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  1. i agree here your cdkey is restricted to a certain version of vista aka you say the cdkey work with ultimate it will only work with that version not any other visa edtions as other edtions requires different keys Why I didn't think of this I will never know. Thanks for reminding me that each version has a different key. *Starts to feel really stupid*
  2. I didn't think to ask dell (where I got the oem dvd from). I will call them and see if i'm allowed to do a reinstall. I'll watch the online activation thing too because I totally forgot about it. Thanks for all of your help!
  3. I'm gonna try to do this with the basic version one more time. The ultimate verson is running a bit slow on my laptop.
  4. I tried to enter my cd key and it said that the keycode is in use, but when I erased my hard drive and tried the same thing using the ultimate version it activated. Maybe my license doesn't work with the basic version eventhough it's on the dvd.
  5. Ok, I screwed up somewhere. I extracted the basic version from my ultimate dvd, removed the things that I didn't need and made a new iso with vlite. When I installed vista it wants me to activate it. My version of vista is OEM. It's doesnt need to be activated. Is there a way to save my oem license? How am I screwing up this badly?
  6. I made the cd and when i try to install it I'm asked for a product key. What did I do wrong?
  7. Ok, I will try it and see if I get it right.
  8. I have the dell oem version of vista ultimate for my dell inspiron laptop, but unforunately my laptop won't run the ultimate version because I only have 512 mb ram. I want to remove the vista basic oem from the dvd and split it on to cd's so that I can install it on my laptop. Can someone tell me how to do this? This is my first time using vlite.
  9. I'm having ome more issue that i need to fix (*sigh*, this is embarassing ).........................how do I change the message in my siggy ? EDIT: Nevermind! I was going to the wrong screen.
  10. I think this is my problem. Most of the files that I'm trying to compress are music videos and software. I tried your tip about compressing a word document and I was able to compress a 222mb word file (no, that's not a typo) into a 1.71mb file.
  11. I normally choose "Best" and under archiving options I check everything except delete files after archiving and create sfx archive.
  12. I just used the avi file as an example. I can't shrink anything.
  13. Can someone tell me what settings I need to use to compress files with winrar in windows xp sp2? I can't shrink any files. I tried to compress a 317mb avi video and when winrar finished the rar file was 315mb. Is there a guide available? PC Settings: Windows XP Pro SP2 Intel Pentium 4 2.66GHz Processor 40GB Internal HD, 160HD External USB HD nVidia Geforce FxGo 5200 Video Card 512MB RAM Sigmatel Audio
  14. Re-Installing the codec fixed the problem. Thanks Neo!
  15. I nornally use RealPlayer, but the message pops up when I highlight an avi file. I don't get the chance to open the file.
  16. Everytime I try to open an avi video this weird box pops up: It keeps popping up until I select a file that doesn't have the avi extension. Can someone tell me what I need to do to get rid of this annoying box? P.S.-Can someone tell me how to update my siggy . My PC settings that I have listed on there have changed and i need to update it.
  17. I searched the archives, but I can't find the link to the article. I remember reading it about a month before vista was released. Do you have vista on your pc?
  18. I am considering upgrading to vista, but I have one concern. I read an article (I think it was on the main page) awhile ago that said vista will lock up your pc and report you to the RIAA/MPAA if you have songs or movies on your pc that doesn't have a drm license. Is there any truth to this?
  19. I plan on updating my xp cd to include the latest updates and I was wondering if there is a way that I can fully slipstream these programs into my XPSP2 CD (preferably with nlite)? RealPlayer 10 Plus RealProducer 10 Plus Windows Media Player 11 Windows Vista Icons Desktop Themes and Visual Styles (I already have the ones I want) DirectX DX Nero Burning Rom 7 Only (Not the complete nero install) Panda Titanium AntiVirus 2005 QuickTime 7.01 Pro CyberLink PowerDVD 7.0 eMule Ares KaZaA Lite Resurrection LimeWire Opera XviD Codec Firefox DivX uTorrent WinRAR VLC Media Player I also wanted to know if I could remove the version of IE that's on my xp cd and re-install it using the IE6 full install that I downloaded from microsoft (I know that IE7 has been released, but I hate it! I can't view pictures in my e-mail, the new look is awful and I can't pull up certain webpages. I can't even pull up msn.com for crying out loud. I want to stay with IE6 for now).
  20. Sounds very easy. Thanks guys for all of your help.
  21. Can someone please tell me how to do this or provide a good guide that will help me out. I've never done this before and I need some help because I need to re-install windows now I don't want to spend hours re-installing windows and re-configuring all of my programs. I have a dell oem version of windows xp so there's no activation. This is what i'm trying to do: 1. Make a seperate partiton (No Help Needed). 2. Install and configure my PC to my liking (No Help Needed). 3. Wipe my hard drive clean with killdisk pro (No Help Needed). 4. Use the imaging or ghosting software to re-install everything (Help Needed). Also..what program you guys recommend to uus and can I make changes to the image that I make?
  22. Yeah, that's what I meant. I didn't think that this was a big deal in the first place. I just wanted to make sure (Sometimes your friends can actually be right.........sometimes). Thanks ScubaSteve, gamehead200, LLXX and Aegis for your help.
  23. Thanks for clearing that up. One more thing....when I asked a friend about this i was told to change my ip using macshift and I did. Was it really necessary for me to change my ip and should I go back to my old ip?
  24. I recently visited grokster.com to download the program and I was greeted with a message from the RIAA saying that the program is illegal to use and that "my ip address was logged" ( I thought it was still working ) . I've seen this on a lot of websites, but I don't exactly know what it means. My question is: Should I worry that the RIAA will try to come after me? I wasn't able to download the program because the links were removed and the site had links to other "legal" file sharing services that the RIAA recommended. So, technically, the only wrong thing that I did was visit the site. Am I in serious trouble or am I just overreacting? P.S.-Would someone please tell me what files sharing services have been shut down and deemed "illegal" to use so that I don't make this kind of stupid mistake again?

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