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    Drivers will take awhile (need to really extend ntoskrnl/ntrknlmp), especially newer NVIDIA drivers that are needed for RTX and GTX 16xx. I'll have to add like 40 functions for the 41x drivers. Some are very complex and there is no guarantee of stability.
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    Looks a lot like W7, which is cool. This is my current theme: Only missing Glass8 to add transparency w/ blur and live reflections from Vista.
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    Isn't the default in Android called "Browser"? As for skipping commits, ask the Linux and BSD folks (people who know what they are doing) about the subject,rather than Tobin and that bunch. Basically, under open source licenses you're not obligated to integrate commits or anything else you don't want in your work as long as you are in compliance with the license.
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    So far, the following x64 DLLs have been extended: kernel32.dll dwmapi.dll ntdll.dll (wrapper, named ntext.dll) ole32.dll shell32.dll user32.dll uxtheme.dll As a result, Windows Media Foundation from Windows 7 Platform Update was successfully transplanted. The same could be done for Windows 7's crypto binaries. Based on something I did for Windows 2000, you will have take into account the associated binaries like crypt32 and secur32, and possibly dssenh.dll.
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    It's perfectly usable. To use it, just do something like this: The next kernel32 update will call ntext instead of ntdll as well.
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