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  1. The question was simple. I was asking if this was a better choice vs what I used to have as I had the option to send it back. That was all I was asking.
  2. Whoops! I forgot to mention that I already have it. It was only $175 minus the monitor. I already had the monitor so I didn't have to buy one. I'm gonna get a 27" tv or 32" tv before christmas *cough* black firday *cough* and use it with my pc. The ram isn't ecc so I lucked out on that. As for the video card, I don't know if I should get a new one. I don't play any pc games. All my gaming is done on my nintendo wii. The only reason I got the gefore card is that the onboard card was a very old xgi volari z7 which was only a 16mb card and it wasn't compatible with vista or seven. I got the geforce card from a friend so I got it dirt cheap. I might have to get one with a dvi port if the tv doesn't have a vga port on it. I had vista ultimate from when I purchased it in 2009 so I lucked out there too. That's the only version of windows I can stand at this point. It came with xp (JUST.......NO!) so I instantly upgraded it.
  3. Supermicro PDSMA+ PCB Motherboard Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4 Ghz Processor Dell IN1910N 19 inch Monitor SONY 18 x DVD RW AW-Q170A 1GB Ram (Upgradeable to 4GB) nVidia Geforce FX 5200 128MB Graphics Card (Yes, I know, Not the best, but I will upgrade as soon as I can) Western Digital 80GB Internal Drive Western Digital 250GB External Drive 64K primary, 4MB secondary Memory Cache 32-Bit And 64-Bit ready Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition SP2 32-Bit
  4. Sadly I didn't see that option so I just took them back and got a refund.
  5. Dang! Oh Well. Thanks for the fast reply.
  6. Hello Again:hello: I purchased a 1GB stick of ram for my desktop and for some reason it will not work with the two 512MB sticks of ram that came with it. The two 512MB sticks work fine by themselves. The 1GB stick does too, but when I try to add all 3 in at the same time I hear 4 or 5 loud beeps when I turn the pc on and I never get to my bios screen or to my desktop. SIW says that my board can hold up to 4GB of RAM and when I was putting the memory in I see "DDR2 533 or 667" on the board below the memory slots. Can someone tell me what's wrong? CPU-Z Screenshots are attached.
  7. Hi, I'm interested in making a multi-os windows dvd that I can use when I have to do repairs and I wanted to ask if there was a way to put all these on one 8.5GB DVD: 98 SE 2000 Pro SP4 ME ReXP Pro 64-Bit ReXP Home And Pro SP3 Vista SP2 32-BIt (Basic, Business, Premium And Ultimate) Seven 32-Bit (Home, Pro And Ultimate) I would also like to put the updates for all of them on another dvd so that I don't have to waste time downloading them (you would not believe the number of people in my area that are still on dial-up by choice). I think I would need a RunOnceEx file to do that. I really want them on the same dvd, but I don't think all that stuff will fit on one. Am I asking for too much or is all of this possible?
  8. I was looking at a all-in-one pc and a local pc shop (it's this one: http://emachines.com/products/products.html?prod=EZ1601-01)and when I looked at the specs it had an intel atom processor. After looking at these on intel's site they sound like a re-hashed version of the old pentium 4 processors. Is that correct and if so is it possible to upgrade to a dual or quad core processor? (I had to change my pc buying plans. The ebay auction was a disaster!)
  9. @Junior2613: Sorry, I already listed it on ebay. If it doesn't sell then I'll get back with you and sell the drive. @Ponch: I put in an auction with a few other items. I threw in a vivitar digital camera, a vivitar handheld camcorder and a blackberry 8830 world edition smartphone.
  10. I didn't know that. Thanks for the fast reply buddy!
  11. Does anyone know where I can download xp sp1 x64? I didn't see it on microsoft's site. Does it exist?
  12. Do you think I could get a decent amount of money for this machine on eBay? Shuttle XPC SS30G2 Intel Pentium D 2.80GHz Dual Core Processor XFX NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 512MB Graphics Adapter (VGA and DVI) HP vs17 17'' Fullscreen monitor with built in speakers (VGA) (Top resolution 1280x1024) 32-Bit and 64-Bit Capability 2GB RAM (DDR2 PC2-6400) LITE-ON SOHW-1693S 16x DVD-RW Drive (Bezel Spraypainted Silver) 640GB Internal Western Digital Sata Hard Drive (main drive) (7200 RPM) 1TB Internal Western Digital Sata Hard Drive (storage drive) (7200 RPM) Realtek AC'97 Audio 1MB L2 Cache Shuttle OEM Windows XP Pro Sticker on bottom of PC (I didn't use it, but I got this pc off eBay....maybe microsoft will allow activation).
  13. Here's the CPU-Z screenshot (attached). I'll grab memtest86+ and see what it says. CoffeeFiend, The bios isn't a ghetto one so I can change soem things if I need to.
  14. I had a feeling you were gonna say that. The vista install was a fresh install from my retail dvd. Maybe I had some issues when I had to do a recovery on the drive. just formatted the drive and re-installed vista. I'll see if that helps. If not, then I'll know it's the memory. Which stick should I replace? The old one or the new one?
  15. Finally got this one to upload. Sorry for the size. This one didn't compress very well. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MMJ5LAY0
  16. Dang! Sorry about that. I had one more since then. I think It just added to the other one because the memory.dmp file was modified reccently, but it was creadted over 9 hours ago. Would that one work? I'm tempted to format the drive are re-install everything. Would that help?
  17. Finally! Here it is: http://hotfile.com/dl/56674126/aff5991/MEMORY.7z.html
  18. I'd like to see one or two more of these - if they're all random, then the above could just be because of bad RAM, unfortunately. I'd like to see more to make sure my analysis above isn't just a victim of some other cause. If they're all 50 and 8E bugchecks, however, this could actually be a filesystem or filter driver issue. I'm uploading the other one so you can look at it. I really hope it's not the ram.
  19. What are you suspicious of? I'm curious as to what you're thinking because I've never seen anything like this. I had 2 more since this one. This time all I did was turn on my pc and I got the blue screen a few seconds after I go to my desktop. I'll try turning off indexing like you said.
  20. Thanks for the guide. I need it. Here's a complete dump: http://hotfile.com/dl/56583381/49c2b61/MEMORY.rar.html It happened this mornihng when I tried to play a mp3.
  21. Thanks. That's what I love about them. You can't beat the size and they're powerful. I could only dream of the system you're planing on building. That's gonna be sweet! You current machine is huge compared to anything shuttle makes. That reminds me of My Dell Inspiron 537. That thing was all case and no parts LOL!
  22. I ran the internal vista memory test and it found no errors. As for changes made I added a 2nd hard drive (go here top see the hell I had with that: ), a dvd-rw drive and a new 1GB stick on memory (kingston). I switched the memory into different slots (I only have 2 slots, but belarc advisor shows me having 4). Bios originally said I only had 1.7 or 1.8gb of memory so I switched them to get bios to report it correctly. After I did that I did a bios update and a cmos reset as advised by a shuttle tech support agent since I discovered the original owner never updated the bios. When all of that was done I installed vista and everything was ok until this issue showed up. BTW...I had one more blue screen early this morning, but this time the error was "ntfs.sys".
  23. Sorry about the blurry pic. I was never good at taking pictures. As for the connector, It is a 4-pin. I didn't even think about that being a floppy drive since I haven't seen one in years. I hate the artrangement too. Shuttle did not make it easy. I felt like I was playing tetris when I instaled my 2nd drive.
  24. Ok. Here You Go: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ONKX3TNS

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