista. Hmmm....didn't realize technet was so cheap. I also thought it wasn't open to the public. Don't know why, but I did. I'll check into that.
  9. Ok. I kinda figured that, but I held on to a glimmer of hope lol. Thanks for clearing that up.
  10. Is there a way to purchase a vista business license without buying the dvd? I have my retail vista ultimate dvd so I could install it from there. I need it because my new laptop runs slow using ultimate and I don't want to use what came with it the pc (windows 7 home premium).
  11. Thanks for the link to the thread. I will look through it. I have Acronis True Image 2009. I'll see if that will help me delete it .The hidden partition is before the C:\ drive so vista didn't do anything to it. Itr wasn't visible when I installed the os. It still has some files on it. As to why I downgraded to vista...I'm actually one of the few people on earth that like vista. All my software works (unlike windows 7) and it seems faster to me than 7 does. Don't know why, but it does.
  12. Hi everyone Got a new Acer Laptop last night and after I made my backups and downgraded to vista I noticed that there is a 12GB partition can't be accessed. I read online to use an xp cd to delete it, but when I run it I get the BSOD everytime. Is there another way to access this space? I have all the restore cds and the acer napp cd needed to return it to factory state if I need to send it back to acer or use windows 7, but I don't plan on doing that anytime soon.
  13. It's kinda the same way here. The local shop here offered me very generic memory. Installing and testing it was $85/hr with a 2 hour minimum. I may bump this one up to 1GB of memory if my mom needs it. Best buy was having a great sale and I got a new acer laptop last night so this dell can be used for her personal or business needs.
  14. @puntoMX: Thanks for the newegg link. I didn't see those when I looked a few days ago. @cluberti: That's just selling them. No testing or installation at all. I think it comes with a 30 day warranty, but that's it.
  15. Good thing you told me this. I was gonna buy 2 1GB sticks on eBay for $55. I checked at my local PC shops and only 1 shop carried them. They said that a 1GB stick cost $95 if that have it in stock . There's no way in h**l I'm paying that. 2 sticks would cost $190 before sales tax. I only paid $175 for the laptop. Oh dear. I don't know if this thing will function on vista or windows 7 with 2 512MB sticks.
  16. +that's an other $30 at least. Why are the 1GB DDR sticks such a pain in the a**? I was going to put 2 1GB sticks in this laptop so I could max it out. Is there something I need to know before I purchase them?
  17. Thanks for all the great input guys. I installed vista basic for now since I haven't upgraded the laptop yet and things are workingt out ok. I will move up to a higher version when the upgrades are complete. What size hard drive do you thing is best for vista or win 7? I have an external drive so I only want to get enough space for the os to run smoothly. I had one of these laptops before and I think I had to either use a registry hack or use an external program like yamicsoft vista manager to force it.
  18. It doesn0t make adifference, AFAIK, it depends on the features you want/need. Cool. Why? jaclaz I think ultimate would require a higher powered pc than this one. It probably wouldn't run very fast on this pc.
  19. Ok, What version of windows 7 would be best? Home Premium or Pro. I know ultimate would be a disaster.
  20. I'm talking about the light on the actual power supply. Nothing happens when I push the power button. No flashing lights and the fan doesn't spin.
  21. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 5150 at a resale shop yesterday and I wanted to get some advice on how to get the most out of it. Here are the settings: Intel Pentium 4 3.06 GHz Processor 30GB Hard Drive (Upgrading to at least a 80GB drive soon) 512MB Ram (Can go up to 2GB and will upgrade it asap) nVidia Geforce FX Go5200 Graphics Card NEC DVD+RW Drive 1TB Western Digita External Hard Drive What OS should I use to get the most out of this laptop without overheating it? Could Vista of Windows 7 possibly work on this pc?
  22. A family member asked me to look at her pc to see if it was dead. The green light on the power supply lights up when I plug it in, but when I hit the power button nothing happens. Can this be fixed Is this pc dead? The pc is an HPa1213w Desktop.
  23. That's what I was afraid of. All my personal files are on another hard drive. I just didn't wanna reconfigure everything and driver hell is not what I want. Thanks for confirming this for me.
  24. Hey guys, Quick question. I'm getting a new desktop in a few days and I wanted to know something. Is it ok to move the current hard drive from my dell desktop into my new shuttle pc without re-installing everything? The hard drive has vista ultimate retail version installed, all of my programs and group policy settings configured and I don't want to waste several hours re-installing and re-configuring everything. Is this wise or should I re-install everthing when I get the desktop?

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